Aside from June and December, which are the top most favorite months where people or couple decides to get married, the month of February is the next best month, especially on the 14th, to seal forever the vow of love and devotion in a wonderful journey of marriage. To those men who have plans of making unique, romantic and memorable marriage proposals on this date may consider these 10 best Valentine’s Day marriage proposal ideas in order to get the big yes from the girl that you want to spend your whole life with. These would add twist and excitement not just to the one who will make the proposal, but even the recipient of the marriage proposal. It would only happen once, so make sure it will be memorable and lasting.


10. An Unforgettable Dinner

Instead of doing it in your favorite restaurant, you could find a place where you could set-up a table and chairs for the two of you. You may ask assistance from your most trusted friends who are willing to keep everything before the big night of revelation happens. Ask someone or a catering service that is willing to plan for that night, from food down to the moment that you would get down on your knees and ask her hand. It’s best that you know her favorites from food down to the colors that she wants so you could coordinate it to whoever or whatever services that you would get to make that night successful.


9. A Sense of Humor Will Do

A guy’s sense of humor will do best compared to an overly acted effort although the latter also matters, but one of the ideal traits that any woman seeks and looks for is the ability of a guy to make her laugh. In fact, it will naturally come out if it’s innate in you. However, at the end of the act as you spill out the phrase “will you marry me?” let her feel and know that you are showing the serious side of it and you want to laugh and smile with her until your hair turns grey.


8. Serenade

There are still a couple of women who still find serenade thrilling, special, and romantic despite of the “modern” misconceptions that it’s an old school, and it would not work at all. There are things that can be better done in traditional ways than resorting to gizmos without spending too much. Genuine feelings can be expressed as you sing it from the bottom of your heart. However, make sure that you rehearse before you do it, so you will not be out of tune once you utter the “will you spend your whole life with me?” Otherwise, you will find yourself singing it alone.


7. The Glow-In-the-Dark Proposal

Bring her to a dark room after you did an activity prior to this momentous moment. You could actually buy the glow-in-the-dark letters, and other shapes that you can mount to the wall of a room. Add to that is the sweetest name of your darling at the end of the question and show her a ring after she sees it.


6. Scatter Rose Petals

You may do it once she wakes up in the morning. As she opens her door, she’ll be mesmerized to see the scattered rose petals from her room going outside her house. As she reached the end of the scattered rose petals, stay there, as she reach to the main door of the house, kneel down and say the sweetest words that she would ever hear in her life aside from the astounding three words, I love you.


5. Make a Trail

Plan a trail that’s just as adventurous as popping the question. Usual recommendations are long ones that have an average fare uphill climbs, downward slopes, and rugged paths. But more important than the journey is the destination of where the trail ends. Think of stopping on a high mountain or a cliff that has an amazing view of nature’s beauty, and while enjoying the view, you could give that proposal underneath the azure sky with the birds, the trees, and all the animals watching your sincere act of commitment.


4. Do it On Your Favorite Restaurant

While it is common for most couples of having dinner at their favorite restaurant, asking a proposal in this venue would be less predictable as most women think that men ought to ask this life-changing question in a location that would be more than ordinary. But since you are doing it in a place that is both familiar to you, why not create a diversion that would never be deemed possible? Say, inviting a group of singing balladeers, or calling the attention of the crowd as you pop that question. Since you are a regular, people would find it easy to play along in your dream proposal.


3. The Countdown Begins

Counting the hours, minutes, and seconds is just really exciting, especially if it involves a marriage proposal during the day of hearts. While most girls are just feeling the thrill based on received text messages, the surprising phone calls, and even the midnight visits, some guys also think of this countdown as a day to end the moments of singlehood and beginning the countdown for marriage. If you think that 12 midnight for Valentine’s is just another day, then you may be surprised as someone may be standing at the door, kneeling and waiting.


2. Include Family Members

Since marriage is taken to be an event that would change life forever, why not include the parents, the siblings, and even some of the relatives as you make that proposal and ask the question? Though some may think of it as a very corny gesture, but knowing that you are respecting your soon-to-be in-laws, letting them see you give that proposal would be something that can be valued not just by the lady, but even by the family. At least they would know that your intentions are noble and that you are appreciating the people that are closest to your partner’s heart.


1. The Very First Place

Every relationship began at a place where everything started. It could be the first time where you introduced each other, the first location where you fell in love, the first place where you dated, or the moment when you knew each other better. Having the marriage proposal done in one of these locations only mean that you have never forgotten the very period when everything good began, and that you cherish the first time something of great value happened. It will not only be an amazing spot for proposing marriage, but it also reflects of your thoughtfulness and sincerity.

Rhodora Dagatan is married and spends most of her time at home where she writes articles online for work and fun. She covers different topics like movies, gadgets, health, and other things that are in the trend these days.