Is it possible to become rich while doing pretty much nothing while avoiding the typical 9 to 5? The answer is yes and we have ten ways to prove it.

10. Inherit Your Fortunes

If you are or are going to be married to someone who is considerably wealthy, or perhaps a family member has hung on to their money within their lifetime, there are is a strong chance that some money may be passed on to you. Bereavements in a family are never easy and their money should never be your first priority when someone passes away, but a vast majority of people have received their fortunes in this manner.

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9. Sell Your Unwanted Items on eBay

If you have old games, toys, or even items such as comic books laying around in the garage or loft then now is definitely the best time to see if they can bring you a pretty penny or two on popular auction websites. You may be exceptionally surprised as to how much some buyers and especially collectors are willing to pay for specific items to  finish a particular collection.

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8. Become a Professional Gambler

A game of poker is not the most sophisticated card game currently out there; but if you are able to understand which hands are important then you have the basic game understood. From here it’s now down to a matter of luck (or also being dealt a good hand) and also having a great poker face (and knowing when to bluff your way through a game).
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 7. Invent Something

When you look at inventions you it’s not uncommon to immediately think of something revolutionary or life changing like a light bulb or television. Nevertheless you will be pleased to hear that some of the craziest and dumbest inventions that should simply have never been made have turned their inventors into millionaires.

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6. Get Involved With Yard Sales

Chances are if you head down to a yard sale (car boot, etc) you may just end up going home with a hidden gem. Take a moment and think about the things that people often throw out all the time but aren’t even aware what they are throwing out or how much an item is worth.

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5. Donating Sperm

Alright, so donating sperm won’t make you a millionaire overnight. But the idea of making money by doing something that you would normally do on a daily basis (oh you know who you are) isn’t a bad idea, right?
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The only flaw in this idea that a is sperm bank generally looks for clients with an entirely clean bill of health and a high IQ. Let’s assume you pass all the screening tests, it’s very possible to make approximately $10,000 a year using this method. Sorry girls, but no deal for you.

 4. Search for Gold

It sounds farfetched we know, but you will more than likely have spotted a middle aged man with metal detector scanning back and forth across beaches. Nevertheless it’s a hobby, but there is always that small chance to strike it rich like a man named Terry Herbert.

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3. Create a Mobile App

For this you will unfortunately need a few years of programming experience to be able to develop your own mobile phone app. If you are able to develop an app that the masses want, you can then begin to sell it or even charge a tiny fee for downloads or extras.

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2. Make YouTube Videos

So you own a digital camera and can use a computer? This is a great time to start making online videos and get known on YouTube and begin uploading them to the public. You can also apply for adverts to appear on your videos and YouTube will then pay you.
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1. Registering Domain Names

A domain name is a way of distinguishing websites from one another and are fundamental for the internet to even work. Nevertheless, the chances that most common or generic names have been already registered many years ago. However, if you were fortunate enough to register domains during the 90’s then there is a chance that are reading this from a tropical beach somewhere.
For example, the website was originally registered back in 1994 for just $20 by a named Chris Clark. Then a few years later in 2008 the domain name was auctioned for a cool $2.6 million.
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