Many routines have been halted as people finding themselves being forced to social distance from the Coronavirus in 2020. During these times of social isolation, mental health problems might rise as people might feel that they are alone. It’s important to practice social distancing and self-care at the same time.

Here are 10 Self Care Ideas to Practice During Social Distancing


  1. Do Yoga/Meditation

Did you know if you meditate while doing yoga it can take your yoga up to a new level? Yoga meditation is trying to focus the mind and reap the benefits in full while also doing yoga at the same time. If it sounds to complicated, don’t worry. Yoga and meditation can still be done separately. YouTube has lots of beginner yoga meditation techniques and tips to help you.
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  1. Declutter the home

When the house has a lot of clutter in it, then it can be very hard to relax and practice self-care. Decluttering the home makes yourself feel better and you don’t mind at all relaxing afterwards. Cleaning the house right now is also important to help with getting rid of germs. You’ll be amazed as to how much time it takes to declutter your home. In order to prevent it from not getting done all the way write down what needs to be done first. Watch videos on how to declutter your home.

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  1. Video chat loved ones

After the home is decluttered and clean, you’ll be able to video chat your loved ones and friends. Make sure that your cellular data has enough data and that you don’t go over the bill during this time. WiFi can also help with saving data on your phone, so if you have WiFi pull out the tablet that uses WiFi only and use it instead of the phone to ensure it doesn’t go over the plan.

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  1. Do some gardening

Gardening is a great way to help earth right now. Google has lots of gardening tips for beginners if you’re just learning research first to prevent mistakes. When gardening, always double check the soil. Make sure it’s well-drained and that it’s nutrient rich. Remember, the soil might differ and change according to what you’re doing. Another tip is to possibly use containers when space might be tight. There are lots of things you can grow in containers. You can grow anything from vegetables to fruit and it’s really easy for the beginner as well to do gardening in a container.

5 Top Gardening Tips for Beginners
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  1. Work on a new art or craft project

Christmas will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to start working on some art projects that you can keep for yourself or maybe later give at Christmas time. Face masks are needed and in order to prevent a shortage in the hospital maybe take on an art project with making your face mask. When you’re done making your own, make some for friends and family or either donate them to the hospital to help prevent the shortage.

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  1. Burn candles or diffuse oils that bring you happiness

You can change and shift the entire home and your mood by simply burning a candle or diffusing oils that bring you happiness. Calming candle smells include lavender, vanilla, jasmine and honeysuckle candles. People who might be sensitive to smells can get a Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rock Tea Light Holder and unscented tea lights. Just watching the flames and having this type of tea light holder can help with not only relaxing you but cleansing the air and killing off some of the germs plus bacteria that’s in the air.
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  1. Binge watch Netflix without feeling guilty

Binge watch Netflix or either your favorite series without feeling guilty. Binge watching helps with combating boredom plus anxiety. You can even binge watch movies with friends. Here are some recommended shows to watch: Father Brown; if you’re into murder mysteries then this might be one that you should check out, The Good Place; this is a comedy series that’s light hearted and each episode helps you with remembering how strong people tend to be and how much work can be done when we come together even while we are in isolation.  Some worthy children binge Netflix shows to watch with the family include Charlie’s Colorforms City, Go!Go! Cory Carson and Green Eggs and Ham.

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  1. Read eBooks for free

If money is tight and you would like to read something new but can’t afford it, research eBooks for free online or on your reading app. You might be surprised as to what is available. It doesn’t even matter what kind of book you might like to read, if you look around enough chances are you might find something in that category for free. Just be sure it’s from a trust worthy source such as Amazon before downloading it. Yes, Amazon does have free eBooks.

Reading These 30 Book Memes Counts As Reading A Book

2. Write people in nursing homes 

One thing that’s needed is for people to write the ones who are in nursing homes. Always call and make sure that the nursing home is allowing for people to write the ones in the homes. Double check the rules and laws that they have before doing it. You might be surprised as to how much this not only helps them but also helps you.

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  1. Practice Social Distancing – Write an inmate today

As suggested with on odd things to do at home waiting out the COVID-19 outbreak Writing inmates can help with brightening someone’s day in many ways.  Two sites that I highly recommend for you to check out would be: and

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Most important thing to remember during this time is, there are ways to reach out to people online. Even during self-isolation. Consider this a way to help you with meeting new friends that you might not of had time to do beforehand. Relax and enjoy this time guilt free.