Xbox 360, PS 3, PSP and PC Games I know it’s obviously every guys favorite. No matter what age group they are in or what major they have. The excitement of killing the opponent and smashing the things, ending the whole game in minimum time is always a favorite job to do.
You have friends at your place, all the computers connected with each other and you are enjoying the most exciting moment of gaming with your friends! Isn’t it awesome? So, people we have this coolest post for you about the top ten anticipated games of 2011. Which will make you guys go crazy.
The one thing you’ll notice about this post is the new features in OLD games, by old I mean the sequels of the previous games new games are made on that. This can be said that the developers are not going for innovation but they are earning their name on their previous successful work. Whatever it is, the ecstasy and excitement is not over yet. So let us take a look on them!