Who doesn’t enjoy a good hamburger sometimes? It doesn’t matter rather you enjoy your hamburger vegan style or if you want a juicy hamburger, at the end of the day-a hamburger just hits the spot no matter how you have it. Vegan lovers, I will give you a warning. None of these are vegan hamburgers just pure juicy meat hamburgers done in weird ways. I don’t know about you but regardless of how weird some of these might look I still want to try them.

Check out these 10 Weird Hamburgers

10. The Rave Hamburger

If you love onions then this might be the perfect hamburger for you.I am actually surprised that the pickle is included on the side and not in the hamburger. Where can you find the Rave hamburger? In San Mateo. I think that this is one of the most classic onion tower hamburgers that I’ve ever seen. The only thing is after eating this hamburger I’m not so sure I would want to have the fries on the side.


9. The Sneaker Hamburger

Here’s a very interesting hamburger. It’s unique, creative and for sure weird! However, even though it looks weird I would still eat it. The ketchup on the back was very clever. I think this would be the perfect hamburger for any runner to try or someone who loves sports. If you’re into sports and needing an excuse to go running then have this hamburger. You’ll want to run or workout after having it. You might have to run every day for the rest of the week. Maybe you don’t like sports or running. You could just be a sneaker fan. Whatever your excuse is, this hamburger looks awesome in a weird way.



8. Hamburger Squid Ink Bun

The hamburger looks tasty but I am unsure about having the bun. I am sure that the bun might be alright but it just looks burned to me. I think the color is what makes me not want to try it. I will keep thinking that I’m eating a burned bun. I think that if people had a choice between the classic hamburger bun or the squid ink bun that most would go after the classic bun. I know that I personally would anyway.




7. The Tongue Hamburger

I’m sorry but I just couldn’t eat this. It just looks too weird for me to even try. Maybe if I was starving I might give it a go. This reminds me of American Horror Story on season 3 with the guy that doesn’t have a tongue. This might be what happened to it. I mean could you see yourself eating a tongue hamburger? I think that this might be a wonderful thing to do for April Fools day but I would never fix it for myself to eat on a regular day. I can’t tell exactly what kind of meat this is ….but I think it’s chicken.



6. The Green Bun Hamburger with Eyes

I’m not exactly sure of the name of this hamburger or bun. All I know is that the bun is green and it looks like it has eyes. I don’t know if I want a hamburger looking at me when I’m eating it. I also think that the tomato in the hamburger almost looks like a tongue. One thing is for sure. We at least know that this is hamburger meat and not have to second guess the meat like with the tongue hamburger. This might be a clever thing to do for St.Patrick’s Day.



5. Glazed Donut Hamburger

I know that this hamburger might look weird but it’s one I would for sure try! I know that this hamburger is not healthy for you at all but maybe that’s why it looks so good? It has my two favorite combinations. A hamburger and donuts. My only thing is I wonder just how sticky and messy it might be eating with a donut bun on the hamburger. I know a lot of you wouldn’t do this but I would also say no to the cheese on it because I am not a fan of yellow cheese.



4. The Steburger aka pizza hamburger

I am sure that you must be wondering what it is that you’re looking at…you’re looking at a pizza hamburger! I have no idea what all is in between the buns but it looks interesting. I think that’s even dessert sprinkled on top of the pizza hamburger. I might just try this hamburger if I knew all of what was in it…but again, no yellow cheese for me please.



3. The Waffle Hamburger

I love the combination and I must say this is a unique idea but I am not so sure if I would try it. I would be wanting to pour lots of syrup on my waffle hamburger and I don’t think that syrup would go good with this. I think the thing that throws me off the most is the egg oozing down in the middle but that might make some people very happy.



2. The Asian Hamburger

I think this might be one of the healthiest hamburgers I’ve seen. I am not sure about having fruit with the hamburger but it might be good together. Maybe this is one hamburger I would try just to see what it taste like. I can’t tell for sure but I think that’s a cherry on top but it might be a tomato.  I would have to have a lot of greasy fries next to it just because of how healthy it looks.



1. Who cares what it’s called my question is – can you eat all of it?

At the end of the day the name of the hamburger won’t matter. What will matter is if you’ll be able to eat all of it or not. I know that I couldn’t. It has all of my favorite things including my favorite cheese being white cheese. If this was given to me I think it might take me a whole month to eat it.




If you’re brave enough to try any of those hamburgers then this bed is for you.