In this day and age we have a lot of technology to help us with solving murder cases but it’s amazing that some of these murder cases still remain unsolved. Do you remember Lizzie Borden and her parents being murdered? She was never convicted and her parent’s case still remains unsolved as of today. This is just one example of all the unsolved murder cases. Generations ago they did not have as much technology as we do today so you can imagine how difficult it was for them to solve some of the murders that happened.

Check out these 10 Historic Unsolved Murder Cases

10. Jimmy Hoffa – Vanished American Labor Union Leader
In July 1975, American Labor Union Leader Jimmy Hoffa vanished at 62 years of age. He was a very important figure regionally and from a young age, was a union activist. Many people feel that he did not vanish and was actually murdered. He was declared dead 7 years later in the year 1982 even though they never found his body. There are still lots of speculations as to what happened. In his early years he started to become actively involved in crime and was also convicted of a few things such as attempted bribery, fraud and jury tampering. In 1967 he was imprisoned and was sentenced to prison for 13 years. Due to everything that happened, he resigned as the president of the union in 1971.


9. Marilyn Sheppard – Killed in her family home in 1954
Marilyn Sheppard was a beautiful woman and a wife who was fully devoted and a loving mother. She also taught Sunday school and went to church every Sunday. She was an extremely attractive housewife in the suburban area. Her husband was known as “Dr. Sam” and he helped with running the Bay View Hospital. Her husband maintained his innocence and said that he did not kill his wife but a dark haired man intruded their place and killed her. Their 7 year old son was sleeping at the time and did not see it happen.


8. D.B. Cooper – Hijacker
D.B. Cooper hijacked the Boeing 727 in November 1971 and took the passengers on board for ransom at the amount of $200,000. He did not kill any of them because later on he said he had what he needed and released them. No one ever caught up with D.B. Cooper and it is said that he parachuted to a fate that was uncertain. There was a huge manhunt for him but despite the manhunt, he was never found and got away with $200,000. FBI investigators feel that he could have survived the jump because it was too risky.


7. John Bodkin Adams – Irish General Practitioner
John Bodkin Adams was an Irish General Practitioner and he was convicted of serial killing and fraudster. Between the years 1946 and 1956 over 160 patients of his died in circumstances that seemed suspicious. Around 132 patients had either left him some items in their will or either money. In 1957 he was acquitted for one murder. On June 30th, 1983, It is believed that John Adams slipped and that his hip was fractured and then he died from a chest infection on July 4th. A lot of people who died under his care died with sudden diseases or severe illness and it’s still hard for them to 100% confirm that Adams was guilty of murdering them.


6. Dr. Gilbert Stanley Bogle and Margaret Olive Chandler – Found Dead In Australia
On January 1st 1963, Dr. Gilbert Stanley Bogle and Margaret Olive Chandler both were found murdered near Lane Cove River. There were not any suspects of their death but later on in 2006 a TV documentary suggests that their deaths might have been nature because at the time hydrogen sulfide was leaking and it had reached high concentration levels around the time they died but it still remains unknown as to if it was that or if they were murdered.


5. Natalie Wood – Actress drowned
Natalie Wood, famous actress and known for her roles in Splendor in the Grass and Miracle on 34th Street, died on November 29th, 1981. The direct cause of Natalie Wood’s death is drowning but there are many circumstances that show it was not an accident and that she was possibly drowned on purpose. She was boating with Robert Wagner, her husband and Christopher Walken, an actor. Her body had bruises and cuts on it that could have resulted before or after she died but many believe they happened before she died.


4. Abner Zwillman – Possible suicide or murder
On February 27th, 1959, Abner Zwillman was found in his home dead and hanging. It is believe that he committed suicide but there are rumors that he could have possibly been murdered. There was bruises found on Abner Zwillman’s wrist and that actually suggests that he was possibly tied up before he was hanged. His main concentration before his death was selling lottery tickets because he observed that he could make a lot of money selling them through the merchants locally.


3. Bob Woolmer – Professional Cricket Coach found dead
On March 18th, 2007 Bob Woolmer, professional cricket coach and international cricketer was found dead in his hotel in Jamaica. His death happened several hours after the team lost the 2007 Cricket World Cup. His death was first thought to be a suicide but the jury was not so sure and a few of them believed that he was murdered after losing the game.


2. JonBenét Ramsey – 6 year old girl murdered
On December 25th, 1996 JonBenét Ramsey, a 6 year old girl was found murdered in Boulder, Colorado inside her home. She was reported missing then the police found her 8 hours later. She was strangled to death inside her own home in the basement. There was many that the parents were involved. They were in the media for several years after her death trying to defend their innocence and wanting justice for JonBenét Ramsey. In 2008, both of their names were cleared from any type of possible involvement with their daughter. It still remains a mystery as to who was the one who killed her and some believe an intruder got in their home and possibly did it.


1. Marilyn Monroe – Found dead in her home
On August 5th, 1962 Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home. The autopsy revealed that she had high doses of chloral hydrate in her Nembutal. Some feel that she tried to commit suicide while many feel that she was murdered. Interesting enough, the last person that Marilyn Monroe called when she was alive was President Kennedy.


Technology will continue to improve over the years and hopefully that will make it easier for them to solve some difficult murder cases.