paycheck gives to a person is immeasurable, not only because of the stuff itself but because of the sense of fulfillment that it gives to the buyer. Knowing that you got the thing that you love out of your own money gives a different kind of feeling because you know that it was you who worked hard for that money. Even during the world recession, statistics shows that people’s love for buying expensive stuff has remained unchanged. During payday, people go to malls to buy stuff for themselves, for their homes, or for the people they love. On the other hand, those who do not love going to malls simply sit in front of their laptops to go and buy some stuff online. A study that was once conducted by BIG Research showed that there are certain things in life that people just cannot live without, and they can go as far as spending the last centavo in their pockets just to get those things. Here is a list of the top 10 products and services that people cannot afford not to spend their money for:

10. Internet service

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In our time, having an internet connection means everything. Through the internet, one can do just about everything because everything that he needs is already there. By just a single click, a person can find what he wants to find and buy what he wants to buy. It is also through internet service that people get to connect not just with people they personally know but with people from around the world. No wonder, every home is willing to pay their internet service providers huge amounts of money just to have good internet connection.

9. Cell Phone service

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Just like the internet, it seems that people in this modern world cannot afford to live without their own mobile phones. It is through these mobile phones that people today are able to communicate with the people they love in the most convenient way possible. People spend lots of money either buying the latest models of mobile phones in the market or getting the best cell phone services such as unlimited calls, texts or internet usage. Because of its utility, cell phones are among the top things that people spend their money for.

8. Cable or Satellite TV

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Having a cable or satellite TV at home gives people more options when watching television. Through cable or satellite TV, people can watch television shows, programs and movies aired from different countries around the world, may it be in the United States , China or the European region. The pleasure that comes from watching different types of television shows explains why people are willing to spend huge amounts of money for their cable or satellite televisions.

7. Apparels

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Aside from food and shelter, apparels are among the basic necessities of life. It gives people pleasure when they buy new clothes and wear something new, so it does not matter to them whether they have enough money or not when it comes to wanting new clothes. According to studies, apparels are among the top items that people splurge their money on even in the midst of recession. When people go to malls or shopping centers, apparels are among the things that they always itch to buy.

6. Hair Cuts and Color

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Especially among women, going to salons regularly to have their hair styled is a part and parcel of life. During payday, women visit salons to request for a new hair cut or hair color and they are willing to pay huge amounts just to be able to get the hairstyle that they want. According to studies, it gives women a good feeling when they witness a change in their looks through their hair. This is probably why salon stuff is among the top items that people spend their paychecks on.

5. Fast Food Restaurants

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One can never deny the fact that people love eating. People go to fast food restaurants every chance they get to dine and eat the best dishes in town. Many people love visiting new restaurants in town and trying their offers, and most of the time, it does not matter to them whether they spend thousands for a single plate of steak. No wonder, fast food restaurants are among the top items where people splurge their money on.

4. Casual Sit-Down Restaurants

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People who intentionally drive to and dine at the best restaurants in town are different from people who just casually pass by restaurants and decide to sit down and order food there. According to BIG Research, casual sit-down restaurants are among the top items that normal people spend their money on. And the rationale is just the same—nothing can ever stop people from eating.

3.  Charitable Giving

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Surprising that it may sound, charitable giving is among the top things that people spend their paychecks on. People who have stable income do not only spend their money on their necessities and wants but also on giving donations to the needy and doing other charitable acts. Especially for people who earn more than they need, helping out the needy gives them a sense of fulfillment.

2. Vices

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According to studies, vices are among the top items that people reserve their money for during paydays. This is a sad reality, but it is true. Vices such as alcohol, cigarette and tobacco are the most common things that people splurge their money on. Those who spend their paychecks on these vices are those who cannot live without lighting at least a stick of cigarette a day, or drink a glass of alcohol every chance they get.

1. Vacations

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People go on vacations to get rid of stress in life. Vacation deals are very common today as airlines offer cheap airfares to their passengers. People who have stable income always make it a point that they get to travel at least once quarter so they can enjoy life and get away from the hustles and bustles of the city.

Rhodora Dagatan is married and spends most of her time at home where she writes articles online for work and fun. She covers different topics like movies, gadgets, health, and other things that are in the trend these days.