There are thousands and thousands of people in the world, including adults, who suffer from  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Most individuals believe that they do not suffer from this condition. Having a high attention span is a skill that is required in almost all high paying jobs. Here are the 10 important and useful tips you will need for increasing your attention span.

                 10. Exercise

It has been reported that physical activity results in an increase in our ability to pay attention. It is not simply a notion but a well-researched fact. Physical activity results in the release of many beneficial chemicals and hormones that aid in the ability of paying attention to a large amount of information. In addition to improving your health and fitness, this habit results in an increased attention span.


  1. Drink More Liquids

It has been reported that mild levels of dehydration can result in a loss of attention span. It might sound weird, but there are times in which we might not feel thirsty but be dehydrated. In order to increase your attention span, it is recommended that you consume optimal levels of liquids including juices and water.

Drink More Liquids

  1. Think

You should not just think about any random thing but things that matter. This tip demands that you should focus on the important things in life and filter out the information that is useless. It is through the habit of thinking harder that you will be focus more and achieve more success in comparison to those around you.

thinking harder

  1. Distractions

It is time for you to get rid of any distractions you might encounter in life. There is no end to the distractions that we are forced to experience in our lives, especially in the 21st century. For this reason, you should focus your attention on getting rid of these things and influences. No one else is going to come and guide you in this regard. For example, while using a computer, you should get rid of all the useless tabs including your email in order to focus on one thing at a time.


  1. Multitasking

Initially, you will need to learn how to focus on a single task. You will be required to dedicate a lot of time in terms of focusing one thing. However, with the passage of time, your skill of attending to a large amount of information is going to grow. Still, it is recommended that during your job timings, it is best for you to filter out the irrelevant information from your mind and focus solely on the task assigned to you.


  1. Small Steps

Another important tip is to start out small. For example, if your main goal for the New Year is going to be losing weight, you will need to focus our attention on making exercise a part of your daily routine. During this habit development, you will need to filter out all the negative influences of consuming fatty foods and diets. Another example can be a job promotion. In this regard, you will need to focus solely on this goal in order to induce an improvement in your life style.

Small Steps

  1. Refocus

The key to success in achieving a great attention span lies in the ability to focus and refocus. The solution to this problem lies in practicing to filter out useless information. Try to keep yourself dedicated to one task at a time. Once you focus hard enough, you will learn how to finish tasks in an agile manner.


  1. Write Down

You should develop the habit of writing down important pieces of information. For example, if you are in a conference, it is best if you focus your attention on recording important information, especially the questions you will need to ask. The questions from others are only going to overload your mind due to which you will not be able to remember an important question you came up with.

Write Down

  1. Leave Alcohol

For those among you, who drink alcohol this should motivate you to stop, it has been reported that large levels of alcohol consumption makes you dependent and lose your attention span. Surely, you will not be able to stay drunk all the time, especially during your job timings. For this reason, leave this nasty habit as soon as possible.

Leave Alcohol

  1. Environment

Focus some of your attention in creating the right kind of environment in order to filter out all the irrelevant stimuli. If you work in an environment where there are always a large number of noisier colleagues around you, request for a much quitter workspace if it’s at all possible because it will help you.