Here is a great tip top ten list of handsome male inmates who desire penpals. This list is from the number one ranked inmate pen pal site, Pick up a pen and write them the old fashioned way via snail mail. Be sure and read their disclaimer posted on the home page. The inmate listed are convicted felons and caution should be used. Be understanding without being gullible. As a pen pal, you can offer encouragement and motivation for an inmate to make positive changes in him.

10. Joshua Holland from

Hello, I am Josh. I’m looking to connect on a sociable level. My goal is to actually create a new circle of associates and friends that uplift/elevate each other through genuine care. Therefore, I invite (YOU)!! If you’ve got any interests in change, then remember everything begins from a dream, so if your able to dream it then you can do it!! Under these circumstances of being incarcerated, I strongly depend on connecting with the outside world. Why? Because, I’m limited towards the things I can do, especially without help! But together we’re able to build each other up mentally, physically an even financially, too. However though in this world it takes money to be able to generate/produce more as we already know. Anyway, I shall introduce myself a bit more formally as to whom I am as a person, okay! If a relative or close friend was in a dangerous situation, I’d put my safety in jeopardy to save them. If a homeless person was without a t-shirt in the streets, then I’d offer mine to them. I have a big heart with dreams towards helping others in need. Most importantly I LOVE GOD #1…I believe very strongly that a family which prays together stays together!.. I love kids, I RESPECT all women and elders, too. l long to one day have a wife and children to raise together as a loving family. As it stands I’m a 38 yr old man that’s been fighting to restore his freedom/rights back since 2003 when I was just a 19 yr old young kid in which they railroaded.

If you’d like to correspond you can either write me at the address you’ve seen, or you can even log onto —- (…..Enlist me as your new contact and send me an email it’s just that simple! Well, regardless of whether we become good associates or the best of friends I still wish the best for you in life!! Thanks for listening and I pray (YOU) are blessed (SPIRITUALLY), mentally and physically out there!


9. William Sullo from

Thanks so much for stopping by to read a little bit about me. Like myself, no one is perfect and we have all made mistakes. In my case, it happened to be a big one that inevitably landed me in prison. Yet, despite my current situation, I have a lot to give of myself and would love the opportunity to build a possible friendship with you if given an honest chance to do so. We all have a story and I’m hoping that you may be interested in learning about mine, as well as sharing yours with me.

Everyone can use someone to talk with, and I’d love to be that person for you. Although I got myself jammed up, I have always been a good man. I’m sincere, funny, down to earth, unselfish and always positive. All I ask of you is to please keep it honest with me, as I will with you! I have seen and most likely done it all. So there’s nothing that you should need to fear about sharing with me. Because I have never been a judgmental man.

Before I close, always remember, be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

God bless, and be good to yourself, because you matter.

8. Jeremiah Thomasson from

To you lonely women out there, I would sincerely enjoy showering you with all of my affection. Dedicating my time to you and only you so you know that you’re loved and thought about. 

I’m trying to meet a good friend that I can have a lasting friendship with, that’s built on warmth, loyalty and trust. If the stars align and our friendship leads to a deep connection, I’d like to travel that road with you.  

I’m a man of many talents, I enjoy creating art and my favorite thing to draw is portraits. Here soon I’m going to publish my own book, it’s going to be called underground tattoo & art patterns. It’s basically going to be a collection of patterns that I’ve drawn up and saved over the years to aid artists and tattooists. 

If you’re looking for a quality, passionate guy that’s spontaneous, creative and optimistic, then don’t hesitate to connect with me. I’m not sure if I am a believer in fate or not but I believe if you read this far, then there must be something to it. Huh?

Let me know how you feel, what’s on your mind, and feel free to ask me any questions you have. I hope it’s in our destiny to get to know each other and I look forward to reading a letter from you, addressed to yours truly.

7. Daniel Minugh from

Hello! My name is Daniel Minugh, but everyone calls me Turtle. (It’s a family nickname) I am 32 years old and looking for a relationship. I also wouldn’t mind having a pen pal to make some new friends 🙂 Before prison, I was a MMA fighter. I also have been playing the drums since I was 11, I love to sing as well.

While being in prison, I have earned my certificate in HVAC and am also the teachers assistant for the HVAC program that we have in here. I’m also into nerdy stuff like Star Wars and anime. I have a 9 year old daughter and she is my whole world. I try and talk to her as much as I can. I’m looking for a fun, open, loving women who will be with me through this rough time.

6. Larry Byars from

Hello, my name is Larry. I am 6’4 1/2″, brown eyes, brown hair. I enjoy playing football and basketball. I enjoy reading books that assist in my growth, and can assist in bettering my future. I crave learning and knowledge that enhances my mind.

I’m interested in making new connections. Hopefully meeting new people from new places will ease my time, giving me something to look forward to on this journey. At the moment, I am open to all types of friends and conversations. I believe that respect and honesty will take you a long way in life. I like to surround myself with positive energy so it can impact my life with opportunities for a successful future. I look forward to getting to know you.

5. Jonathan Herbet from

Hello. My name is Jonathan. I am a single white male 5’11”, 180 lbs. I am a personal trainer that is half Irish and half Italian. My interests are personal training, body sculpting and eating healthy.

I am seeking a long term friendship through writing letters. I believe that writing letters is more personal and it’s a way to take our time and build a healthy relationship. I do not drink, use drugs or eat sugar. I enjoy reading books on real estate, asset protection and cyber security. I am in prison for a non-violent financial crime.

I am from South Florida although I might relocate when I get out. We will see what happens. Maybe my new friend and I can take along walk on the beach! I hope to hear from you soon.

4. Anthony Aceto from

I was a 20 year old kid when I got in trouble and ran from probation for 13 years in California. I’m not the same person I was at 20, I’m just looking to do my time and move on with my life. Some of my interests are fitness and photography. I am not good at talking about myself, but I’m an open book so if you want to get to know me, all you have to do is ask!

3. Ethan Johnson-Courser from

Outside of prison I enjoy working, camping, the great outdoors, projects like restoring and modifying vehicles. I like to think about myself as good looking with an athletic body type, fairly laid back, hard working, energetic, and caring.

2. Deray Willis from

Hello, I’m Deray. I’m a 34-year-old Libra. I’m black mix with a little Korean & White. I love to rap and do MMA. My football team is the Cowboys. I grew up in Dallas, Texas but I was born in Portland Oregon.

I’m looking for a friend or a girlfriend to help motivate me to be acceptable, a lady that’s down to earth like me and happy, that enjoys every moment of life. I have no kids, but I would not mind settling down to have one.

I’m 6’6”, 300 lbs, and a big lovable teddy bear and mama’s boy. I love all women, size, age and race.

So, if you like what you see, please contact me, so we can get to each other before I parole.  

  1. James Anderson from

Hey what’s up. My name James, but people call me Jimmy. I’m serving a 5 year sentence for drug trafficking and fire arm charges. I’m towards the end of my bid now, so before I get out I’m trying to meet new and positive people to surround my self with.

To keep busy during my sentence I’ve been reading and working out everyday. When free my hobbies are fishing, playing sports, camping, traveling, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family I’m very easy to get along with I enjoy the simple things in life.

Although it’s not easily building a friendship with someone is incarcerated, but giving this opportunity I’d like to find someone to talk and connect with. I know writing a letter is time consuming another option is the email system corrlinks if easier for you. Thank you I look forward to talking to you soon!

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