Born Idina Kim Mentzel on May 30, 1971, this American actress, songwriter and singer is known for originally playing the role of Elphaba in the renowned Broadway musical Wicked. She also played Maureen in Rent (movie and musical) and has a recurring role on Glee since 2010 as Shelby Corcoran. Her other theater credits include playing the role of Amneris in the 2000 off-Broadway production by Elton John’s Aida and Kate of Lippa’s The Wild Party. By Spring of 2014, Menzel will go back to Broadway, this time, in Pulitzer and Tony-prize winning Brian Yorkey, and If/Then of Tom Kitt’s production.

Menzel voiced a significant role in Disney’s 2013 animated feature Frozen. She sang the very popular “Let it Go”. During the Oscars in March 2, 2014, she sang the hit song where it later won an award for Best Original Song, while the movie, Frozen, won the Award as Best Animated Feature.

Menzel started performing at the age of 15 in bars and weddings after her parents divorced. Her singing career sustained her until she finished her BFA degree in Drama at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York.

Idiza Menzel is now married to Taye Diggs, her Rent co-star, and the two now have a son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, born in 2009. Over the years, Menzel has done a lot of hit songs. Here are top 10 Idina Menzel songs that have hit the charts.


10. Defying Gravity

This is a signature song from the critically-acclaimed musical the Wicked and is composed by Stephen Schwartz. The song is originally recorded by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel on November 10, 2003 and was then later released on December 16, 2003. The song is mostly sung solo by its main character, Elphaba, alongside two small duets at the first part of the musical. This song was performed on a television program on BBC called I’d Do Anything, which resulted to placing a hit on the UK charts.

9. As Long as You’re Mine.

Number nine on our top 10 Idina Menzel songs is a musical rendition from the Broadway musical Wicked. The song As Long as You’re Mine was a duet rendition between Elphaba, the known Wicked Witch of the West, and Fiyero, her love interest. The song was originally sung by Norbert Leo Butz and Idina Menzel, who played Fiyero and Elphaba, respectively.

8. Nobody’s Side.

From the musical Chess, Nobody’s Side is one of the songs from this Broadway show and originally had three famous versions: from Judy Kuhn, Julia Murney, and Idina Menzel.

7. Endgame # 3.

On the seventh on our top ten list, Endgame # 3 is another song from the highly-acclaimed musical, Chess. This song features Idina Menzel with Kerry Ellis and Josh Groban. Menzel provided a thoughtful and subtle performance of this song, thanks to her distinct special voice.

6. For Good.

This is a song from the Broadway musical Wicked and was sung as a duet between Glinda and Elphaba. The music and lyrics of the song were written by composed Stephen Schwartz.

5. The Wizard and I.

Although originally sung by a minor character in the Broadway musical Wicked, The Wizard and I song was basically a solo performance for the play’s main character, Elphaba, played by Idina Menzel. This particual song featured the popular “Unlimited” theme that is present all throughout the performance.

4. I Know Him so Well.

Not only is this song popularized from a concept album, but the song I Know Him so Well is a subsequent musical rendition from the Broadway musical Chess by Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson, and Tim Rice. The song is actually a duet by Svetlana, the estranged wife of the Russian Chess Champion, and Florence (played by Idina Menzel), the mistress. This is where both women express their bittersweet feelings for the chess master, and at seeing both their relationships falling apart.

3. No Good Deed.

This is another musical rendition from the popular Broadway musical Wicked. The song is sung by its lead character, Elphaba, played by Idina Menzel. The song is widely regarded and known as the most emotional and most powerful piece of the show. The song is composed and arranged specifically by Stephen Schwartz to showcase Menzel’s “iron strong larynx”. No Good Deed no doubt, showcased Idina Menzel’s belting talent. It was later learned that Menzel herself said how this song became her favorite in the show as it “clearly reminded her of Bat Mitzvah”.

2. For the First Time in Forever.

This is a soundtrack from the original motion picture Frozen, Disney’s 2013 animated film. The song is a duet between Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. This song is sung by sisters Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel). With this particular song, Anna tries to persuade Elsa into returning to Arendelle so she could unfreeze a curse she put into the kingdom. However, Elsa snubs Anna believing that she can’t control her powers and that it would be a good idea for Anna to just be away from Elsa.

1. Let it Go.

This song is indeed a bona fide worldwide phenomenon—so popular that it has become a subject of hundreds of online covers and is considered quickly a deep-rooted obsession for young girls. Let it Go, from Disney’s 2013 Animated film Frozen, is originally sang by Demi Lovato. However, Idina Menzel sang the onscreen version as the troubled princess Elsa. This song became one of Billboard’s Top 20 hits when it was first released. Let it Go eventually became so admired that Disney decided to release a “sing-along” cut of the Disney film, with hundreds of young people getting hooked by it every day. There is really something about this Disney movie. Of course there is the tradition of the common Disney-princess thing. But there is something more complicated on Princess Elsa that somehow taps into the present culture these days. People these days have a lot of reasons about shame or fear, and with this movie, this Disney heroine has that kind of power that makes the viewer overcome those fears.