Super Bowl XLVII has just been over with the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers leading 3 points with 34. But as the blackouts, the halftime numbers, and the touchdowns have been included in the pages of NFL history, the ads still find itself a place in many American homes, with consumers still being attracted with the products presented. Just what are the top 10 advertisements for Super Bowl 2013 that would make you laugh, think, and buy? Check the list for yourself and think of the dogs, the cars, the babes, and even the mobile wars all over again.


10. Full Library Action


So, lemee ask you? What’s the best part of an Oreo cookie? Is it the cream or the cookie? This Super Bowl ad was so creatively made that you’ll just have to laugh of how a simple disagreement has been turned to total chaos, while no shouts, no screams, no loud noise was heard. If you have just noticed, the setting’s inside a library so everyone  just have to shut their mouths up and not making noise. Imagine all the bashing, the hitting, and the beating with voices that are as loud as careful whispers. Oh you just have to laugh hard at the effort everyone’s showing.

9. Going Places

Toyota has indeed made things “Let’s Go Places” quite literal in this Super Bowl ad, thanks to a Rav4 Genie that appeared after rubbing the car. The wishes have been kinda funny with everything staring at the old spare tire gone. Everything else after that became wild with talking squirrels, eating as many chocolates as possible, with a daughter playing princess a la Joanne of Arc, and a son that went to space with the family car. So, are you going places?

8. The Next Big Thing?

Samsung is trying to be funny in this Super Bowl ad by actually stating “Super Bowl” is a trademarked word and that it can never be mentioned. The same also applies with San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Though some may not even relay to what people meant with “San Francisco 50 minus 1ers” or the “Baltimore Black Birds”, you may get the joke of the whole thing if you could remember Apple suing Samsung for the many things that was deemed as trademark infringement. So what’s the next big thing? It wasn’t LeBron James, that’s for sure!

7. Epic Playdate

So what will you do when you got hands of the new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe with you and six other kids? Will you be having the epic play date of your lives that you will go places, do different things, and explore new experiences? The new seven-seater can take you places with its dependable performance that boosts speed, maneuverability, and style, all in one tough family car.

6. One Video Game Preview

Of the many Super Bowl ads that have been included in this list, this is the only one thing that’s set for showing video games being previewed. As many of you know, God of War has already been a successful game franchise ever since it was first seen for PlayStation 2. Now that Ascension is to be released with its single player and multiplayer modes, one cannot simply fathom the excitement and the beauty with a video ad that’s just full of emotion and feeling. One really has to be anxious of seeing this game in PS3.

5. The Chase

Of all the things you would expect to see in a hot and scorching desert, who could never imagine a huge bottle of sweating, cold Coca Cola? It was so huge that the cowboys, the showgirls, and even the badlanders are all vying to reach the thirst-quenching treat first, leaving the Arabian guy behind the action. Aside from this video, you could see other versions of it where the three groups had their own setbacks, which made the chase a lot more thrilling.

4. The Deal


Who would not like to have the all-new CLA class from Mercedes-Benz? Oh, you would want to have it even if you do not have an idea of whom you will make a deal with. You may not even realize that with everything that comes with the car, you have made a deal with the devil himself, selling your soul in the process. But thanks to a sweet financial deal that’s easy on the pocket, you do not have to drag yourself in hell for something you can actually afford. Sweet!

3. The Clydesdales Tearjerker

And you thought that Budweiser commercials are all about tough boys, hot babes, and a whole lot of booze. But this 2013, you could see a rare ad making all the boys cry with a drama between a man and a horse that has established a brotherhood through the years. This is no major movie flick but the action and the emotion is just so tense that you will never believe your eyes that this ad has been made convincingly real.

2. Bravery Wins!

Do you actually know how it feels like to go to a prom with no date whatsoever? Most guys would just shy out, but when you have a set of wheels that would just boost your ego over hundreds of times, nothing could just stand in the way; especially when you are handed an Audi S6 that belongs to a believing dad. Imagine how a boosted morale would affect a hopeless romantic at first, taking risks like parking on the Principal’s space, kissing a total stranger, getting beat up with no sign of regrets, and going away from it all, feeling happy and satisfied. So will you be brave enough with a neat car? Hell Yeah!

1. Happy!

Some have deemed this commercial to be racist because of seeing a white man speaking Jamaican. However, as you see the ad and just watch the whole thing, you will find it funny that such a person with a very unique ethnic combination is so full of good vibes. Yeah! Just good vibes everywhere! The video is so good that you cannot just help but be affected with the contagious feeling and finish the ad smiling also. Oh and don’t forget to include the happy folks as you ride the latest Volkswagen Beetle.

Rhodora Dagatan is married and spends most of her time at home where she writes articles online for work and fun. She covers different topics like movies, gadgets, health, and other things that are in the trend these days.