In the ancient days people died horribly. Often times they died from illness that was caused from drinking and eating excessively. Other times, they were murdered by people they knew or from their enemies. However, there was some ancient deaths that were weird and gruesome. These types of deaths that happened back then probably would never happen today.

Check out these 10 Weird Ancient Deaths

10. King Charles XII of Sweden
Voltaire nicknamed King Charles XII of Sweden the Lion of the North. He made a bad habit of leading its country into conflicts that would become catastrophic. This ended up not only wasting men but also a lot of money. He was very unpopular. In 1718, there was a siege that happened in Danish-held Norway. When the siege happened a bullet killed him in the head. His death actually raised many questions. There were not any witnesses around when he died and secondly, his skull had two holes. The way his skull was made people wonder if it was really done by the enemy or by one of his men.

9. Phalaris Ruler in 6th Century BC
Back in the 6th Century of BC, there was a ruler named Phalaris in a city that was small in Sicily. He was known as the Tyrant of the Acreages. He was extremely cruel and enjoyed executing the enemies with a device designed by torture. After putting up with him for 16 years, the rebels ended up overthrowing him and he was roasted alive by his own bronze bull that he cherished.

8. King Richard II
King Richard II was under a great deal of political pressure to give up his crown. Eventually, he ended up being imprisoned in the Pontefract Castle. Richard starved to death by February 1400. First, they claimed he was on a hunger strike and that he was starved to death deliberately. Later, there was rumors that King Henry IV had ordered him to be murdered.

7. King Edward II of England
On September 21st, 1327 King Edward II of England was murdered with just being held down and then having one red hot poker shoved up the rear. Rumors and stories have it that his screams were heard miles away. One twist of the story is that even when this happened, he didn’t die at that time. he was also being confined at the Berkley Castle. September 24th, his son Edward III announced his death formally. The cause of the death was never provided. Imaginations ended up taking over and some say it could have been caused from suffocation all the way to natural death. The poker story is still one of the greatest stories that is repeated as a known fact.

6. Napoleon Bonaparte
It’s mainly known that the documented cause for the death of Napoleon Bonaparte was stomach cancer. However, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that this might not have been the case. There is some theories that he could have possibly died from arsenic poisoning that was from the dye located in the wallpaper at his house. Another reason why this theory is also rather flawed is because arsenic poisoning causes extreme weight loss. Hair samples showed arsenic in his hair and the weight loss. His wife Josephine also had it in her hair. The death will remain as a mystery as the descendants have refused further testing with the body tissues.

5. King Anada Mahidol
In 1946, King Anada Mahidol’s death was first ruled as an accident that was unfortunate to have. Part of what he had always been was the firearm aficionado. He kept one of them always close to his side. It wasn’t unusual that he had a gun that was right next to his bedchamber. They found him dead in his bedchamber. One of the possibilities was that he had committed suicide. Later on, after about of month of heavy investigation it was discovered he was murdered. Anada’s brother, Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma had killed him in order to get the crown. However, there wasn’t any evidence that was directly linking him to this. There was also three other suspects that were arrested which also included Anada’s secretary and the page that discovered the body. Regardless of the lack of evidence on them, the trio ended up being executed in 1955 by the firing squad.


4. King Ludwig of Bavaria
King Ludwig of Bavaria was known for having great extravagance. He did everything he could in order to keep up with his lavishing lifestyle. He would borrow large sums from the foreign banks. Ludwig ended up ignoring the debts that he owed. The government eventually decided that they would declare him as being insane. A few days later he went on a walk with his physician then both men were actually found dead. It was ruled at first as a murder suicide by Ludwig. The report first started that he had drowned himself to death. Modern professionals these days have more ideas. there was no water that was found in his lungs. The coat of the king had two bullet holes. The body from the doctor also showed strangulation and that he was possibly strangled to death. Their death both remains unresolved to this day.

3. Caliph Al-Musta’sim
In 1258 when the siege of Baghdad was happening, Caliph Al-Musta’sim was killed and captured by the Mongols. He was first wrapped in one of the rugs that they had. After being wrapped in the rug he was trampled to death by their horses. The Mongols didn’t want to shed any royal blood. Instead of shedding his blood they felt that this was a better way of killing him.

2. Alexander of Greece
Between the years 1917 and 1920 Alexander of Greece was king. On the day of October 2nd, 1920, he ended up taking his dog for a walk. When he did, it got into a fight with the pet monkey that belonged to the steward. He tried to break the fight up. However, the monkey ended up biting him. Initially, the wounds were not considered to be very serious. They were properly cleansed and dressed or so they thought. One of the wounds wasn’t cleaned properly and it got infected. The king ended up getting sepsis from the bites. The physician amputated his leg in hopes he could be saved but it didn’t work. He ended up dying three weeks later from the wounds.

1. The death of Jesus
The crucifixion of Jesus happened in the 1st century of Judea. Studies showed they believed in happened between AD 30 and 33. The Sanhedrin arrested Jesus and tried him. Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus. The Romans scourged and crucified him. They put Jesus between two thieves that had been convicted and he died six hours later after being crucified. A soldier had pierced the side of Jesus to ensure that he was dead.

Never take your life for granted. You never know what might happen one day to the next.