Dedicating a song to your father on father’s day would really touch his heart especially if the words or lyrics truly define the kind of dad that you have. Hence, you have to watch out not try singing these songs to your father if you want to see him happy on that very day. Know the reasons why you have to put off on your list these selections if you want to keep your relationship with your in harmony. Know the stories behind each song, and why they are not intended to be dedicated to your dad this coming father’s day. They are not that bad after all, but the messages are not written in a perspective that anyone expects to be heard on a father’s day where tribute and acknowledgement are heard.

1.  Cats in the Cradle

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This is Harry Chapin 1974 folk song that was actually a poem written by his wife Sandra Gaston about the relationship of his wife first husband to his father. His wife got the inspiration too from the country songs that she has heard on radio. However, at first he was scared to admit that this song was also about the relationship that he has with his son Josh. The song is about the coming of the son into the family of this father, but the father does not have the time to check on his son because of the bills that he had to pay. The father was focus working. The child grew and he was yearning to be with his dad. And when the time comes that this father retired from his work, and his son had his own family, he called his son so he can be with him, but his son grew up to be like him because he can’t be with his father too because he had lots of things to take care too.

2. The Living Years

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This is actually the second album of Mike + The Mechanics which was recorded and released in 1988. This song was written by Mike Rutherford who got inspired to wrote this song after his father died. It was a song of personal relationships that he and his siblings had with his father. He recalled that they were not that close to his father because of his strictness who was a retired naval captain. His father was punctual, disciplined, and very orderly. This had been evident on how his father set rules in their home and that includes banning him from playing guitar and he was even sent to the school that he did not like when he turned 13. His father was not always at home because of job responsibilities and assignments. He later realized that he was following the footsteps of his father. When his father died, he wished that he could have followed what his wife had said to call his father and talk to him. It was too late for him, and that’s the idea of the song. He said that he wanted to say the words “I love you” to his father, but it was too late for him.

3. Father of Mine

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It was a personal story of the lead singer of the band Art Alexakis which is Everclear about his father who left him and his family when he was just a young boy. It became one of the hits upon its released in 1997. The lyrics of the songs are about his yearning to find answers why his dad left them. At the end of the song when he got his own family, he just said that he will not let his child know the pain that he went through living without a father. This song expresses the kind of anguish and bitterness that the songwriter has towards his father that his father just gave him a name, and just walked away from their lives.

4. A Little Soul

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This song was released in 1998 which is another personal song for a father. It was a sentiment that although people said that he and his son are much alike in physical features, but he said they are not. He said that could never be because he got a little soul in him. The song talks about his recognition of his flaws as a father, and he didn’t want his son to follow his footsteps. He was afraid that he will do what he had done too. His only wish that he could show to his son a little soul that his son could emulate.

5. Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)

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This song was about the father who was always drunk whenever he gets home on Christmas. The son was yearning that his father would arrive earlier before Christmas Night comes, but it never happened. It was a wish that he wanted to happen so he will not see his mother cry again on Christmas. His father never did. He had continued drinking on Christmas, and going home drunk on Christmas eve.

6. Bad Daddy

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This song was written on Father’s Day of June 20, 1992. This was a personally story of a woman who shared her story to Jimmy Flemion who actually wrote the lyrics of this song. He met this woman while working with her. She shared her pain about her husband who was a bad father that she even wished that he would fall off the roof of their house. He was never been a good father to their children until their children forgot to celebrate Father’s Day with him.

7. The Father Who Must be Killed

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This is part of the album The Ring Leader of the Tormentors that was recorded in 2005 and released in 2006. It’s about the relationship of a step-child to his stepfather. Others could not bear listening to every lyric of this song about the anguish and personal wish of a stepchild that may his stepfather died. This is the kind of song that you don’t want to be heard by any young ones today.

8. She’s Leaving Home

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This is the song of Lennon-McCartney in 1967 in one of the Albums of Beatles. McCartney personally wrote the lyrics of this song while Lennon did the chorus. This was about the personal story of a young girl that they read in the newspaper. This is not just for fathers, but this is intended to all parents since it’s about the girl who walked away from their home and leaving just a note to her parents. She was never found ever since. She lived and battled life alone. You could see the child’s and parent’s views in this song about how they felt about each other.

9. Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)

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This song was written by Lindsay Lohan in 2005 which was actually a personal letter to his father, Michael Lohan who was charged of DWI. It was actually more of “I hate you daddy” lamentation that received both positive and negative criticisms from its listeners. She even explained after the song was released that she hopes that her father would see the real message of this song rather than the offensive portrayal of it in the video that she did. She even mentioned that all she wanted is love from his father in all those times that she needed him in the midst of the crazy things that she had done in her life.

10. Papa Was a Rolling Stone

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This was a 1972 song written by Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield which was actually the edited version of the Undisputed Truth. It was actually a personal story of Dennis Edward that narrates about the father who was never seen by his children, and only heard bad things about him. There was even issues on this song because it cited in the song that his father died in September, but he actually died on the 3rd day of October. You could feel in his song that the child wants an answer from his mother. He has questions that were unanswered about the negative things that he heard about his father, and he wanted to confirm if those were true.

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