So which animals are known to be the highest jumpers in the world? Some could think of monkeys jumping from tree to tree, while some think of frogs to be the title holders for jumping at great lengths despite of their size. But when you talk about members of the Animal Kingdom, it includes insects, rodents, and other land-dwelling creatures. And if you think that you are close to guessing who holds the title, you’ll be surprised as you run through this list of the top 10 highest jumping animals in the world.

10. Bharal

Photo Source: www.waza.org

Bharals exist in the Himalayas where they are known as one of the best jumpers in the Animal Kingdom. They commonly stay near cliffs. This explains their skill for jumping high because they need to move to other cliffs or from hill to hill.

9. Hares

Photo Source: www.theguardian.com

Despite of their small size and furry, harmless appearance, hares are known to have the exceptional ability to jump. Aside from being fast for moving at 72 kilometers per hour, they can also jump very high.

8. Red Kangaroo

Photo Source: library.sandiegozoo.org

Red Kangaroos are a bit slower than the hare at only 56 kilometers per hour. But that’s because of their huge size. And even when you just stare at them, you’ll know they can jump high due to their distinct legs and feet.


7. Klipspringer

Photo Source: bluehillescape.blogspot.com

The name Klipspringer already makes a ring of their prowess in jumping. Their jump is so normal that you’ll think they have springs on their legs. And because it’s a small kind of antelope commonly found in Africa, it can be obvious why they can jump to as high as 1.5 meters.

6. Grasshopper

Photo Source: lookingtocook.co.uk

The Grasshopper’s powerful long legs allow them to jump 20 times longer. This is possible since they have pairs of jointed legs that prove to be valuable. They have three pairs of legs. The first two sets are mainly used for walking. But if you could see the third pair, you’ll know right away that the insect can go very far.

5. The Kangaroo Rat

Photo Source: en.wikipedia.org

Being small has its advantages and Kangaroo Rats apply this very well. Because of their huge hind legs and four toes, they can jump over 45 times their body length. But when they jump and use their long tails along, they can leap high to as far as 9 feet or 2.75 meters.

4. Froghopper

Photo Source: www.wildaboutbritain.co.uk

Froghoppers produce high force in their body weight compared to other jumping animals for over 400 times. They jump at the speed of 4,000 meters per second based on the acceleration rate.

3. Jumping Spider

Photo Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Using their blood pressure, the Jumping Spider jumps 100 times against its own body length. They have four legs on their front legs, which they can extend quickly. They don’t have spines that make their jumping skills even more exceptional.

2. Tree Frog

Photo Source: www.fanpop.com

Tree Frogs can jump 150 times higher because of their large webbed feet and toe pads that make them different from other frogs.

1. Flea

Photo Source: www.orkin.com

Fleas are the best animal jumpers in the world. They can jump over 220 times using their body length which is equivalent to 400 meters in distance and 250 meters high in height of a building, in case they are as big as humans.

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