Ah Valentine’s Day… What a wonderful day it is to feel the love for someone special. Though this may be the case however, there are still those individuals just who do not have much of an idea of how to make things special for their partner. Some would just buy gifts, while others tend to be more creative. If you are actually running out of ideas on how to make this year’s celebration worth remembering for a lifetime, then you may check this list of the top 10 things to do on Valentine’s Day and see that you could make your loved one feel valued in this day of hearts.


10. Send Flowers in a Very Surprising Way

Some are just too fond of seeing bouquet of flowers being sent to them, with chocolates and a stuffed toy included. While this expression of love could never be less than romantic and ideal, the concept is pretty much boring. In fact, this activity may just become a staple that has lost its meaning due to tradition and other cultural influences. Why not change it a bit? Why not do something creative and speak with the flower shop if an hourly delivery of a flower for the next twelve hours would be possible. This special arrangement may be a bit costly, but 12 flowers for 12 hours have a deeper meaning, particularly to someone in love.


9. Make a DIY Gift

Because of the notion that the celebration of love is becoming more of a commercial event due to the many guys that are buying chocolates, flowers, and expensive jewelries, some people, especially women, think that such gifts are no longer that special. It is as if your partner is saved from lack of effort as long as he or she has some money to spend. But what if DIY gifts have been given? They may not end up as beautiful as you may expect it to be, but knowing that a lot of thought has been put into it, whoever receives your gift would appreciate your offering of time and patience with whatever is going to be presented.


8. Give a Valentine’s Card with a Handwritten Message

That’s the problem in these modern times. Because the internet makes information accessible through all channels, people do not have to break a sweat in sharing cheesy quotations, sending excellent looking cards, or even professing love, without tiring their hands or thinking hard of what to say. Sending a greeting card, yes, the one that can be bought in book stores, can be quite sweet, especially when the dedication message included in it has been handwritten where the deep feelings of love can be felt at every letter and word that’s written on paper.


7. Turn the Tables Around

If you have celebrated Valentine’s Day for so long that some of the traditions are just becoming stale, why not turn the tables around and change things for a bit? Why not act as if you do not care, as if it was just an ordinary day. And as your companion thinks that Valentine’s does not matter to you, act discretely, making him or her think that there is someone else making the move. It does not only intensify the tension, but it also gives out a surprise thinking of how you really cared when your partner felt something totally different. Ask different people for errands, plan for surprises, and plant secret messages.


6. Meet the Parents

If you are actually serious about your date and you feel that he or she may be the one who you could imagine as a lifetime partner, why not muster your courage and meet your loved one’s parents or relatives? You may think that the idea is actually awkward since the day has been set for you and your future spouse, but you also have to face the reality that aside from courting your partner, you also have to take time and know the parents and relatives since they are very important people in your companion’s life. You may eat lunch with them, exchange pleasantries during the visit, or even share encounters that may arouse their interest.


5. Serenade Before the Date

Serenades are no longer done that much anymore as some consider it scandalous, invasive, or just plain boring. But if you have observed the trends, old school Valentine traditions are more romantic, more emotional, expressive, and sincere. Why not perform a serenade to your partner before the date? As you go to her house, since boys should be the ones to make this feat, stand on a place where you could be easily heard, sing a song that touches the heart, and make sure that you could sing it well. If you’re able to nail this deed, you have just set the mood for a very romantic date.


4. Ping at Twelve Midnight

No matter what kind of media you use, whether it may involve Facebook, Twitter, emails, text messages, or phone calls, pinging your loved one at the very beginning of Valentine’s Day, which is on the midnight of the 14th, actually gives the notion that you are thinking of your partner and that you are actually excited on the coming of the day. A simple tweet, a status with a photo of you together, an electronic greeting card, or even simple SMS would mean a lot. You might not know it, but this small deed actually means so much for someone dear.


3. Cook Dinner for Your Date

This is one of the “make it or break it” moments during Valentine’s Day since cooking is one measure of how much a person would go for love. Preparing food and making it delicious is not an easy thing to do, especially if being done by a guy or a gal that is not that adept in holding a knife, commanding the flame, and mixing the right ingredients. So if you are planning to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a moment to cherish, learning to cook, and having a dinner for two would be just perfect for the occasion. It also helps you lessen costs as it’s cheaper and more practical.


2. Pop the Question

Valentine’s Day is known to be one of the best days to make a proposal, whether of an engagement, or of marriage. You could turn any date or dinner into a more intimate event, placed in a perfect location, and playing at the right ambience. After all, popping the question is not as easy as it seems, and everything should end up with the affirmative. Oh yeah, whether the answer’s a YES or NO, this would make Valentine’s a day to remember indeed.


1. Do Something Both of You Have Never Done Before

It may be concerts you never thought of going to, eating something you never thought of eating, going to places you have never been together, and other stuff. Rather than encountering Valentine’s Day in the spirit of tradition, which makes it less romantic and more predictable, why not go on an adventure and venture into regions unknown for both of you? Talk about it, spend some time planning about it, and you will be surprised of how fun this can be, even if it turns out for better or for worse.