1. Royal Antelope
With the botanical name (Neotragus pygmaeus) which is a West African antelope, this small animal weighs between 3.2-3.6kg and only 25-30 cm in length. Their calves are so small that it can fits in to an average individual’s open hand. The color is light brown with the underbelly pale and slightly dark heads in the flanks. The male Royal Antelope has small spike-like horns, with the length at about 2.5 cm.

2. Etruscan shrew The World’s Smallest Know Mammal
With the botanical name (Suncus etruscus), they are also known as Etruscan pygmy shrew or as the white-toothed pygmy shrew. It is the world’s smallest known mammal by its mass. It weighs about 1.8 grams, with a body size of about 4 cm without the tail. This animal is very rapid in its movement and it is characterized by fast metabolism. It consumes about 2 times its own body size per day, it feeds on small vertebrates and invertebrates and can also hunt individual of the same size.

Etruscan Shrew











3. Pygmy marmoset – The World’s Smallest Monkey
With the botanical name (Cebuella pygmaea), it’s a native of the rainforest found in South America. It is the world’s smallest monkey and also one of the smallest primates on the planet, with a body size of about a 100 gram. It’s known to be a gum feeding specialist. When in group, they can have a family with standard modal troops of 6, mostly with a dominant male and a breeding female, with up to four litters.











4. Bumblebee Bat is the smallest species of bat in the world
With a botanical name (Craseonycteris thonglongyai), it is also known as Kitti’s Hog-nosed bat. It is a native of western Thailand and Southeast Burma. It is the smallest specie of bat in the world and one of the smallest mammals in the world. The color is reddish-brown, with a pig-like snout. The female of a bumblebee bat have only one offspring per year. It has a body size of about 1.14-1.30 in length and about 2 grams in weight.

Pigmy Marmoset











5. Barbados thread snake is the smallest snake species known
With a botanical name of (Leptotyphlops carlae). This is the smallest snake specie known to be in existence. The size is about 10 cm in length and primarily feeds on termites and ant larvae. They lay eggs for reproduction and the female lay just one egg at a time. It is endemic to the island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

Barbados thread snake











6. Brookesia micra chameleon is among the smallest reptiles ever known
This is the smallest specie of chameleon, and it is found in Antsiranana, Madagascar. It is among the smallest reptiles ever known in the world today; it is small enough to stand on the edge of a match stick. It can grow up to 1.1 inches in length. When compared with some other species, it is known to have a shorter tail and a large head. It is mostly found to reside in leaf litter during the day and at night climb a tree as high as 10 cm to sleep.








7. Virgin Islands Dwarf Gecko one of the smallest terrestrial vertebrates
With a botanical name (Sphaerodactylus parthenopion). It is a specie of gecko and it is known to be one of the smallest vertebrates which are terrestrial. It lives in a drier hill sides, but mostly found under rocks basically because it lacks the adaptive feature of preventing water loss. It has a deep brown color on its upper part, and it measures 18mm in length from its snout to the vent. On average this animal weighs about 0.15 grams. The coloration of its male and female is the same and its female is slightly larger than the male. Its tail has the ability to regenerate when it’s broken.











8. Octopus Wolfi is the worlds smallest Octopus
This is the worlds smallest octopus, which was discovered about some years back. It measures about 1.5 cm in length and weigh about 1 gram. This specie of octopus is mostly found in the indo-pacific.












9. The Brazilian Gold Frog (the smallest frog)
With a botanical name of (Brachycephalus didactylus). It is also known as Izecksohn’s toad. It is the smallest of the entire frog family, which is usually found in the southern hemisphere. The adult Brazilian gold Frog in length measures about 9.7 mm in body, and usually about 1 gram in weight. It has a golden colour from which it is named.

The Brazillian Gold Fron













10. Paedocypris Fish is the smallest known fish
This is the world smallest known fish specie, with the smallest mature one measuring about 7.9 mm in length and the largest specie known to have measured about 10.3 mm in length. They have a transparent body and have been found to live in the peat swamps of Sarawak. Their small body size also helps them survive extreme droughts.