During the winter the heating bill can get very expensive. You might end up evening paying more for your heating bill then you do your air conditioning bill. The good news you can save on your heating bill. It doesn’t even matter if it’s already winter, you can still do these tips to help with reducing your bill.

Check out these 10 Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bill

10. Replace your gas appliances
I know that this might sound like a pain and might even become expensive at first but you might want to consider replacing your gas appliances. Old gas appliances can really cause your heating bill to go up. I recommend looking into Energy Star furnaces and water heaters. This way you know that it will help your heating bill. Energy Star goes out of their way with trying to stay up to date on technology. They look into building new homes, appliances and products that will be energy efficient for the home.For more info on energy star products visit: energystar.gov



9. Open the drapes
This is a great way to reduce your heating bill for free. Just open up your drapes and let the sun come in your home. The reason why this works is because it helps with getting the heat into your room naturally. Many people don’t think about opening the drapes up because of the cold weather. However, it still will heat up your room and reduce your bill. If you do this, make sure that you close the drapes when it’s near sundown because this way the room stays insulated.



8. Seal the leaks up in the home
Have a professional come out and look to see if you might have any leaks throughout your home. A professional can look at doors, windows, popes, vents, ceilings, walls and in many other areas that you might not even think to check. If they find a leak they can seal it up immediately. You can do this yourself if you feel comfortable enough with it but you might end up missing a leak that could be causing your heating bill to go up.



7. Have a thermostat that’s programmable
A thermostat that’s programmable can help with heat pumps and making sure that your heating bill is on track. Thermostats designed for heat pumps can help with saving at least 15% on your energy and heating bill. This is where having a heat pump comes in handy and can help you out in the long run. If you do have a hot water tank, you might want to consider making sure that you wrap it up with proper jacket insulation.



6. Put your tablet, phone or PC monitor to sleep mode
Many people forget that having the tablet, phone or PC monitor on 24/7 actually can cause your bill to go up. Most of the technology today comes with an option that’s called something like an “energy saver”. It all depends as to what you have as to what it might be called. You can easily find it under settings with tablets and phones. Don’t keep your phone or tablet or PC on all night. Turn in sleep mode. You will be surprised at how just doing this one step can help you with saving some money on your bill.

5. Sleep with extra blankets
Sleeping with extra blankets not only helps with staying warm but it can also reduce your bill. You don’t want to sleep with so many you wake up extremely hot but just sleep with enough to where you feel comfortable at night. This way you can also reduce your heat at night since you’ll feel nice and warm under the blankets. Dress in warm clothes at night by layering your PJ’s in order to help with adding even more warmth.



4. Make sure the heat isn’t blocked
Go around your home and look at your carpeting, curtains and the furniture carefully. Make sure that they are not blocking the heat in any way. If you find that they are blocking the heat try to figure out how you can move them in such a way that they are no longer blocking it. You might also want to check and look into the air return ducts in your home to make sure that they aren’t blocking the heat. It might feel much colder in your home when just the slightest amount of heat is being blocked.



3. Turn off your coffeemaker when you’re finished with it
A lot of coffeemakers come with auto turn offs but there are still some that don’t. If yours doesn’t come with an auto shut off then get into the habit of turning off your coffeemaker after the second cup. This can help with reducing your bill. Leaving the coffeemaker on 24/7 or for hours at a time is not a very good idea for many reasons. If you have any coffee that’s left over simply just put it in one of the insulated containers that helps with keeping it warm.



2. Light wallpaper reduces your heating bill
Looking for an excuse to use light colored wallpaper during the winter time? What you may not know is that light colored wallpaper reduces your heating bill because the light will bounce off the wall and your ceilings. Light wallpaper helps with providing more light in the room, which adds in extra warmth. Between doing this and opening up your drapes during the day, you’ll quickly start seeing a difference with your heating bill.



1. Call a professional heating company to check your heating system
It’s best to have a professional come out and review your heating system before the winter starts. However, you can still have them come out and check out your heating system even during the middle of the winter if you’re trying to figure out as to why your bill might be so high. When you don’t have a system that’s properly maintained then in time it might be hard for it to receive the heat properly.



Saving on your heat bill doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. If you need to talk with a professional find out how you can save before you hire them.