Spirituality can be defined in so many ways. To some, it is about the essence of life- the entity that is the center of our thoughts, emotions and bodies. They say that is everything that flows through our being and is underneath all our activities and sentiments. To others it is all about religion and believing in a supreme being that governs the universe and all that is in it. Regardless of your definition of spirituality, you might agree that it is something that you can’t take lightly. Our purposes in life and how we make daily decisions are entwined to our spirituality. How we think, how we feel, and how we regard other things- living and non-living- depend on our spiritual perceptions and well-being. However, because it is unseen, many people don’t regard it as important. But it is spiritual awareness and health that can help us keep ourselves together and maintain our sanity even when the going gets so tough that we want to give up. Maintaining spiritual wellness may not be as tough as staying physical healthy, but some still find it difficult to achieve. There are tons of simple ways you can maintain spiritual wellness, are here are some tips:

10. Keep a positive attitude

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Your attitude and spirituality are very much linked. How you choose to view life and go about daily tasks affects your spiritual wellness in many ways. If you choose to go about your everyday with a positive vibe, you will never be burdened by any problem or challenge that might come your way. If you want to healthy inside, focus on good things and avoid thinking negatively, even during the most difficult times.

9. Stay physically and mentally healthy

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Some might not believe it, but physical and mental health have much to do with spiritual well-being. Keeping an active body and a serene mind can help you improve your spirituality. These help to make your sense more keen, your ability to perceive become sharper, and to appreciate your surroundings better. You can meditate the whole day and think of spiritual things, but if your mind is not active and well, or if you’re physically ill, it will avail you nothing.

8. Keep your living quarters neat and clean 

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Tangible objects around you and their appearance may also affect your spirituality. As they are kept in order, you will notice that your peace and the flow of energy within your spirit would also be in order. On the other hand, chaotic environments would disrupt your inner peace. Try to keep your home orderly and clean as you would want it, and also, avoid staying too long in places that would not foster spiritual calmness.

7. Don’t rush everything

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Yes, there are many things that need to be done immediately- you may have deadlines at work or at school or even urgent tasks that need immediate action. But you don’t have to rush through every single thing or day in your life. To stay spiritually well, you have to take your time on some matters that are not really urgent, so that you don’t forget your spiritual side and take set aside some time for the more important things- recreation, family, friends, happiness, and simply enjoying the live that you live.

6. Try to appreciate nature

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Spiritual things attract those that are also spiritual, and nothing can be more spiritual than the living things that surround you. Yes, nature can help you keep your spiritual health. As you visit and dwell in nature, you will feel revitalized and gain peace and serenity that comes from nothing else. The spiritual life in plants and even animals can enliven your own spirit, and bring ease and comfort from being stress caused by being detached from nature and the universe in general.

5. Develop self-respect

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Know your self-worth. Never belittle your life and your capacity and accomplishments. Looking down on yourself means looking down on your spiritual worth, and that destroys your spiritual well-being. List down the things that you think you’re good at. Ask people who know you what they think you’re good at and what you mean to them. Frequently review this and don’t allow anyone, especially yourself, to make your insecurities get the better of you.

4. Develop respect for others

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As important as respecting yourself is also respecting others. Your spirituality will be affected by your relationship with others, especially those with whom you make frequent contact. If you have live harmoniously with those around you, your spiritual being will be stable and tranquil. Anger, envy, hatred, and malice won’t do anything but destroy your inner peace.

3. Be aware of your connection to the universe

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Live with the awareness that everything you are end everything you do directly or indirectly affects everything and everyone around you. Small or big, what you choose to do can alter the course or destiny of living or non-living things that come your way. As you realize this, you will take more responsibility for your actions and influence, and will never take spiritual things lightly.

2. Ponder and meditate

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Take some time to isolate yourself from the world. Set aside a moment to avoid engaging in the noise of the world and ponder and think deep about the deeper things. Meditate upon your existence, your achievements, your ideals, goals, and what you need to do more for your spirituality. Get in touch with your inner self and try to learn more about your own self.

1. Determine your life’s purpose

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Why are you here? What is your ultimate purpose? What have you been focusing on? What else do you need to do to meet your purpose? Ask yourself these questions regularly to never lose track of the things that matter most. Remember that if all else is gone, your spirituality shall remain, and that’s why you need to keep it at the center of everything you do and live for.