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Top 10 Benefits of Singing

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Jun 6th 2012 - Comments Off

Singing is not just for those people who have a golden voice, but it is also recommended to everyone who wants to keep themselves healthy. In fact, even if you feel that the world might curse when they hear you singing, that’s okay if this is one of the ways that would keep your life longer. Everyone has a right to sing whether you are at home, while taking a shower which is by the way everyone does, and even when you are with your friends and has just grabbed you to join them with their gimmick, then be it. Here are the top 10 benefits of singing that would let you decide to do it occasionally even not professionally.

Top 10 Predicted American Idol 2012 Season 11 Winners

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Mar 23rd 2012 - Comments Off

The top 10 singers for American Idol Season 11 have just been announced, and the battle just keeps on getting better and better. Song selections will be harder, criticisms are going to be tougher, and the scrutiny will be more intense than ever. This is the part where all of America and the rest of the world are rooting and cheering for their favorites to win. Although the top 10 have been chosen, who among these talented men and women will take the next title of the next American Idol of 2012?


American Idol Season 11 Top 10 Predicted American Idol 2012 Season 11 Winners