If you’re needing a laugh for today then hopefully these most popular funny animal videos will help you. Laughter is great and there are times when just looking at funny animals helps in that area. These are very popular videos on YouTube for a reason. A lot of people have enjoyed watching these animals and I hope that you will also enjoy these funny animals.

Here are 10 of the Most Popular Funny Animal Videos

10. Kids at the zoo
Between these animals and these kids, what’s not to love about this compilation of kids at the zoo? Your heart will melt a few times when you watch it.

9. Funny Dog Videos
These dogs will make you laugh. Either the dogs will or the people will in the video. If you’re finding yourself having a gloomy day then this is one you’ll want to watch. Maybe you’re just a dog lover at heart. Either way,  you’re bound to enjoy this video.

8. Funny Videos Of Funny Animals 
Here’s just a mixture of funny animals. Between dogs to turtles you never know what might cause you to smile when you watch this video.

7. When Dogs and Babies Collide
Here comes cuteness overload! Ever wondered what happened when dogs and babies collide? You no longer have to wonder. Watch this and your heart will not only melt but you’ll smile when watching it. Dogs and babies. What’s not to love about this video?

6. Funny Cats Compilation
Here’s a wonderful compilation of cats. If you’re a cat lover then you’ll love this video. I think that they did a wonderful job with putting everything together and found the best of the best with funny cats for this video.

5. Funny Parrot Videos Compilation
I love parrots and I love hearing them talk. I think this is one of the best parrot compilations of funny parrots. It’s not a very long video but you’re bound to love it. If you love listening or watching parrots then this will make you smile. There’s also other animals in this video besides parrots.

4. A Funny Monkeys Compilation
This video warmed my heart and made me smile. These monkeys in this monkey compilation can make anyone’s day brighter. You’ll not only be able to watch some funny monkeys but hear some cool music in the background with it.

3. Animals never fail to make us laugh
Seriously, I always laugh when I watch them. Here’s another awesome compilation of funny animal videos. Between cats to dogs and other crazy funny animals in between you’ll laugh. The dogs even look guilty sometimes in this compilation.

2. Funny duck videos
I think we’ve covered everything from cats, to dogs and talking parrots but what about ducks? I think ducks not only can warm the heart but make you laugh at the same time. I also love ducklings. Seeing them always makes my heart melt. Are you ready for your heart to melt?? You may proceed..

1. A Collection of just random Funny Animals
I think that this is one of the best collections of totally random funny animals. Between dogs chasing their leashes and seeing adorable pandas, you never know what to expect with this one. This is a great video to watch anytime throughout the day if you need a smile.

Hopefully these Funny Animal Videos have helped with making your day happier or let you smile for a few minutes. Feel free to share on Facebook and pass on the smile of these funny animals.