According to the US business and wealth magazine, Forbes, the world’s top ten soccer clubs are dominated by clubs from Spain and England, with one German and one Italian club putting in an appearance.


This kind of Anglo-Spanish dominance of club football in Europe and, therefore, the world is reflected in the football betting in the Champions League. And nothing tells you more about the current overall standing and status of a club than its position in a betting market!


So without further ado, let’s have a look at the wealthiest clubs, starting at the top…


1 Real Madrid


If Spanish football holds sway, then there can only be one team a the top of this list – the mighty Real Madrid for whom money never seems any object no matter how parlous a state the club or country’s finances may be in.


Nevertheless, Real is the richest club in world football in revenue terms with yearly turnover exceeding €604 million, whilst the team itself is said to be worth €2.5 billion, making it the most valuable team on the planet at any sport. This year, Real won their first Champions League title since 2002.

2 Barcelona


UNICEF-sponsored Barca aren’t too far behind their rivals off the pitch – and have been the dominant force on it over the past 10 years or so – winning three Champions League titles and six La Liga titles during that time.


3 Manchester United


England’s biggest club and one of the biggest world sports brands, Manchester United, have been very much in the descendency over the past 18 months since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson – successful coach for 27 years there. This is something they can’t afford to happen – so can Louis van Gaal put them back on top? If he can’t – expect to see United slide down this list.


4 Bayern Munich


Traditional German powerhouses Bayern Munich will have been given a big lift by Germany’s 2014 Word Cup triumph. And with former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola in charge – they’ll surely go close to regaining the Champions League crown they won in 2013.


5 Arsenal


By tradition England’s second biggest club, Arsenal are doing OK “but could do better” of late. It’s more than a decade since Arsene Wenger’s men went a whole season unbeaten; something entirely unprecedented on the Premier League. The current side seems a long way from that level – but still plays some of the most attractive football in the world when in full free flow.


6 Chelsea


Chelsea look like winning this yea; Premier League already – with Jose Mourinho back in the manager’s seat and Roman Abramovich’s millions still flowing in.


7 Manchester City


Hot on Chelsea’s heels and owned by the wealthy Qatari group, Man City are on the way up and effectively challenging their city rivals for dominance in the north of England.


8 Milan


In days gone by, Inter Milan and Juventus would have been further up this list. But Italian football is in decline at the moment; it will surely rise again tough.


9 Juventus


Having suffered the ignominy of a double relegation due to the Serie A match fixing scandal, Juventus are back on top of Serie A. But what can they do in Europe? This is the true measure of international success for the world’s biggest clubs.


10 Liverpool


Last and least, Liverpool is the most successful club in England on t international stage wit five European Cups or Champions League wins to their credit. They should have won the Premier League last season, but stalled at the final stage. This year, things aren’t’ going so well – but they could be back to the top over the coming years under Brendan Rodgers.