Nobody likes to make a mistake. However, one thing in life is that we all make mistakes. It’s just inevitable. When we make a mistake, it feels often dangerous. We face our vulnerability, ignorance and causes things to get out of order. Trying to eliminate the mistake can even cause more problems because the world is often set in a place that’s fixed and not very obliging to the mistake you make. The world is forever changing and as things change, mistakes happen. Instead of becoming depressed learn from the mistakes that you have made.

Check out these Tip Top 10 Things You Can Learn from Making Mistakes

10. Helps us with creating more balance in life
A mistake is a great time to reflect back and see where we need more balance in our life. Mistakes can happen when there’s lack of balance or either cause for the balance to become out of balance. Meditate and see how you can get more balance in your life after making a mistake.

9. Mistakes help us with wanting to do better
Often times mistakes can bring out the best in people. A mistake can help with wanting us to work and do better. People look for ways to prevent the mistake from happening again. People find themselves wanting to work hard to also make up for the mistake that they made.

8. We become more compassionate for others and for ourselves
Mistakes teach us to become humble, compassionate and forgiving. Sometimes when life gets so busy we forget how to be more compassionate towards others and for ourselves. A mistake is a great time to reflect on how you can be more compassionate and forgiving towards others. No one is perfect and people have made mistakes towards you as you have with them. This is when it’s best to forgive and just let go and be compassionate towards them.

7. Review the progress you’ve made
Some people get so hung up on the mistakes that they have made they simply forget to review the progress. Own up to the mistake you’ve made. Try to develop and learn from it so this way you can continue to make the progress needed in order to grow in life. If it helps you out, ask someone to help you with being accountable. Talk with them and find a new course of action to help you with overcoming your mistakes.

6. Examine the mistakes
Examine the mistakes that you’ve made instead of just tossing them aside. Ignoring your mistakes might make you repeat them again. Understand why the mistake was made in the first place and why the decision was bad. Try and figure out that soft spot in you that might need some maturing to help you with not making the mistake again. It takes a lot of boldness to actually admit that you made a mistake and own up to it. Be proud of yourself that you also admitted to the mistake that you’ve made.  Examining is not to be confused with reviewing. Review is just to look at them and examine them is to go deeper and mediate and see what you can learn.

5. Makes help us pace ourselves better
In this day and age, everything is moving at a fast speed. We find ourselves unable to pace ourselves. When we’re always working and doing things fast a mistake is bound to happen. This is a great time to try and find out how you can pace yourself so that mistakes won’t happen. Maybe this could mean waking up earlier and going to bed sooner so that you can pace yourself. It could even be just simply taking more breaks between work. Racing and doing things fast can also cause for a panic to happen. Just do things at a slow pace and not fast. You’ll feel much better at the end of the day if you can do this.

4. Mistakes help us with seeing what matters
A mistake can help us with seeing what matters the most and what doesn’t matter. When we go over the mistakes that happened we can find out many things. If it no longer matters or serves us learn from it and again, just let it go. No need to stay in the past and feel bad over something.

3. Don’t continue to give yourself a hard time for it
Don’t’ continue to beat yourself up over a mistake that was made. Even if you’re going with the flow or thinking you’re doing the right thing a mistake can be made. Hanging onto the mistake can be very bad for your health and immune system. It can cause you to stay up at night. Stop giving yourself a hard time for it. Learn from it and be thankful that tomorrow is a new day.
2. Mistakes help with deepening our knowledge
If we look back and allow the mistake to help grow us then it deepens our knowledge. This knowledge will help to prevent further mistakes but also helps us with growing spiritually. We can also then use this knowledge to help others, so they won’t make the same mistake.

1. Mistakes reveal things we might have missed
One of the biggest things with mistakes people often miss is that a mistake might reveal something we might have missed out on otherwise. When we’re figuring out what happened and what made us make the mistake we could find other errors that need fixing. This also helps us with growing. These errors might not have been caused from you but without your mistake, they would have never been noticed. Go over everything and see what caused you to make the mistake to begin with and know sometimes there’s a chance it wasn’t your fault. It could simply be a lack of communication or just a glitch in the system. Still, learn and grow from it.

Accepting change as part of the natural structure with the world can be hard but it can help with making us stronger. Trail and error plays a huge part of these changes and with those mistakes we grow.