Horses are beautiful and a gift. Horses can be very loyal, majestic and wonderful company to have. Having a newborn foal is also very cute. It does take a lot of time plus preparation if you’re planning on getting a horse. You need to know what kind of breed you want to have. There’s a variety of breeds available with horses from the Arabian horse to the Mustang. See what horse breed suits you and that you might love to have.

Check out these Tip Top 10 Beautiful Horse Breeds
10. American Miniature Horses
American miniature horses are adorable. They are found throughout Europe and the USA. A miniature horse is usually less than 34-38 inches. The height-based definition of miniature horses would be considered the size of a small pony. They also have various coat patterns and colors. They are perfect for family pets and for children.

9. The Morgan Horse
This horse was one of the earliest horse breeds which developed in the USA. The Morgan horses helped with the 19th century history in America. They were used as general riding horses. They have also helped with influencing other American horse breeds. In 1909 was the very first breed that was registered and established. By 2005, there was over 175,000 Morgan horses around the world.

8. The Gypsy Horse
The Gypsy horse is a breed that is considered domestic. It comes from the island of Ireland. It’s a horse which is solidly built. It helped Romani and Irish Traveler’s. This breed wasn’t officially registered until 1996 and it’s now considered a horse breed. It’s such a beautiful horse when you look at it. People also often refer to this horse as the people sized draft horse because of the size.

7. The Tennessee Walking Horse
The Tennessee walking horse is best known for flashy movement and the unique way it can run and walk. This horse was used a lot on plantations and farms. It is also a very popular horse to ride because of the calm disposition it has. This breed of horses have been known to appear in movies, a variety of performances and on television shows.

6. The Andalusian Horse
This breed was first recognized around the 15th century. They are Spanish horses. People bred them for their combat needs and agility. They were prized by their nobility. This horse also comes with a history that’s amazing. They were one of the first horses recognized in the cave paintings located in the Andalusia region. The horses were also used for stock horses and sometimes for bullfighting.

5. American Paint Horse
The American Paint Horse comes with a mixture of colors. Some of these colors include gray, bay, black, buckskin, blue roan and palomino. These horses tend to have distinctive white horses. The marks all vary with their sizes but the patterns on the horses remain standard. This horse is known for having amiability and good natured. It’s very innate intelligent. It’s wonderful to have for competitions with performances.

4. Appaloosa
The Appaloosa is one of the most popular horses in the USA. It’s thought that the breed has descended from the Nez Percé Indian territory of North America from the wild mustang horses. These horses were from the Spanish horses that the explorers brought in. Many of these can be show horses and get for athletes that might be well conditioned. However, they are not only great for being show horses but can be wonderful to have as a family horse. These horses can often be seen at children events because their temperaments remain even, and they are very calm horses.

3. The Mustang
The mustang is a horse that’s free roaming. Many Mustangs tend to be lightly colored but there have been some dark mustangs over the past generations. A lot of the Spanish blood in this breed has been rather diluted but some of the Spanish characteristics still show up in them. Around the 1970’s the Mustangs grew in population so much so that the population grew into concern. In 1973 the Adopt A Horse program started to help with being able to take care of some of the excess of the animals that happened.

2. Thoroughbred Horses
One of the reasons why the Thoroughbred horse is so popular is because it’s one of the best known horses used for racing. The horse was also first developed in England for not only racing but also for jumping. These horses have great courage and stamina. This is also why they are perfect for being able to compete in racing.

1. The Arabian Horse
The Arabian horse is considered to be one of the most beautiful horses in the world. It’s for that reason that this horse is also very popular. It’s not only beautiful but it’s great for stamina. The Arabian horse can excel in competitions because of its endurance. The horse is thought to have been developed around the 7th century in Arabia. It actually has a small head with protruding eyes. It’s stunning to see this horse in person.

As you can see, there’s such a variety of horses. What kind of horse do you want to have for what reason? Think about all of those things before getting one. Some horses can be great for racing and competition. However, those horses might not be best suited if you’re wanting a family horse or if you’re needing it for farming. Just because a horse might be beautiful doesn’t actually mean it’s the best one for you. Talk with an expert with horses before getting one to make sure you’ll be happy with it and that it suits all of your needs.