Have you ever started talking with someone and right away became annoyed with them? It’s time to put your foot down. Have you noticed that half the people you know suddenly have a fanaticism that they want to tell you about? What’s up with that? You might also want to be careful with making sure that you are not one of the ones that starts off a conversation in a wrong way. There are some topics that people repeatedly talk about at length that you might find annoying.

Check out these 10 Top Annoying Conversation Topics

10. “What are you doing?”
It’s just like invading one privacy. It’s annoying most time. Other times you might be glad that they asked you but you can almost hear it in their voice that they are just asking you because they are simply curious and they actually don’t care what you are doing.

9. “How’s the weather?”
The weather itself is boring and talking about it follows suit. We can’t avoid weather. Conversations about the weather are nothing but a bunch of agreements. However, I must admit that I am one to ask about the weather just because I am curious as to what the weather is like around the world.

8. “How’s school?”
Let’s face it. In regards to school it doesn’t matter if you’re in high school or college or even middle school. School is still just school and we all know it’s boring. Often times many teens get asked this right when they walk into a room. You might find yourself having to make up something in order for school to sound fun or interesting.

7. How Much Money Do You Have?
Are you going to talk about money with a stranger and be totally serious about it? That’s always fun. Just be careful not to do it next to poor people because it is annoying. Come to think about it, money talk in general can be annoying to some people without you even realizing it and depressing.

6. All of Your Friends Are Getting Married, why aren’t you?
This topic is not interesting, especially when you are discussing it with a dream chaser. Why don’t you keep it to yourself? You find yourself getting annoyed but in order to keep your friend happy you just go along with the conversation and don’t say anything.

5. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
What is wrong with this? Everything. Adults ask you this when you’re little. You repeat the same thing over and over again: ” I don’t know ” Now you are asked that question again. Let’s rephrase it. Now that you are grown up, what do you want to be? Both questions can be annoying regardless of your age.

4. What’s Your Vegetarian Diet or What Kind of Diet Are You On?
A lot of people do not understand what it is to be a vegetarian so they will right away start asking you many questions if they find out you’re a vegetarian. Maybe they also assume you’re on some kind of special diet and will ask you questions in regards to your diet. If you’re a vegetarian then I am sure you get sick of people asking “Why don’t you eat meat?”


3. What are you going to name your baby?
Everyone around you knows that you are expecting a baby. Right when you walk in a room, they might not even ask you how you are doing. They might start asking you if it’s a boy or girl and what are you going to name the baby. This can be very annoying and more so if you do not know for sure what you’re going to name the baby.

2. Religion – What religion are you?
This topic is common and so vexatious, most people ask the religion-related question that will make religion and a belief in God so annoying and ridiculous that nobody ever wants to hear another word about either. Why don’t you keep yours believes to yourself. I mean seriously, people want to argue with you if you do not believe in what they do. It could save both of you a headache and possibly save your relationship if you keep your religion to yourself.
1. City Bashing – “Really?! Are you born and raised in this City?
You don’t look like a Los Angeles person; you’re kind of chubby.” Defending cities and debasing cities is pointless. What are you trying to say? Do you mean people that are living there made a wrong choice? Are you saying parents are ignorant for having their children born in this city? It’s annoying when people complain that it’s hard to date in the particular city. Dating anywhere is hard and complicated, no matter where you live. No matter what, just avoid topics about the city and the politics involved with the city in order to keep the peace and avoid arguments.

If you’re around a person that annoys you all of the time then you might consider just stepping back and finding a new friend. Not everyone gets along. Don’t feel bad if you have to find someone new in order to have a good conversation.

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