Need a laugh? Seeing these funny big cats in small boxes will get you going. If you’re having a bad day or just need a reason to smile then this pictures will help you get there. There’s just something about seeing cat pictures that makes my heart melt. However, my heart does more then just when seeing big cats in small boxes. I still wonder how they can fit into some of these boxes considering their size. Makes me wish I could also fit into small places regardless of my size.

Check out these 10 Funny Big Cats In Small Boxes

10. If I fit, I sit in it
I couldn’t think of a better phrase for this picture. The cat obviously feels the same way. The cat can fit in it for sure and well, kinda sits in it…


9. Sullen Cat in a small box
The face of this cat just gets me. It almost looks in pain that it’s in a small box. I want to help the cat and make it better.

8. My box, go away
Back off. This is my box. You can’t touch it. I’m sitting in it. It’s almost big enough for me to sit comfortably in the box. You can’t convenience me otherwise.


7. Cat nap
I guess this cat must be exhausted after all of that hard work of trying to get comfy in this box. Well, it’s not really a box but still!

6. I think we need more boxes
I think that we need more boxes! However, these don’t think that we need more boxes. Somehow all of them managed to get into this one box. Go cats! I don’t know if any of them will be able to sleep comfortably in the box.

5. Cat loves Amazon
Hopefully you didn’t buy the cat a toy. Your cat would much rather just sit in the box. The cat loves Amazon as much as you do. Keep the boxes coming. It’s the perfect place for your cat to nap.


4. Dreams of a bigger box
This cat is probably dreaming of a bigger box. Maybe I’m wrong. It could be dreaming about how happy it is just to be in a box.

3. I can sit just like a human
I can sit just like a human. It doesn’t matter the size of the box. Can you sit like me? I challenge you to find a box and sit in just like I do. This way I know for sure I’m sitting like a human.

2. Let me try squeezing into this just a little more
I think that this box is the perfect size for this cat and the cat agrees. Look at those eyes. I’m not so sure if the cat will be sleeping in this box.


1. It’s been a long day
It’s been a long day and it’s time for a cat nap. Maybe the cat is just exhausted after trying to squeeze into that box. It’s a mystery as to how the cat could actually fit in it.

If you can’t find your cat anywhere, always make sure that you check your boxes. It doesn’t matter how small your box might be, your cat could be hiding in it.