1. Lectures Changes your reasoning ability

Attending lectures, writing, and tests–unfortunately, just finding yourself in that kind of environment makes it harder for one to respond to stressful situations. Stress has become known to reduce a part of the brain which is responsible for our impulse control and emotional stability; but, there is absolutely nothing a college wants to do to avoid stress. Going through this everyday makes you dumb.  The reason is that work overload will be too much to filter.


2. Work Overload – – Brain perform less when you are stressed

Stress is one area that cannot be eliminated while attending college; it is a normal part of your college life. You’re all on your own for the first time. Your achievement depends on your grades, therefore there is need to jack up more on whatever thing you are doing in college to meet your expectations such as reading: doing assignments,  group work, attending lectures, writing, and tests. Unfortunately, just finding yourself in that kind of environment makes it harder for one to respond to stressful situations.

Stress has become known to reduce some part of the brain which is responsible for our impulse control and emotional stability, but there is absolutely nothing a college wants to do to avoid stress. Going through this everyday makes you dumb, reason been that work overload will be too much to filter.


3. Pressure of projects and assignments

College features a different kind of environment, where you need a different kind of attitude to deal with things. The piling assignments and projects can make you feel dumb and might affect your college life as well as your performance. The reason for this is not farfetched; its because as a college student looking at all this assignments and project piling up for you will leave you dumb folded, and you will reason like where will i even start from and there are deadline for submission as well. In college projects most of the time mean group works and group projects itself is a trouble to handle. All the pressure of getting all these things done, many a time can make you dumb.


4. Short Sleep time

Short sleeping time makes you really dumb. College students are usually associated with the trait of sleeping late at nights, then rushing for their morning class when the cycle your brain needs to rest isn’t yet completed. Lack of proper sleep may slow down the working efficiency of one’s mind and you might find yourself in situation of endless fatigue. The brain needs proper rest from all the loads of work it has been processing all day; and in college, being out of energy means that you are being out of life. Often when you have short night rest, the whole day work the next day will be like you are given a rock in the quarry to break. The next time, think once before reducing your sleeping time.


5. Use of drug and alcohol

College students often ignore the limits and wind up doing more harm to themselves than good, all in the name of been called a college student. These days, alcohol and drug abuse among college students has become a severe issue. Taking alcohol past the limits students can control have very bad repercussions on health and eventually on the routines to be carried out. Taking substance of this nature reduces your ability to focus and carry out all necessary assignments and even attending classes under the influence will be the worst of it all. Addiction to alcohol and drugs can ruin your college life together with your career. Though this type of life appears to be sweet, the end leaves you dumb. Living such a life in college makes you dumb.


6. Multitasking

Multitasking makes you forget all that you have fixed on your head at once. For a college student, multitasking is really one word that can’t be left out. A tight and fixed class schedule will force any college student to try saving some time by doing plenty of things at the same time; but this doesn’t help as much as student thinks it does. Multitasking involves you doing a lot of assignments, reading, projects, and attending to friends–all at the same time. This will really reduce your efficiency on all that you are doing.  Your total or maximum concentration you give to one particular thing has been divided on other things as well. This will affect the result obtained at that time. Trying to fix things on your head and doing some other things makes you vulnerable to forgetting things, and forgetting things really makes you dumb. This cannot really be cleared in the routine of college student and leaving most of them dumb.


7.  Diet–unhealthy diet

College contains a lot of things, but it’s rarely a perfect environment to grab healthy diet regime. The energy drinks, soda, evening frozen pizzas, all those college junks might present you with an immediate boost; however, in the long run they’re absolutely murdering your memory and memory. Most of these foods are taken due to the fact that they are in a rush so as to not to be late for lectures. This kills your memory.


8. Language Barrier

This may not apply to everyone but it is really problematic to overcome this for those to whom it applys. Looking at it from the international perspective, it is really a major problem as students find it difficult to adjust at new place and it is not easy to be-friend people with whom they don’t even share a common language. Bringing it down to your country, language can prove as a barrier to proper interaction and being comfortable in college for the people who are from different place, and having different native languages. Finding yourself in such a situation can really make you dumb.

9. Inactivity All Day

Inactivity all day long in the name of class affects the human brain activity. While sitting and doing nothing turns you directly into an inactive person, this really is one part of college which makes you dumb. Being a college student, which requires sitting over two hours per day greatly decreases your metabolic rate; that is the factor that is directly considered to be related to cognitive ability. Having been inactive for hours of classes or spending the entire night memorizing, might provide you with a lot of information, but gradually mental performance loses its ability to process it effectively, which makes you dumb after wards.

10. Group thinking

College is really a group learning institution. We don’t possess the resources or even the time to tutor every student individually; therefore we end up with classes with a number of students. Most times, teachers divide their classes into smaller groups for a number of assignments and projects. Working with groups in college makes each student depend solely on other members of the group for doing the project. The group assignments makes an individual member of the group hide under the group name, this has shown to really affects college students and make them dumb, because they depend on others to do the job for them. If such persists, a student will not be able to reason on his/her own. This shows an extreme case of been dumb while working with group in college.