There are so many reasons as to why you should never let other people see your butt crack. However, some people actually think it’s funny and cool to let others see their butt crack. Other people might also not care as to how it looks and have a lack of respect for people around them. I am sure that most of us have been out shopping and shockingly enough glanced over to see someone bending down and their butt crack showing. This might even happen when the person is not bending down due to their sagging pants. What’s so wrong about letting people see your butt crack? Why should you care?

Check out these 10 reasons as to why you don’t let them see your butt crack

10. It does not look sexy
Even a  woman with a perfect figure can lose her sex appeal when showing her butt crack.  One solution to this problem is to buy jeans that fit. It is one thing when bending over and you accidentally show a little butt crack., but there is just no excuse when standing up straight and showing crack. Stay away from low rider jeans.


9. It does not help you pick up girls
I don’t even think it would help you pick up a stray cat. There is nothing sexy about a man showing off his butt crack. Add in not wearing underwear and the gross level gets higher. Add a hairy butt and the gross level is off the charts.


8. It does not help you pick up guys.
I stand corrected. There is always an exception to the rule!


7. You more than likely won’t get a job
Getting out of the habit of showing your butt crack can be hard. When you’re a young adult or just starting out and looking for work people will turn you down and you will have a hard time getting a job. People don’t like to see your butt crack and they won’t hire people who show them off. It’s just nasty and rude to everyone and more so in the work place. You will make your boss look bad and put the store at risk of possibly losing money and customers. Stop the habit now before it takes a hit on you money wise.


6. People will avoid you
Ever wonder why your crush won’t call you back? What about your friend? People might not even ask you to parties or talk with you much. The reason why is because they don’t want to see your butt crack but might be too embarrassed to tell you. Letting people see your butt crack can lead to a life of being alone and feeling miserable. In time those people you use to hang out with might have moved on or decided that sagging pants wasn’t all that fun. Maybe if people are avoiding you too much you might want to rethink as to why you let your butt crack show.


5. It causes a lot of emotional problems
When you let your butt crack show it actually causes a lot of emotional problems. It can cause you to have low self esteem problems, emotional issues and even anger problems. You might even be aware that people are treating you different. Maybe you just don’t have the guts to say no and that can cause emotional problems. You might also experience bursts of anger and depression at the same time. Deep down, you might even know that sagging your pants and letting your butt crack show is not right but still continue to do it anyway.


4. Showing your butt crack brings stress to you and others around you
Think about how the others feel around you when you’re showing off that butt crack.  The last thing people want to see is your butt crack. It might cause them to get stressed out even when they see it. The reason why is because they find it revolting and gross but out of kindness, might not even say anything to you. Showing your butt crack might also cause stress to you as people treat you differently from it.


3. It is a sign of disrespect and you have a higher chance of getting arrested
Letting your butt crack show is just simply a sign of disrespect. Law officers know this and in some states letting your butt crack or your pants sag is a crime and you might get arrested for it. Let’s say something happens in a store and it’s you and another person in the store that looks clean and they commit a crime. The others could put the blame on you just due to your appearance and might not even look twice at the person who doesn’t show off their butt crack.


2. People think you don’t care about yourself
Showing off your butt crack is not only a sign of disrespect to others but it’s also a sign of disrespect to yourself. People might think that you totally disregard yourself. You don’t want people thinking that you don’t care about yourself. It can prevent you from moving up in life. When you dress properly it shows confidence. Letting your butt crack show is a sign that you don’t have enough confidence in your life and that you might also even be lazy. Dress nice and let people see that you do care for yourself. People will start treating you better when you do.


1. Everyone knows when you let out a fart
You never know when you might need to rip one suddenly! When you have your pants down and rip one everyone will smell it. What’s also not so cool is that people might even see the stains on your butt crack from previous ones. Do you really think that your friends might want to hang out with you knowing you might fart and smell up the room because you don’t have your butt crack covered? If you don’t think that’s disgusting then you might consider therapy.


Pull up your pants and don’t let those butt cracks show in public!