The weather is nice; many people will be out walking and doing more exercise. Some people might think they are hurting because of the exercise when it could be just from what they are eating. There are foods out there that not only cause inflammation with your joints but can other side effects such as acne and even trigger headaches. If you’re having a lot of joint inflammation and pain then you might want to consider looking into your diet and seeing what you’re eating. You might just need to avoid some food items.

Here are 10 Top Foods We Love But Cause Joint Inflammation

  1. Gluten food items

Not all gluten food items might be bad for you. Some can help you but there are some gluten food items which can cause joint inflammation. Gluten can be found in a variety of grains. It can really cause your joints to become inflamed. If you want to eat grains then increase your intake on millet, quinoa, or even buckwheat. Be careful when choosing your gluten food items and write down how you feel after eating them.
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  1. Wheat food products

Wheat has been linked to many health conditions and some of those health conditions might even be very serious. When we think of wheat products, we think that they must be healthy for us but that is not always the case.  Wheat products can cause inflammatory throughout the body and it is even acid forming. A lot of wheat products happen to now be genetically modified which might even cause the inflammation to become worse.

  1. Dairy products

There are many dairy products that can cause inflammation and other health issues such as IBS. Some dairy products which might cause inflammation includes cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream and even cheese. The reason why is because a lot of dairy products have antibiotics, hormones and other ingredients in them that can cause problems with the body. The good news is, there are plenty of other alternatives you can have these days instead of dairy products.

  1. Synthetic sweeteners

A lot of sweeteners such as aspartame, Splenda, Nutrasweet and AminoSweet can cause health issues such as inflammation. Joint pain might be just one of the many side effects caused by these sweeteners. Try your best to avoid these because of all the bad things it can do to your body. Try and find more all natural ways to sweeten something such as using honey with your tea instead of one of the synthetic sweeteners.

  1. Iodized Salt

Iodized salt can cause joint inflammation and many other things. It might not actually be very harmful by itself but when used often it can cause a lot of health issues. Instead of using Iodized salt try using celtic sea salt or pink salt. Unrefined salt naturally contains a variety of minerals and other ingredients in it besides just sodium. If you decide to use iodized salt, try to limit your intake on it but also know that there are other choices besides iodized salt.

  1. Vegetable oil

A lot of people think that vegetable oil is fine to have but it is not. Vegetable oil can cause joint inflammation and many other health issues. Instead of having vegetable oil look into other oils such as olive oil, butter or even shortening depending on what you’re making. You can also research online and find what kind of substitute might be available so that way you’re taking the healthier alternative instead of using vegetable oil.

  1. Food additives

Food additives such as flavor enhancers, colors, preservatives and stabilizers can be very harmful to your system. A couple of the main additives also include benzoates and sulfites. The bad news is that many food products made for children have these in them. It’s important for you to review the ingredients your children might be having daily and more so if they are complaining of being sore a lot. You might need to change your children’s diet if they have these food additives in them.

  1. Fried foods

Yes, those fried foods that we love such as nachos, potato chips and even hamburgers can cause joint inflammation. I don’t think I need to go much into all of the harmful things that fried foods can do to your body that they speak for themselves. If you’re having joint inflammation after having fried foods then you might need to change your diet.

  1. Omega 6 Fatty Acid food products

I know that many of you think that Omega 6 can be good and it’s known to be an essential fatty acid that the body actually needs for development and growth. However, having too much consumption of omega-6 food products can cause inflammation and other health problems. Some food items which contains omega 6 includes sunflower, corn, soy, vegetables, peanut, mayonnaise and you will find it even in salad dressings. In order to avoid the inflammation from omega 6, use it within moderation.


  1. Refined sugar

Research shows that refined sugar increases inflammation and causes not only pain but even redness and can cause some areas of your body to overheat. Any high glycemic starches also can cause this problem. If you eat a lot of food which contains refined sugar in it and having health issues then you might want to consider changing your diet.


Talk with your doctor about what kind of diet you should be on. Sometimes you don’t even need to be on medications for your pain. All you need to do is just simply change your diet with proper guidance from a professional.