Top 10 Voices Behind The Cartoons We Know and Love

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We’ve already covered the top ten trailblazing animated series, but it’s time to take a look at some of the voices behind the cartoons we all know and love. Voice acting is truly an art and the people who do it might not be immediately recognizable in the wild – that is until they talk. This list comprises the most talented and prolific voice modern voice actors. They come from all genres and all walks of life, but none of limited to any set role. Some have created clichés and stereotypes and some are so difficult to pick out that you’d be surprised to find that they’ve contributed to so many shows and games that you love. Here are the top ten voice modern day voice actors.
10. Tress MacNeille – You’ve heard her in: Futurama, The Simpsons, Various Disney Shows (seriously like all of them).
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She tops our list as a true trendsetter. Tress has basically set the standard for crotchety old bags despite her youthful appearance. If you’ve ever heard a cat lady, or angry old broad, chances are you were listening to Tress play to her strength. But she’s been acting since the eighties and has been in the about everything from the first My Little Pony series to Darkwing Duck. Her voice is now iconic and it’s rare not to hear a character written for her or a sound alike. She can sound sweet as pie if she need to though, as she proves with Mom from Futurama.

10 Unique Ways To Save Money During The Holidays

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I don’t know about you but during the holidays I have a difficult time saving money. The moment I make money it seems to slip right out of my hands. Between Christmas gifts and bills and then personal items I think that it’s understandable as to why so many of us experience not having much money during the holidays. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have some money after the holiday’s is over? I am sure that you’re asking now as to how that is possible.

Check out these 10 Unique Ways To Save Money During The Holidays:

10. Start Potty Training Your Cat Before The Holidays

10 Quirky Ways People Make Money

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The economy today can be very tough and sometimes it can be almost impossible to make money. Some people are determined to do whatever it takes to make money. I can remember when I was a teenager I dreamed about having a job and making my own money. It all sounded good at the time but that was before I realized just how hard it can be to sometimes even find a job. Babysitting is a great job for when you’re a teenager but what happens when you need to find a job that pays more?


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1. Royal Antelope
With the botanical name (Neotragus pygmaeus) which is a West African antelope, this small animal weighs between 3.2-3.6kg and only 25-30 cm in length. Their calves are so small that it can fits in to an average individual’s open hand. The color is light brown with the underbelly pale and slightly dark heads in the flanks. The male Royal Antelope has small spike-like horns, with the length at about 2.5 cm.


10 Amazingly Delicious Best Candy Bars Ever

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When a sugar craving starts to happen sometimes you’ve just got to pull out your favorite candy bar and chow down on it. There’s a variety of candy bars these to pick from. You’ve also got a variety of chocolates as well the three most popular chocolates being white, dark and sold milk chocolate. Pick out your favorite type of chocolate and then find a candy bar with the chocolate you love and you’re bound to have a new favorite candy bar.

Check out these 10 Amazingly Delicious Best Candy Bars Ever:

10. Zero – the white chocolate candy bar that melts in your mouth

Top Ten Trail-Blazing Animated Series for Adults

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Japan has mastered the art of the animated serial, but here in the west, we’ve produced some pretty awesome pieces of art too – and believe it or not, not all of them have been a part of the 8-10pm Sunday night line up on Fox. MTV, HBO, the Cartoon Network, and even Nickelodeon have been pushing the boundaries of cartoons both in terms of storytelling and artwork and they’ve been doing it for a lot longer than Eric Cartman has been stringing together terrible racial slurs. A lot of the most popular cartoons today can be attributed to Ren & Stimpy and The Simpsons pushing the envelope back in the early 90’s, but here are ten of the best lesser known animated shows that helped put a grown-up spin on Western animation.

Top 10 Spooky Halloween Games

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Halloween can be a very spooky night. One of the best things about Halloween is you don’t even have to leave the house in order to enjoy it. You can have a night filled with spooky board games and scary movies. There are lots of board games that involve vampires, zombies and even werewolves. Some of these board games might not be suitable for young children but they are mainly for everyone. Be sure to check out the age restriction on each game. After playing some Halloween games you can grab a bowl of spooky candy and watch your favorite horror movie with everyone. This is my idea of a perfect Halloween night.

10 Ways Black Cats Show Love

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The other day I was at the pet store looking at the kittens up for adoption. One of the kittens was a beautiful pure black cat. A girl picked it up and loved it right away. However, the woman that worked there told the girl she might not want to adopt that one that black cats bring bad luck. The girl looked scared and put the black cat down. It made me upset so I wanted to do this article to show how black cats are harmless and that they need to be loved by humans and raised in a good home just like all of the other cats.