Sculptures can reflect the imagination of the artists. This reflection might not always go as they intended. Some sculptures end up looking just weird no matter how hard they tried to make it look cool. There are times when you might find yourself looking at a sculpture and wondering what the point was the artist was trying to make other times it could still be obvious.  Summer is coming up and some people plan their vacations to check out interesting things. You might want to check out a few sculptures to see if any of them are weird such as these. There are a few sculptures to where the artist remains unknown and maybe that’s for a reason.

Check out these 10 Weird Sculptures From Around The World

10. Butt Crack Sculpture 
Maybe the artist has been shopping too many times at Wal-Mart and decided to make this statue. It looks like a big butt crack too me. I guess it could look like other things to a few people but I want to put some clothes on it and cover it. Is that a tongue between those checks or something else? I am going to go with something else.

9. Two Guys Using The Bathroom
The one thing I can tell you for sure is that we all know exactly what this is with no questions asked. It’s two guys using the bathroom. This statute can be found in Prague, Czech Republic. I am not exactly sure why they felt the need to do two guys. Why not one man and one woman using the bathroom? Anyways, it’ll make you either giggle or cover your eyes.

8. Time-Out
Your guess is as good as mine. First I thought the kid was in trouble but then when I looked closer it’s a can. Maybe the child was having a hard time using the bathroom a lot and they wanted to capture this moment. I agree that it’s a very weird moment to try and capture. I can only guess they were having a hard time using the bathroom.


7. Who let the dogs out?
I can’t tell if it’s a dog or pigs. It’s a cross between both. What’s so wild is how much their faces look real. Lets forget about the rest of the statue for a moment. Just look at those faces. I guess they want people to be afraid of them and I am guessing this is why they wanted them to look mean and grumpy. Those feet really get to me next apart from the faces. Regardless of it being weird, the details in these statues happen to be very good.

6. Time goes by so slowly
Your guess is as good as mine. My guess is that it’s suppose to be about a child who might have been slow in life then maybe took off later. I am guessing this only because he is on a snail. I think that it’s a snail. I am not sure. I will say that is very unique and creative.

5. Newspaper Sculpture 
I think that this is one of my favorite statues. It’s a newspaper man. There are two things that I think that make this look weird. I think the sunglasses make this look weird but on top of the sunglasses why is he wearing white gloves? The white gloves seem to be rather a distraction and I think that they could have done without the white gloves.

4. Spider man Camel Sculpture
If you think you’ve seen everything then you haven’t. If you love Spider man then can you please tell me as to why they felt the need to make this sculpture? It’s a camel that’s wearing the spider man outfit. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Perhaps you can explain it better for me. Why put the outfit on a camel of all animals?

3. Two men on the bench
I think that this one is just completely weird. It looks almost as if the two men are fighting over the bench. Both of them want a piece of the bench. Maybe there was two men arguing on the same bench. Maybe two men just enjoyed sitting on the bench and talking on it. If anything, maybe you’ll feel as if you’re not alone with these two men by your side.

2. Pointing Finger Sculpture
This sculpture is in Stockholm, Sweden. I think that if I ever saw this statue I would freak out. I am not so sure how I feel about this statue. It might make people jump in just to feel the statue or see it. It’s a very freaky statue and I think would give me nightmares. I am so glad that this statue is far away from me.

1 . Frustrated Man Sculpture
I think that many people will be able to relate to this sculpture. I am sure that you’ve probably even found yourself wanting to do this a few times. What I love about this one is that while it’s weird it’s also very cool and realistic looking. You’ll find yourself looking at it twice before you go into the building. My guess is they have had a very hard day at work and they just feel like banging their head against the wall. We’ve all been there before. This man must have been there many times in order to have a statue created for it.

Always have that camera ready when you’re out traveling. You never know as to what weird things you might end up seeing when you’re on your trip or even just browsing around in your local area.