Many people right now happen to be planning their summer vacation. Visiting the beach is on top of the list for a few of you. Others might be hoping to visit places that might have dolphins so you can have a chance to see them. Dolphins are very popular and their abilities tend to be incredible. Did you know that dolphins have over 40 species from around the world? The hippopotamus is the closest living relative to the dolphin. This is just one of the many fun facts about dolphins. The dolphin is also considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on earth. Dogs don’t come near the intelligence of dolphins.

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Dolphins

10. Dolphins are camouflaged
One interesting fact about dolphins is that they are camouflaged. Their underbelly is light and their backs happen to be dark. The reason why is so that they can blend easier in the darkness at night in the ocean. They can also blend during the day with the light. This is also called counter shading. A lot of animals are camouflaged but dolphins seem to blend in more than others.

9. Killer Whales are dolphins
Something that many people forget is that killer whales are dolphins. Their name was mistranslated from Spanish. When the mistranslated happened it just seemed to stick and people continued to call them killer whales. The killer whale can be found in all of the oceans. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in or what ocean you’re near, you might stumble upon a killer whale when out in the ocean.

8. Dolphins have been labeled as non human persons
Due to the fact that dolphins have such amazing brain structures, humans have proposed giving dolphins “rights”. It is because of this that they have been labeled as “non human persons”. Their communication is remarkable and their talent is incredible. They follow directions very well and can put on shows unlike most other animals out there. Once you go to a live dolphin show, you’ll be amazed at what all they do and how they can perform like humans.

7. Dolphins name each other
Another incredible fact about dolphins is that they name each other. Researchers have found that the dolphins give each other names just by doing whistles. When you hear them whistling back and forth to each other, that means they are communicating and talking to one another. They can simply call for the other dolphin just with that whistle.

6. Flipper took her own life
One of the most famous dolphins is Flipper. Sadly, Flipper decided to take her own life. Only a few animals can commit suicide, and dolphins is one of them. They are not involuntary breathers. Each breath that dolphins take is considered to be a very conscious effort. The world was shocked when the beloved flipper died. They had tried hard to make her happy and help her. Maybe she missed being in the spotlight and missed her family after the show stopped airing. It really is amazing to know that dolphins can end their life whenever they want.

FLIPPER, Elijah Wood, 1996 Universal
FLIPPER, Elijah Wood, 1996 Universal

5. Dolphins have lungs
Dolphins have lungs because they are mammals. What’s so interesting about this fact is that because they have lungs, they can actually drown in the same way that humans can drown. It’s also interesting since they are in the ocean and swim but yet, they have to be careful due to the fact that they can drown because of their lungs.
dolphins picture

4. Dolphin males sometimes starve female dolphins
Female dolphins might not always say yes right away when it comes to mating a male dolphin. When this happens the male dolphin will separate the female dolphin and cause them to starve. Once they agree to mate with them, they can eat again and be with their family. Not all female dolphins say no right away. Some just don’t’ feel like mating with them at that time or perhaps might not be in love with them. When male dolphins get neglected for a long period of time and become frustrated they might go on a killing spree.

3. Whales help dolphins out
How do whales help other dolphins out? They have been known to help dolphins out by giving the dolphin a piggy back ride. The relationship between a whale and a dolphin is rather baffling. There are times when the only reason why a dolphin wants to hitch a ride with a whale is just to have some fun. They play gently together and when dolphins slip off and join the other dolphins again they generally tend to leap in the air with joy. Maybe while it’s fun it could even be a possible dare to play with the whale.

2. Pink dolphins can happen
Somehow, a pink dolphin can happen. Right now there is one pink albino dolphin that is in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana. When a pink dolphin happens it is often times because of a mutation in one of the genes. All it takes is just for the parents of the dolphin to have one copy of this mutation and then the dolphin can turn pink. A pink dolphin looks cool and they can live for a long time but they might also have health problems. One issue pink dolphins have is problems with their vision. Always be gentle with pink dolphins if you ever get to see one of them in person.

1. Dolphins heal fast
Dolphins heal very fast. They can even heal from injuries such as shark bites and other things. They sometimes don’t even need medication or help from humans in order to heal. Wouldn’t it be great if humans could heal as fast dolphins?

Dolphins are amazing animals. I haven’t had a chance to personally see one but I would love that opportunity. I am sure that dolphin shows are just amazing to watch, so go to one if you get a chance.