Top 10 Horror Movies 2013

Some people really just can’t seem to get enough of watching horror movies. They have seen a lot of scary films and surprisingly, they tend to watch these films over and over again. And while most viewers do not generally enjoy horror films, why are some people fascinated of watching scary movies? Experts say that there are people who turn to watch scary movies simply because these movies are novel. They have grown tired of watching common movie genres and horror flick are way of changing their curiosity minds.

Essentially, horror movies are enjoyable and somehow give you that adrenaline rush. These can be a great way to keep the minds of the people off from their own problems. In 2013, we have seen a fast production of interesting and mind-stimulating horror movies. From Hollywood films to independent flicks, horror movies have made a great mark on the movie industry. As Halloween is fast approaching, people believe there is a need to maximize the occasion by watching horror films. Here are Top 10 Horror Movies 2013 that you might want to enjoy at home or in Halloween parties.

10. Texas Chainsaw 3D

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This is a continuation of the story about a homicidal family. This horror film that began way back 1974 revolves around people that went missing without a trace in Newt, Texas. The people around town have long suspected the Sawyer family of the crime which is one of the top 10 horror movies to watch this year. Decades later and away from the massacre, this story is about a young woman who inherited from her grandmother a Texas estate. Curious, she invited some friends to embark on a road trip and uncover her truth. And this is where the story becomes more interesting.

9. The Colony

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 This is a story seven colonies struggling to survive that is part and cited in top 10 horror movies 2013 list. Plagued by internal conflict illness, the colonists believe something is wrong with Colony 5 after the latter failed to keep in contact with the others. A team was created to check on what happened with Colony 5 and they have discovered far more threats than imagined. No wonder, why this is one of the 10 horror movies 2013 so far that would scare you to death.

8. You’re Next

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This is considerably the next great horror film that came along. The story is about a group of ax-wielding murderers that invaded the Davison family reunion. These ruthless murderers trap their victims and the family felt so helpless until an unexpected family guest proved to be a very talented killer of all that is included in this top 10 horror movies 2013 Hollywood creation and direction.

7. The Host

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This is a very riveting story on love and survival of the human spirit during the time of war. It is about our world being invaded by an unknown and unseen enemy, and humans have become hosts of these unexpected invaders. Unknowingly, the humans did not realize that their minds were already taken by the invaders because their human bodies have still remained intact. The film is a horror movie 2013 with a touch of science fiction with true human relationships presented.

6. Evil Dead

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This horror story revolves around a young woman who is struggling with sobriety. Is one of the Top 10 horror movies 2013 that will truly scare your Halloween night. Along with her brother and some friends, they head to a remote cabin and discovered a Book of the Dead. Without warning, the group was lead to a dangerous and horrible experience that they cannot forget.

5. Mama

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One of the most anticipated top 10 horror movies Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Mama is a supernatural thriller about the haunting experience of two little girls that disappeared in the woods on the day both their parents were killed. After being rescued years later and when they start to lead a new life, they realized that something or someone is still wanted to have them back—tucking them to bed at night. As both girls tried to live a normal life, their foster mom is convinced that there is an evil presence in the house. Such presence turned out to be from someone so unexpected.

4. I Spit on Your Grave Part 2

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This is a thrilling tale about a young woman who is dying to make it into the world of modeling in New York. After having her photos taken, she was battered, severely beaten, badly bruised, and left for dead. In order to survive, she has to tap into the dark places of the human psyche. She must ultimately find the strength so she could make her brutal revenge. This film was created by the same team who made the controversial 2010 film. It is directed by Steven R. Monroe, the writer is Neil Elman and Thomas Fenton who also wrote Saw Iv, and produced by Paul Hertzberg and Lisa Hansen. This is also one of the, top 10 horror movies 2013 so far that will also bring terrifying sleepless nights to you after watching it.

3. Carrie

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A sheltered high school girl sets free her telekinetic powers that have been newly developed after she is pushed to far by her friends has been cited by movie critics as part of top 10 horror movies 2013 list released this year. A lonely and insecure teen who is a constant bullied student at school and beaten at home, Carrie is blessed with the power of telekinesis. The power was unleashed after her pears pulled a prank on her during their prom.

2. The Conjuring

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 This is a true story of world renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who were sought to help a small family in a secluded farmhouse terrorized by a dark presence. After they were forced to confront a very powerful demonic entity, these expect investigators caught themselves in the most gruesome case of their lives. This is one of the horror movies based on true stories that you have to watch for.

1. Insidious Chapter 2

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Director James Wan, a very famous director for horror movies, alongside its horror team headed by writer Leigh Whannell, once again reunite with the original case of Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Lin Shayne and Ty Simpkin to create Insidious Chapter 2. This is a terrifying sequel to the very popular horror film about a haunted house the Lambert family owns. In the house, they discover a mysterious childhood secret that eventually led them to get dangerously connected to the spirit world.

With these top ten horror movies for 2013, finding the one that complements your Halloween party with friends and family is very easy. Enjoy the rest of your Halloween by doing movie marathons that will surely perk up your Halloween night.