2013 has just ended, we’ve just welcome the New Year with a bang. The two-week feasts because of holiday seasons have added extra pounds and weight to the people. In fact, guilt-free feeling during these events is justified since it will be part of the yearly resolutions to shed-off some pounds, and regain healthy composure. Eating is indeed one of the important daily activities in order to live and sustain ourselves against sicknesses, and to support other activities that require energy and effort. Hence, we also take in foods that contain chemicals and other toxins that are harmful to our body. Although our body regenerates, but it does not achieves the full renewal because of the unhealthy lifestyle due to poor eating habits. Late last year, there are celebrities who have posted their healthy regimen in some of the social networking sites, and they have attested that it brought so much comfort and benefits to themselves. One of which is the detox diets or better known as detoxification which is claimed to remove toxins in order to regain energy. Of course, you don’t just go with it just because people said it’s effective, you should consult your doctor first so you’ll be guided. As you make a resolve to be healthier this year, try these top 10 detox foods that will surely help you flush out toxins that are staying in your body cells.

10. Beetroot

Photo Source: www.beetrootrecipes.co.uk

This is an energy booster since it contains vitamin c, iron, magnesium, beta carotene, zinc, calcium, B3 and B6. It is also considered as a super food because of numbered of benefits that it can provide to the person. It gives optimum benefits during and after the detoxification process. This is recommended in keeping your live and gallbladder healthy since these are two of the organs in the body that break and remove toxins. It contains high amount of fiber that eliminates waste from the body and improves digestion. Some of the benefits of it can be seen on the skin, support liver, and flushes out cholesterol. You could make beetroot juice or add raw of it in your favorite salad.

9. Watercress

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This is one of the oldest types of leafy vegetables that originate in Asia and Europe. In fact, it has a good amount of Vitamin C than oranges. It  boosts up the level of antioxidants in your blood while protecting your DNA against any form of damages. It also lowers the risk of cancer development in breasts, colon, and prostate. It is also a good source of Vitamin A, K, lutein, carotenoid nurtrients and zeaxanthin. This has been known as therapeutic, and flavorful since it belongs to perennial herb group.

8. Broccoli Sprouts

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It is 3 to 4-day old broccoli that has a radish taste that contains high amount of phytochemicals that actually stimulates the human cell protection against all forms of diseases. It is also considered as part of the dietary staple although it has a lower amount of nutritional values, but it has high content of anti-cancer properties that are good for bladder, lymphoma, breast, prostate, and kidney.

7. Cabbage

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This is a leafy round type of vegetable that belongs to Brassica family, and it has many varieties too. This can be planted and harvested any time of the year. It can be eaten raw, cooked, and preserved. It has a strong influence in Eastern and Western cuisines. It contains high amount of potassium, iron, vitamins, and low-calorie content. It is also antidote for high level of cholesterol in the human body because of its fiber content since it promotes easier secretion of bile acids that lowers cholesterol point.

6. Cilantro

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This is also known as dhania or Chinese parsley or a coriander which originates in Southern Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Just like other detoxifying foods mentioned on this list, this is an effective metal cleansing in the body since it contains natural cleaning properties where it binds toxic metals, then later remove them totally from the wall tissues. It does not have cholesterol, but it is rich in essential oils, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and vitamins that decreases bad cholesterol or better known as LDL.

5. Artichoke

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If you love your heart, you should include artichoke on your diet list. It improves overall digestion while healing all types of digestive disorders. It is also popularly known in decreasing blood cholesterol level that avoids atheroslecrosis and heart diseases. It is one of the good sources in the detoxification process since it protects the liver while flushing out toxins. It also treats flatulence, nervous gastropathy, upset stomach, and irritable bowel.

4. Lemons

Photo Source: natureofyoga.ca

This fruit originates in Asia, and it belongs to ellipsoidal yellow fruit that is popular in both culinary and non-culinary reasons. This is good in treating poisons. It is antibacterial, immune system booster, antiviral, and good source to lose weight because it contains juice that has cleansing properties for digestion and liver. It contains bioflavonoids, vitamin c, calcium, citric acid, limonene, and magnesium. It flushes all unwanted toxins or materials in the body, and you’ll observe that through an increase urination that your body undertakes. It speeds up the release of toxins from your body while promoting normal enzyme function that does detoxification.

3. Garlic

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This is a specie of onion that is scientifically known as Allium Sativum which is a close-knit to chive, shallot, rakkyo, and leek. It is a popular seasoning because of its taste and aroma that give flavors and nutrition to all dishes. It treats various diseases such as bronchitis, dysentery,   hypertension, fever, diabetes, rheumatism, colic, tuberculosis, and even intestinal worms. It contains different anti-fungal, viral, bacterial, and parasitic agents that are all detrimental and essential in the detoxification process.

2. Turmeric

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This is a member of the plant ginger family, which sometimes called as yellow ginger that is derived from the Curcuma longa plant root that has orange flesh color and brown skin. It is popular in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as in most Indian cuisines, wherein, people in India call it Indian Saffron because of its yellowish color. This is the best treatment for painful menstruation, toothache, bruises, bloody urine, chest pain, jaundice, colic, and hemorrhage. It also kills live cancer symptoms or tumors in liver and prostate. You may take it in juice as you boiled peeled turmeric in water, or eat it raw.

1. Apples

Photo Source: fitnessandhealthadvisor.com

This is a good way to detox your body by eating several pieces of apples in a day or two. In fact, you may do it for a couple of days in order to achieve ultimate effects and benefits of it. You may eat thinly sliced apples or make a juice out of several pieces of apples and take them in several days. It is also recommended to drink the juice that’s been taken from it in order to avoid the oxidation period, where the necessary nutrients are needed. This is a good treatment for liver, gallbladder, and keeping your heart healthy. It also restores the digestion process and improves blood circulation. This is a good dietary treatment to those people who are obese and are suffering other illnesses. This is not just known for its cosmetic benefits, but as well as in its medicinal and health values. Indeed, it proves the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.