Capturing special moments with your dad is really heartwarming and exceptional. When the time comes that you will not be able to do it again with your father, you still have photos that you can look at and cherish. These are the photos that you can share to your children. They are not forgotten, and these would enlarge our hearts and will fill the empty parts in our life the moment that they leave us. As you prepare for father’s day, focus on building memoirs with them that will lasts. You don’t need an expensive camera just to seize the candid moments that you were together in a place or an event. The following are 10 of the best photos of dad with their sons and daughters. Observe the smile and happiness in their eyes. They are priceless and worth looking at.

10. Howie Long With His Son Chris

Photo Source: boston.cbslocal.com

Howie Long keeps on supporting his two sons in the National Football League despite that both of them belong in different teams. He played in NFL playing in defense and currently works as a studio analyst of NFL coverage for Fox Sports Networks. This picture the kind of father who is into sports whom he also shares to his sons. This is a rare kind of connection that goes beyond the walls of their home.

9. Brad Pitt and His Children

Photo Source: www.popsugar.com

Everyone is aware of the long yearning of Brad Pitt to form his own family. The moment that he has made a decision to marry Angelina Jolie was also the fulfillment of his dream to have his own kids. He never thought that these children were not his although he was not their biological parents. He always find time to be with them. He made them feel that they are loved and taken care of by him and Jolie. Majority of the kids that they have adopted came in Asia specifically in Vietnam. He treated them equally and he loves each of them so much. Like any other fathers he and his wife encountered problems with their children especially their eldest son who was from Cambodia. They’re striving to keep him and he does not want to lose anyone of them.

8. Grandfather, Father, and Grandson

Photo Source: www.myentertainmentbox.org

Isn’t wonderful to see father playing with his grandson and his son? This is a rare sight that depicts and defines the kind of relations that this family has. What do you think this grandfather had done to his son when he was young that it seems that they are in perfect harmony and in a good father-and-son-relationship? This may not happen all the time, but you could see the happiness in their faces. That joy cannot be traded with any material possession in this world. It’s precious and timeless. This is indeed worth capturing and relishing.

7. Islam – Father and Son

Photo Source: www.jazakallah.in

We often see an Islam father teaching his children. This picture illustrates the typical father who is willing to give time to his son to be taught of things. Aside from mother who is the first who teaches things about life, basic arithmetic, reading, and writing, father also assumes this role. It also shows that religion does not really hinder any father to show their love to their kids. It signifies that father assumes an equal role with their wife in rearing and teaching their children.

6. Father Mimicking His Newborn Baby

Photo Source: www.coolstuffdirectory.com

This picture says it all as if the father and the new born baby were talking to each other and understood each other. The look of the baby to his father was sending a signal as if asking “what are you doing dad”?

5. Simon Cowell Touched His First Baby

Photo Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

It was the first time that Simon Cowell held his son Eric from Lauren Silverman. Who would have thought that this 54-year old snobbish and full of sarcasm host and commentator in all of the reality and talent shows that he handled would show a softer side in him. He was very proud to show to the world that he has a very handsome baby. In fact, in one of the photographs of him with him he wrote a note saying that he had never realized the kind of love and pride that he could feel because of his baby.

4. Declan and His Best friend

Photo Source: www.likazing.com

This is Declan Father holding his hand while he was confined at the neonatal unit after it was found out that he had a heart murmur and surgery was needed to continue his life. His dad never left him not even once. He was with his son the moment that he cried even in a year that he was being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. This picture does not show the number of times Declan underwent series and numbers of operation for him to stay alive. His dad was there in all of his struggles that he never understood. He is enjoying his life now because of his family and dad’s full support.

3. The Last Smile of John Travolta’s Son

Photo Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

This was a happy and full of love bond of John Travolta to his late son Jett who died in a seizure in their home in Bahamas in 2009. This picture is one of their precious father and son moments that John will not forget. He was not prepared, but he had accepted the final chapter of his son’s life. Jett was not an ordinary kid because he had a special kind of illness where special attention, love and understand were required. Hence, John and the rest of his family have never seen it as a hindrance, but their love for him grew stronger through the years. In fact, John last words to his son when he put him in the ambulance were “Come on Jett”.

2. Father and Son in a Marathon

Photo Source: shonnas.empowernetwork.com

The father in this photo is stronger than Iron Man. He literally ran with his son whether he loses or wins. This is actually a triathlon activity which is not an ordinary marathon that one has to fight. This is not about the condition of the son, but it’s about the support system that a father gives willingly to his son. He can tell his son to stop and just do other things that he is capable to do, but he did not. Instead he serves as the number one cheerer and a fan that has never left his son.

1.  When a Son Lost His Patience to His Aged Father

Photo Source: mzsunflower.wordpress.com

This is a touching story of a son who lost his patience towards his father. He was asking a lot of times about a sparrow that it came to a point that he shouted at this father. His father stood up and when he sat back again beside his son, he showed him an entry when his son was 3 years old where he asked over 20 times about the sparrow, and he answered it with love and a hug over 20 times too.

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