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Top 10 Healthy Gifts for Father’s Day

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Jun 1st 2012 - Comments Off

There are various items that you can give to your father this coming Father’s day, but have you thought of the things that would really be significant to him, especially for his life? You could give him high-end gadgets, shirts, and other must have stuff that any man could desire. But do you think they are worth the price these days? They are not getting any younger, and each year that you celebrate Father’s Day with him would also mean that they are aging and they are getting more vulnerable to several diseases. Their health is important, and the best gifts that you could give to your father is a gift of life, knowing that you could add up another year for him. Here are the top 10 healthy gifts for Father’s Day, which are not just worth the money but could also be priceless.

Top 10 Fastest Roller Coaster Rides in the World

by Rhodora Dagatan - on May 2nd 2012 - Comments Off

Roller coasters are considered to be the ride of all rides in theme parks all over the world. Whether you are going to Disneyland in Tokyo, Six Flags in California or in other places of entertainment in other countries, your experience for fun can never be complete without even trying just one ride of it. While these rides are taken as the highlight of a theme park, there are roller coasters that fight for the title of being the fastest, the highest, the longest, and so on. This time around, you can check out the Top 10 fastest roller coaster rides that can make the speed devil in you get all excited.

Top 10 Best Roller Coaster Rides in the World

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Apr 23rd 2012 - 2 Comments

Roller coaster is one of the most interesting and scariest rides that can be found in majority of the amusement centers and theme parks. The first roller coaster recorded in history was launched on January 20, 1885 by LaMarcus Adna Thompson. There were other recorded roller coasters in some parts of the world like in Russia in 15th century, Pennsylvania in 1827, and others followed in early part of 19th century. Roller coasters are being driven through the basic law of inertia, centripetal forces, and gravity. It’s really scary but the excitement and exhilarating feeling is what really attracts people to ride this kind of ride because of the unique adventure that it can give to them. (This list is about the best roller coaster rides ever recorded in history) Below are the 10 best roller coaster rides in the World