Penny Pincher’s Top Picks in Branson

by Beth Petz - on Oct 30th 2014 - No Comments

Many middle class Americans find it hard to come up with the money for vacation nowadays. Branson, Missouri is a very family-friendly town that offers multiple no cost attractions.

bransonpicks1 Penny Pincher’s Top Picks in Branson
Photo by Beth Petz

10. Play a game of checkers. 

The leisurely pace of Branson, makes it an ideal environment to find a location that provides a checkerboard to those who visit. At least two locations to choose from include the Branson Craft Mall and Cracker Barrel restaurant.

bransonpicks2 Penny Pincher’s Top Picks in Branson
Photo by Beth Petz

9.   See the remnants of a tornado. 

10 Favorite Fall Scents

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I don’t know about you but I just love fall. Between the fragrances and the beauty of fall, it’s no wonder that I enjoy it so much. A lot of people actually state that fall is their favorite season. It’s the perfect season to take a stroll in the park as long as you have a light jacket on. Check out these 10 favorite fall scents and you might just be surprised as to how you might also like these scents during fall. Most of these scents you can enjoy year round but there’s just something about fall that makes them extra special.

10 Freaky Wives Tales That Might Make You Think Twice

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There are lots of wives tales and some of them will completely freak you out just because they are totally spooky. I can remember my mom sometimes telling me spooky wives tales around Halloween time. Do you? Ever wondered why some people might jump on you if you open up the umbrella inside? That’s just one of the many wives tales but maybe not as scary as these 10 Freaky Wives Tales That Might Make You Think Twice.

10. Mirrors – hopefully none will shatter in your home or someone might die

10 Nonalcoholic Warm Winter Drinks

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I don’t know about you but during the winter time there are some days that I cannot warm up. It doesn’t matter what I do. However, that all changes when I have a nice nonalcoholic warm winter drink. There are lots of favorite warm drinks I love to have during the winter. I am sure that as you review this list you’ll find some of your favorite winter drinks on here.

Check out these 10 Nonalcoholic Warm Winter Drinks

10. Chai Tea

10 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt

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Many people struggle with self doubt daily. I know that it is something that will hit me out of the blue and prevent me from giving my all. Self doubt can hold you back in many ways. It might prevent you from reaching your goals at work. Self doubt could even cause problems in your relationship. You might even have money problems all because of self doubt.

Before talking about ways to overcome self doubt it’s important to first understand exactly what self doubt is so that way you can overcome it. What is self doubt? Self doubt is not having enough confidence in yourself or in your abilities. The most confident person in the world could struggle with self doubt and you not even know it.

10 Free Things to Do in Branson, Missouri

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Branson, an action packed town in the Ozarks, is family friendly and filled with fun things to do! It seems each season brings beautiful flowers and seasonal decorations, which put a song in your heart (an appropriate response for a town filled with performers who have gifted voices).Upon entering town, the Veterans Memorial Garden is a welcoming sight. This garden located at Hwy 76 and Roark Valley Road is maintained solely by volunteers. It is dedicated to veterans of all branches of service. The land was donated by Silver Dollar City.

10 .Veterans Memorial Garden

10 Delicious Winter Soups

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On a cold winter day sometimes the only way to warm up is by having a delicious bowl of soup. I don’t know about you but there’s something very comforting when you’re having a bowl of soup when it’s cold outside. There are some soups I remember having as a kid and just falling in love with them and even during the summer the can still be good to have.

Check out these 10 delicious winter soups:

10. Loaded Potato Soup – I can never have just plain potato soup!

Top 10 Voices Behind The Cartoons We Know and Love

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We’ve already covered the top ten trailblazing animated series, but it’s time to take a look at some of the voices behind the cartoons we all know and love. Voice acting is truly an art and the people who do it might not be immediately recognizable in the wild – that is until they talk. This list comprises the most talented and prolific voice modern voice actors. They come from all genres and all walks of life, but none of limited to any set role. Some have created clichés and stereotypes and some are so difficult to pick out that you’d be surprised to find that they’ve contributed to so many shows and games that you love. Here are the top ten voice modern day voice actors.