Everybody loves ice cream.  Regardless of the season, ice creams are among the best deserts patronized by both the young and adults.  There are varieties intended for those who are on a low calorie diet so there is no need to worry about feeling guilt after a pleasurable indulgence.  Ice cream flavors range from the classic ones to the most innovative using vegetables and other unique ingredients.  And because the process is simple with only minimal ingredients to use, ice creams are best prepared either in a confectioner’s kitchen or at home.

There is definitely an ice cream flavor that will perfectly suit your gastronomic experience – whether you are a lactose intolerant, sugar lover, or on a strict medical diet.  Varieties can also be accentuated depending on the occasions.  With the growing number of selections, below is the top 10 best ice cream flavors based on different surveys from consumers.

10. Pecan Praline

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This ice cream flavor is perfect to serve during summer parties or gatherings and is even better if partnered with pecan pie or just simple hot fudge topping.  Whether it is classic pecan ice cream or the flavored ones, it is sure to become a blockbuster at the food table.  It is made up of kitchen-friendly ingredients such as cream, milk, brown sugar, egg yolks, vanilla and of course, chopped pecans – a type of nut.

9. Vanilla Fudge Ripple

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Anyone can make their own version of this ice cream, besides the recipe is so simple and flexible to accommodate any ingredient.  This ice cream burst is made up of aromatic vanilla accent as its base flavor together with heavy cream and milk to set its consistency.  You can also add variations using almonds or almond extract to boost its aroma.  And finally, add a twist using chocolate fudge for maximum goodness.

8. Cookies and Cream

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Though cookies and cream looks simple, the flavor is among the richest ice cream variety.  The base ingredient consists of heavy cream and milk which are blended to perfect consistency and texture.  Typically, Oreo cookies are added for distinct texture and flavor but a variety of combinations are now available including almond brittle, wild herb, shallot, potato foam, macadamia nut and a lot more.  Cookies and cream is considered the King Kong of ice cream because it is considered to be one of the earliest flavors to be perfected.

7. French Vanilla

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Some people are wandering on the difference between French vanilla and the regular vanilla ice cream.  Aside from the yellow color, French vanilla is unique on its taste and texture.  Unlike the typical vanilla which uses milk as its base ingredient, French vanilla is custard-base.  It uses egg yolks which makes its texture thicker and creamier.  It is done by means of heating process while vanilla is through constant folding and mixing.  It is called French vanilla basically because French cuisines use eggs as one of their primary ingredients especially for famous recipes like tarts, cakes, and breads.

6. Chocolate Chip

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Chocolate chip ice cream is milk based.  The classic ice cream flavor is made by combining milk, cream, sugar, and egg while constantly mixing for desired consistency.  Once the batter gets thicker and a little bit heavier, chocolate chips are added.  These are readily available at specialty or baker’s shops but you can make your own using any chocolate variety.  Certain varieties like mint or strawberry chocolate chip are patronized by ice cream lovers.

5. Neapolitan

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Among the classic ice cream flavors, Neapolitan is one of the first mixtures.  This is a combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream put together side by side on a container.  Some ice cream makers blend these three more thoroughly but each is still distinct on taste and appearance.  However, most commercial ice cream brands bearing Neapolitan flavor cannot guarantee authentic fruity taste as some of these are blended using concentrated juices.  This flavor originated from Naples, Italy which is also the basis of its name.

4. Strawberry

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Strawberry is best seller ice cream flavor and when it is processed to an ice cream, the flavor becomes heavenly richer.  It is milk-based using either concentrated strawberry juices or the real fruit bits blended for ideal consistency.  There are also varieties with nuts, chocolate chips or mints for improved taste.

3. Butter Pecan

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This is a popular ice cream flavor in the United States and is mostly used in cakes and cookies.  It is made up of roasted pecans and butter accentuated with vanilla flavor.  Basically, this is a milk-based vanilla ice cream with a touch of butter enhanced with pecan for that nutty experience.  Almonds can also be used to replace pecans especially when considering cost and availability.  For presentation, top it with cookies, cherries, or chocolate swirls.

2. Chocolate

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The all-time favorite icecream flavor – chocolate, it  never gets old and is always the most preferred on any occasions.  And because the flavor is so universal, you can mix anything if you are looking for a unique chocolate ice cream experience.  Fruit bits, mint, milk, nuts, mallows and chocolate chips are common add-ons but you may also experiment to include even vegetable extracts such as chilli.  Chocolate is also a staple ingredient to major pastry dishes such as breads, cookies and cakes and provides not only rich and creamy taste but also acts as an emulsifier and preservative.

1. Vanilla

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The world’s most favorite ice cream flavor remains to be vanilla.  This variety is said to be used widely in North America and Europe where vanilla is used in almost all dishes.  Thomas Jefferson, on the other hand, discovered the flavor in France before it was introduced in the United States.  Surprisingly, the mixture of milk, cream, and vanilla extract proves to be ideal for most taste buds as almost 30 percent of the world’s ice cream-eating population prefer vanilla over other flavors.  What is more interesting is that children ages four and below tend to dislike vanilla and chooses chocolate selections instead.