Top 10 Recycled Inventions of All Time

Top 10 Recycled Inventions of All Time

Recycling is a process that involves changing waste materials into new products that may have either or both functional or aesthetic value. One of the reasons why people with inventive minds love recycling these days is that they want to prevent the wastage of seemingly rubbish yet potentially useful materials, or because they want to reduce energy wastage. Here is a list of ten of the most innovative recycled inventions of all time:

10. Mini Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamps

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These days, “greener” lighting involves the use of new lighting options other than the conventional incandescent bulbs, which are the most preferred bulbs of choice when it comes to choosing a light source that is good enough for one’s space. Because of the need to find a more efficient means to consume energy, however, mini recycled light bulb oil lamps were introduced. Each oil lamp comes with a mini G 16.5 incandescent bulb converted into a stunningly oil lamp. It also has an individual base that is generally carved out of wood. This is one of the unique recycled invention ideas that you can follow.

9. POLLI-Brick

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POLLI-Brick is a polymer architecture brick that is known to efficiently combine post-consumer materials with environmentally friendly function. This brick is basically made of entirely recycled materials and provides natural ventilation and passive cooling to its users. It features a unique interlocking cylindrical shape and is made from four recycled PET bottles. Another important feature of this recycled invention is that it is made of integrated solar/wind powered LED lighting. Applications of this invention include creating patio screening and roofs, vertical planters, curtail wall systems and translucent fences. It also offers excellent bond strength because of its self-interlocking design.

8. Silicom House Built from Rubber and Plastic

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Located in Madrid, Spain, the Silicom House has a sunk-in design and is surrounded by the luscious greenery of its allotment. The roof platform of this house is made of rubber and is enveloped with non-slippery and bouncy recycled plastic mats. This is a perfect example of inventions recycled materials. This house is widely famous because its exterior is far from the typical shoebox homes commonly seen in the area. Designed by Selgas Cano, the Silicom House can only be accessed by going around chestnuts, elms, acacias, oaks and bamboos. It has zero right angles and gets plenty of natural light through the lustrous plastic from which it is made.

7. Pedal-Powered Elevator Made from Old Bike

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The idea of a pedal-powered elevator dawned on its inventor, Ethan Schussler, after completing his 30-foot high tree house. He got his old bike and subjected it to a test by customizing it to move along a giant chain and transforming it into a personal elevator that slowly rises to the entrance of the tree house while being pedaled. Schussler adjusted the gears of the twenty-year-old bike by switching sprockets from the front wheel to the back to give enough tension. As its pedals are turned, the user is lifted into the air as if he is riding an elevator.This is one of the useful recycled inventions that you can find on this list.

6. Inoperative Fan Turned into Attractive Lamp Shades

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A Belgian product designer named Sep Verboom successfully came up with an efficient want to covert old fans into something serviceable. He up-cycled the recycled materials and turned them into attractive lamps. He partnered with a social environmentalist from Cebu City, Philippines to form Fantasized, a corporation that produces pendant and floor lamps from fans purchased from local junk shops. Today, his attractive floor and pendant lamps made from old fans are one of the most popular attractions in the city and are even imported to other countries.

5. Patented Molding Material Made from Waste Paper and Water

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This recycled invention, Zeoform is an innovative material that is expected to replace wood and wood composites as well as fiberglass and plastics in the production of every day consumer items. This material is made from transforming just waste paper and water into a patented molding material that is touted by its manufacturer, Zeo, to be as hard as ebony. This material will ideally transform the way companies do their business, as this can be used in industrial products and construction applications while reducing the frequency of deforestation.

4. Re-Wine Desktop Lamp from 100% Trash

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Miniwiz invented a multi-tasking piece that transforms energy efficient desktop into a pendant lamp. This lamp is made of POLLI-BER material, which is also made of byproducts from rice farming and thermoplastic production. Because the rice husk is reprocessed, it enhances the performance of the product. It also counteracts the mechanical strength loss as it pushes the degradation of polypropylene as it is inventions from recycled materials. Generally, this pendant lamp is made of highly durable material that has very low carbon footprint and good architectural grade.

3. Roofed Bike Shed Made from Recycled Yogurt Containers

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Dubbed Eco-Shed, this clever little creation was constructed from an FSC wooden frame, recycled yogurt carton plastic caddling, Corten steel and western red cedar. Its roof is made of rubber and ply sheeting, complemented by steel edges to create an earthly, oxidized rust finish. This eco-friendly shed is currently located in a small garden in London and can fit up to 11 bikes. This is one of the brilliant recycled invention ideas that are utilized greatly by its user.

2. Beautiful Wall Installations from Old Books

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Introduced by Keri Muller, wall installations out of old books are one of the most outstanding wall installations in the recycling world today. He discovered that old books can actually make beautiful forms if salvaged from recycling piles. As an artist, his objective is always to create designs and different types of art forms from what is normally perceived as rubbish. Among his most world-famous wall installations are the “Africa Reinvented” and “Forests of the Future.” According to him, these wall installations give books “another chance to tell a story” as one of the useful recycled inventions of all time.

1. Handmade Electric Guitars Made from Retired Skateboards

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These handmade electric guitars are made of reclaimed woof from two old skateboard decks—one is for the neck and another is for the body. The intention of its creator in making these guitars is to achieve a simple and functional instrument out of something that seems useless, using the quality of the laminated maple. Skate guitars have been a lucrative business in Buenos Aires, Argentina not just because of their functionality but also because of their aesthetical value especially with their inventions from recycled materials.

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