Cat is the next best pet to dog, and its low-maintenance to those people who do not have time to do the pet routines. Just like any other pets, cats are adorable, charming, and loving pet. Some breeds of cat are smart are trainable for discipline purposes especially if you are planning to adopt one. Its life span is longer than dogs because they can live from 12 to 20 years. Some cats are friendly while others seem aloof at first, but once they get used to your smell, and they were able to build territory in the place where you live, they would see you as a companion and not a threat or enemy to them. Make sure that you have a readied litter pan or litter box where they can poop. Consider as well other family members if they are okay with it, and if they don’t have any allergic reactions from cats. There are tons of reasons why you have to adopt a cat, but these 10 are the most logical and important benefits that will convince you to decide now.

10. Cat Serves as An Alarm Clock

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If you are the type of person who does not wake-up using a mechanical alarm clock, cat will be the one to wake you up on time especially in the morning. Cat is a great comrade to those who are working in the office and studying in school so they can avoid late and other hassles in coming to work and school. You don’t even need a snooze alarms because their touch and sounds are sufficient to wake you up.

9. Cats Are Low Maintenance

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Compared to dogs once you leave them in a place where cats are used to stay, they won’t mess around especially if you’ve trained them well. If they want to poop just make sure that they have the litter box near them. Just replace their litter box once it’s full because cats do not like clutter and messy environment. That’s the reason why they always clean themselves by licking their tongue on the parts of the body that they feel they need to clean.

8. Cats Treat Blood Pressure

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According to the most cat owners who have high blood pressure, they’ve felt a positive impact of cats in their blood pressure. They are great stress relievers that lower the blood pressure naturally. The caring touch of cats and its funny gestures give comforts to the owners that they tend to forget problem and stresses that they are experiencing that moment.

7. Cats Are Grateful

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More than any other pets that you can take care and adopt, cats are always filled with gratitude more than any human that you can think of. You would see and feel through their body movements and the way they scratch and nudge to the owners if they want to say thank you. They would even meow to tell the person that they love what the owners have done to them.

6. Cats Have Great Discernment

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Cats just like other animals are very sensitive whenever dangers are coming. They can feel if hurricanes and earthquakes would happen. They could even sense if dangers are on your way. You would notice how cats try to communicate to people especially to their owners for them to send signal or warning that they need to leave the place. They don’t only have strong feelings, but through observation they can see if there’s a tension or accident that would arise. One would feel that the way they would hold your fabric or clothes. Cats are also anxious and confused. They also know which is the safest place or area in a home or building. This is the reason why some would let cat enters first in building to check if it’s safe or not. Cats can see geomagnetic pattern of walls, floor, and ceiling.

5. Cats Are Great Helpers

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Whatever kind of cats that you have, cats are actually domesticated by nature. This is the reason why they are easy to be controlled and disciplined. They are effective hunters of cats at home. This is the reason why they are considered co-partnered of people at home in eradicating rats. Moreover, majority of cats that have been familiar in what people do at home, would initiate to help do simple household chores.

4. Cats Are More Disciplined than Dogs

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The primary characteristic of cats is its tidiness. Compared to dogs, they know how to clean themselves on their own using their tongue. This is the reason why their tongues are shape because that is naturally created that way so they can remove dirt from their body. They are easy to train in basic etiquettes and rules at home. If you want them to poop in the toilet you can do that. If you want them to be quiet in certain places, that is also possible. Hence, it is true that there are cats that are really smart especially if they are part of specific breeds that are really smart by nature.

3. Cat Are Stress Relievers

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They give a different kind of relief to its cats owners. Those people who have health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, and even depression can get through it. One of the reasons is they are not demanding just like dogs that once they barked and want to do or eat something, they will not spare you until you follow on them. They are very affectionate by nature. They show it by how they come near to you, meow at you and scratch, or lick your body parts using their tongue. They also do weird and funny things that will make you laugh. The rhythmic strokes that they do to their owners diminish anxiety.

2. Cats Are Best Companions

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According to study, cats have connection to human particularly to women. There is an instantaneous bond and understanding between cats and women. It could be observed as to how cats love to play with them, held them by the hands of their owners, and petting them. There is a relationship dynamics that seen on the behavior of cats especially the way they interact to each other. Cats know how to reciprocate kindness being shown to them. This explains why they are so touchy and close to their owners that make them great buddies or companions.

1. It Calms Sick Person

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Cats are not just adorable and affectionate, but their purrs really do the trick and treatment. You are reading it right. Cat purrs actually create vibrations between 20 to 140 Hz that is medically believed as therapeutic in all kinds of human illnesses. It can actually lower stress, lower blood pressure, heal muscles, ligament injuries and tendon, decrease risk of heart attack, and symptoms of dysponea.

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