The Android platform is the brainchild of the Open Handset Alliance, a group of organizations which have entered into a joint venture to build a better mobile phone. This group is being led by Google and it includes mobile operators, device handset manufacturers, platform providers, software solution and component manufacturers. Hence, structurally speaking Android is equipped with a well diversity of entities operating in different fields to supplement each other and escalate the overall productivity and innovation of the group. Two well-known names in the world of mobiles i.e, Blackberry and iPhone have got two opposite market segments within their grasp. Blackberry has had a grip over the business sector users and on the other hand iPhone holds a major share of the consumers who love iPhone for the ease of use and the “cool factor” being reflected by its mobile sets. Android has the potential to outsmart these two entities and this statement can be based upon the fact that it works good for both the segments of the market, be it be common person or a business man. It serves the purpose of both the segments adequately. Today many network-based appliances use Linux kernel, which is the basis of Android. Moreover, Android has UI subsystem which includes the following in it:
• Windows
• Widgets for displaying common elements such as drop down lists
• Views
I think we had enough of the introduction part for Android as it needs little introduction to most of the people around the world as it is progressing by leaps and bounds. How about divulging to you guys the 10 most addictive Android games. Remember, it is not a official release but if we look through the prism of majority of the users of Android games then this list will be relevant.