In the world of celebrity fashion, many famous figures are either hit or miss when it comes to keeping up with current trends, while still maintaining a classic appeal. However, there are a few that rarely seem to miss the mark, and they raise the bar for all of their peers. Here are ten of the best dressed celebrity men in the fashion world today:

1. Liam Hemsworth, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, has burst onto the Hollywood scene and carved a place for himself among the most fashionable of male celebrities. He has been spotted making red carpet appearances in striking black tie ensembles, as well as on the street in everyday wear, looking well-dressed in slim fitting pants, v-neck shirts, tailored sweaters, and stylish shades.

2. Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s wildcards, in terms of both the roles he plays and the clothes he wears. His fashion sense includes items such as oversized shades, thick-rimmed glasses, and fedora or beanie hats, as well as other trendy designer pieces like leather cuffs, custom made scarves and suits, and layered necklaces.

3. David Beckham is no newbie when it comes to fashion’s favorite male celebrities. The British football star has been gracing the pages of magazines for years, and can always be counted on to show up to celebrity events dressed to kill.

4. Justin Timberlake is a man who knows the meaning of good fashion sense- all the more apparent in the name of his new song “Suit and Tie.” His trademark suits, vests, fedoras, and jackets are always crisp, bold choices.

5. George Clooney proves that a middle-aged man can still swing with the punches and dress to impress as well as the younger lads. The dreamy older actor is never a victim of the fashion police with his safe, but classic fashion choices.

6. Ryan Gosling has been breaking hearts since his starring role in “The Notebook.” Whether onscreen or off, his fashion forward sense of style goes hand-in-hand with his handsome looks. Unafraid to put a spin on the classics, he has walked the red carpet in tailored suits that range in colors such as olive green, steel blue, burgundy, and deep purple.

7. Bradley Cooper has been making many public appearances of late, thanks to his Oscar-nominated work in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Whether decked out in a designer tux for the red carpet, or dressed more comfortably in jeans and sweaters for his daytime talk show appearances, Bradley is making a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s best dressed men.

8. R&B singer Usher always infuses his own urban style into his wardrobe, incorporating elements such as colored stitching, stylish shades, and lots of “blinged out” jewelry.

9. Will Smith is the epitome of a smooth dresser, as evidenced by his many trendy red carpet appearances. He knows how to wear a suit well, but still manages to add small details that personalize his outfits, such as a pop of color or an accessorizing hat or piece of jewelry.

10. Daniel Craig is every bit as fashionably “suave-as-steel” as the Bond that he plays in the newest James Bond films. His immaculately tailored power suits and his use of neutral colors and cool blue-grey tones are a perfect offset to his ice blue eyes.