1. Paris Hill from Meet-An-Inmate.com

I am a kind person that loves art and music, as well as animals. I am 26 years old, I am a good person and I have a bright future, I just made some really stupid choices that landed me in prison. If you want to talk more about why I am here, I am open to that. I would really like to make some new friends while I am in here. I love really hard, so I hang on to good people. Please email me if you are interested in getting to know who I am as a man.

2. Tory Stratton from Meet-An-Inmate.com

Hello, my name is Tory. I’m 32 years old and I’ve been locked up for ten years, and I’m almost home. My birthday is January 17th, I am a Capricorn. I have one child, a son, he’s ten years old. My son’s mother and I are not together. We co-parent.

I’m 5’10” with dreads and work out hard. When it comes to me, I live by principles and morals. Loyalty is everything to me. I feel like that’s the key to life. I have a lot of tattoos and enjoy cutting hair and doing hair. 

I’m looking for a person to build with and to find a person who can match my energy. 

Thank you.

3. Mario Caceres from Meet-An-Inmate.com

Hey, my name is Mario, but my friends call me Woody. I’m not Mr. Right, but I’m Mr. Right Now lol! I’m 31 years old, height 5’9″, weight 170. Hazel green eyes, tatted up, ethnicity full Salvadorian. I’ve been attending Bakersfield College and I’m going to receive my AA degree in psychology. I’m a huge admirer of art, so I draw in my spare time. I’m also physically fit, very motived and on track. I’m family oriented, close to my loved ones, they inspire to be better. I enjoy having fun, joking around and having a good laugh. I’m very goal oriented, honest, loyal and optimistic. I am seeking friendship with like minded people that have great vibes. If you contact me, be sure to include an address so I can respond to you. I hope to hear from you soon!

4. Marcus Murry from Meet-An-Inmate.com

Hi, my name is Marcus. I am currently locked away but soon to be out. I am an easygoing guy looking to make connections and see where that goes. When I am not locked up, I am actively engaged in work or family time. While I’ve been in, I have started school and work for a company that builds trusses. If you decide to contact me, please leave me your phone number and a way to write back. Especially if you’re sending an email since I can’t write you back. Looking forward to having some great conversations.

5. Alfred Jones from Meet-An-Inmate.com

Hello my name is Alfred Jones, but you can call me Lawrence or Low. I am from East Oakland, CA. Currently serving this time in hopes to come home some day soon. I’m looking for a woman to communicate with as I do my time to make it a little bit more easier. You can contact me via FaceTime or text messages though “Getting out”app and “Go visit” App. I am a real one. Only real ones need reply. God Bless.

6. Scott Wampler from Meet-An-Inmate.com

Hi, my name is Scott Wampler, I’m 36 years old. I’m 5’9” and 185lbs and I have no kids. I’ve been locked up most of my life and I’m now getting toward the end of my sentence, which is why I thought it is the right time to put myself out there. For more then one reason, I want to meet people where my future is at… not in prison.

Being incarcerated as long as I have, I recognized my heart yearns to meet my partner and I hope to do that, but if not I hope to meet people that I can call a friend and help me to become a better version of myself.

I’m into art and right now I’m really into just trying to grow as an individual. I’ve always been pretty passionate about MMA and fitness in general. My story is pretty unique and I know I was made for more than this. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you.

7. Marcus Elderkin from Meet-An-Inmate.com

I’m 32 years old. I have one son who is 8 years old. My son’s mom just died from lupus a couple of years back. I think I’m ready to move on because I know that she would want me to.

I’m looking for a lover and a friend. Someone I can settle down with. Someone who can look past my current situation and bridge the gap. I have an old soul. I want to start out as friends and grow into a relationship.

What I do for fun is rap, music I write, poems I work out and box.

Honestly, I’m looking for my soul mate. I am ready to settle down.

My strong traits are Love, Loyalty, Honor, Respect and Trust. I’m a man of honor. I have morals and principles. If love doesn’t have loyalty, honor, can’t respect or trust.

8. Efrain Calderon from Meet-An-Inmate.com

My name is Efrain Calderon, and I am 22 years old. I am African American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican mixed. I have been incarcerated since February of 2019.

I am a humble person by nature and open to all friendships. I have a few hobbies that I would like to share. I enjoy working out Monday-Friday, reading books, eating healthy and bettering my physical and spiritual state.

I would love to hear back from any future pen pals. Thank you for your time.  

9. Jacob Dvorak from Meet-An-Inmate.com

Hey my name is Jacob, I’m currently incarcerated. I am looking for a female pen pal, I am looking for a serious committed relationship with this female pen pal.

10. Raymond Allison from Meet-An-Inmate.com

Thanks for stopping by to check out my page.  My name is Ray, I am 27 years old and I am from San Diego California. I got on this website hoping to make some new friends. I’ve been locked up since January of 2014, so I have lost contact with a lot of people.

Being in prison doesn’t define who I am. I have made some mistakes growing up, but I have learned from them. While incarcerated, I have been taking advantages of all the classes and education they have to offer. I have received my High School Diploma and now I am going for my Associates Degree. My ethnicity is half Ecuadorian and half White. I am a nice guy who loves to laugh, I am very optimistic and extremely motivated. My hobbies are reading, writing, and cooking. My passion is exercise. I plan on becoming a personal trainer when I parole. Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you at mail call.

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