The Electronic Entertainment Expo (e3) is an annual event where gamers, developers and enthusiasts gather to watch the latest buzz on what is in store in computer and video games. After the success of the PlayStation3 that was released on about 6 years ago, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 on E3 2013. Sony totally owned the event on E3 2013, boasting the new looks and features of the PS4, plus its affordable starting price point at only $399. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) policy of Sony was the highlight of the event, as it stands out against the Microsoft Console competitor, the Xbox One.

The PlayStation 4 was said to be released on November 15 for the US, November 29 for UK and Europe and on February next year for Japan. As early as today, you can pre-order the PlayStation 4 at Amazon, Sony, Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop, all starting at $399. It is basic for consumers and gamers to look for reviews before buying a product. To help you in considering to buy one, here is a rundown of the top 10 PS4 Features that made the PlayStation 4 a must-buy.

10. New Looks and Better Performance

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 At number 10 of the List is on the new PlayStation 4 features itself. The new PS4 boasts its stylish console design and the powerful hardware that is in it. It is fairly slender than the Ps#, and boasts an “italic” style. Not only that, the ps4 was also designed to have powerful custom CPU, next generation AMD Radeon GPU, GDDR5 8GB memory and the pc architecture to make sure that gamers will have the power to run games and also for developers to have the free will to create games without worrying for hardware specifications. It also has a high capacity hard drive, bluray/dvd player combo, HDMI, Ethernet, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth.

9. Next Generation Visuals and Games

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 With the powerful hardware the PlayStation 4 offers, the next generation visuals that it can bring is one of the biggest selling point of the gaming console. Famous developers like Capcom, Bungie, Blizzard, Evolution Studios, Square Enixx, Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games, CD Projekt Red, Ubisoft and others have their own ps4 launch titles each. Each of the games are featured on e3 2013, and they all have great visuals and gameplay.

8. PlayStation Plus

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 If you want additional cloud features, game discounts and freebies, the new PlayStation 4 offers a PlayStation Plus Subscription. In the subscription pack, you get to enjoy movie entertainment from Netfliz, Gulu+, Vudu, YouTube and many others. It also unlocks the convenience of having up to 1GB of online storage, access to beta games, and exclusive games on the bundle like offers DRIVECLUB and RESOGUN, a racing and shooter game. Having all the internet features, you can now listen to music as you play,and play with your friends through multiplayer.One more thing, if you have your ps3 and PlayStationVita, Sony offersall the PS4, PS3 and PS vita plus subscription for only one price.

7. Great User Interface + Customization

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PlayStation 4 offers a new and revolutionary XrossMediaBar (XMB), the graphical user interface used for PlayStation consoles. The user interface is fully customizable, and boasts aesthetics on the game launcher, Blu-ray player, video streaming, comments web browser and others.

6. Stand-by Mode

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Just like the PlayStation Portable, the PS4 also offers a stand-by mode, wherein it allows gamers to save a gameplay state when you flick the off switch, and return back to where you left it when you flick it on. The PlayStation 3 didn’t work out like this, and you are left in the option of saving the progress in a save spot so that you can launch again the game and load the save file when you turn on the console again.

5. Multitasking

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One of the exciting ps4 features of the new console, you can now multitask on different applications on PS4. With the full 8GB of RAM, you can now play a game while surfing the net, watch video streaming, explore the XMB and others, all running seamlessly with each other. The PlayStation 3 also didn’t have this feature, and to be able to multitask is a great thing when it comes to gaming.

4. PlayStation Camera / PlayStation Eye

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 The PS4 have their own version of the Xbox Kinect called the PlayStation Camera / PlayStation Eye. It also have the same features as of the Kinect, but with 2 cameras and a lot of features.. It utilizes two high-sensitivity cameras amounting up to 1280 x 800 pixels, each can have 85 degree diagonal angle views and wide angle lenses. It also has facial and body recognition and voice recognition through the microphones built in the camera.

3. Used Games and Proper Online Set-up

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On E3 2013, the official PlayStation 4 Used Game Instructional Video made the crowd cheer, as there are no restrictions and regulations on pre-owned games. You can give it to a friend free, sell it or trade it with another game. Any game can be played offline, and doesn’t require you for an online check-in. Both of the said feature smashes the competitor, the XboX one, because Microsoft made restrictions on games and requires you for a 24-hour online check on all games before you can continue to play it.

2. Remote Play

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Remote play is the top 2 on the top 10 PS4 features. If you feel tired on staring at a large flat screen TV, you can now continue playing PS4 games on the PlayStation Vita, on the 5” screen on the DualShock controller, or on other touch-screen devices. This is also great when you have other companions in your home who want to watch the TV, or you just need to multitask and want to play the same game on a handheld device.

1. Dual Shock 4

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On the top of the list is the newly improved DualShock 4 controller as part of the new the PlayStation 4 features. It is fully wireless, designed for better ergonomics, and has a lot of features. The Touch Pad at the top of the controller is the first that you will notice, and can be used to navigate and interact on games. If you play with your friends a lot, the Light Bar indicator offers a simple way to identify who is player 1 – 4. It can also be used as an indicator for games like health, mana, damage, and others. There is an easy share button at the back where you can boast your accomplishments and share your video gameplay easily. Special game sound effects can be heard either on the built-in mono speaker or through the 3.5mm headset jack. Along with this features, it has enhanced vibration and the shape of the controller is also optimized for ergonomics. All said, the controller alone will entice you to buy the PlayStation 4, and that’s why it is on the top of the top 10 PlayStation Features


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