The world has a lot of animals in it. Some are so tiny that you might not even see them but others are extremely tall that you cannot help but to see them.

Check out these top 10 tallest animals in the world.

10. The Giraffe

I am sure that it comes as no surprise to you that the giraffe is one of the tallest animals in the world. Did you know that the giraffe can reach all the way up to 19 feet. They mainly room free in South Africa. You will more than likely find a giraffe at the zoo. They mainly eat acacia leaves. One fascinating fact about the giraffe is they cannot bond strong socially compared to other animals.


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9. African Elephant

The African Elephant lands the number two spot on the list for the tallest animals. African elephants can be found mainly in West and Southern Africa and in Eastern Africa. They mainly like to hang out in the deserts, Sahelian scrubs, miombo woodlands, mopane areas and in the forests. You might not believe it by looking at them but African elephants are extremely intelligent. They experience feelings such as grief, humor, compassion and there’s even a possibility of language with these elephants. They can go up to 10 Ft.


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8. Cape Buffalo / African Buffalo

The cape buffalo also known as the African Buffalo can be around 8 to 11 ft. The ancestry of the cape buffalo currently is unclear. This animal is not one you should mess with unless if you know what you’re doing and even then, you should be careful. The reason why is because the nature of this animal is very unpredictable. In fact, it’s so unpredictable that it can put humans in instant danger when they come face to face with one.


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7. The Ostrich

Who would have thought that the Ostrich can reach up to 9 ft?! Ostriches tend to live in south and north of Sahara, they also live around the Asia Minor and in the rain forest. They live in the desert in the Southwest Africa region. Ostriches have amazing eyesight plus hearing. They can sense and know when predators are far away from them. Their speed can reach around 31 mph and this makes them one of the fastest two legged animals on earth. They mainly eat shrubs, seeds, fruit, flowers, locusts and grass.


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6. Siberian Tiger / Amur Tiger

The Siberian Tiger lives mostly in the Sikhote Alin mountains. You’ll find that these tigers are extremely popular at zoos. This also helps them to not become extinct. The Siberian Tiger rarely goes after man to eat them unlike Bengal tigers. Leopards, wild boars and even wolves kill humans more than the Siberian tiger does. The color of the Siberian tiger is mainly either rusty red or a rusty yellow color. They also have black stripes that goes down their back.


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5. The Moose

The Moose is also known as the Eurasian Elk. It’s one of the largest of the deer species. They can be found in mainly Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and in Alaska. One thing that separates the moose from deer is that they tend to stay alone and deer happen to be the exact opposite. A moose often times is slow but when needed, they can move fast and become extremely aggressive. When they are startled or if they get angry, they can become unpredictable. They can get up to around 7.5 feet.


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4. The Arabian/ Indian Camel

If you think that the camel has two humps on its back then you are wrong. The Arabian camel has actually only one hump on its back. Many people get confused when they see it and think that it has two humps. They eat plants that are thorny because their mouth is very tough and they can handle it. When they are not happy about something they stomp their feet.


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3. Grizzly Bear also known as the brown bear

A grizzly can get up to around 6 ft and it’s mainly found in North America, Europe and in Asia. It can even be found in the USA and has been spotted in Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and in Washington. Some have even spotted the grizzly bear in the Grand Teton National Parks. In the USA there is only around 1,500 grizzlies left and most of them live either in Montana or in Wyoming. Some reports say that the Grizzly might be trying to repopulate again in the state of Colorado.


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2. Rhinoceros

The Rhinoceros is often called the Rhino and it can get up to around 6.5 ft. In the black market, the Rhinoceros horns are sold for the price of gold. In Vietnam and in East Asia the horns of a rhino are very popular. A lot of Rhinoceros are currently considered endangered due to the fact that humans go after to kill them for their horns. Some people even believe that if they grind up the horns of a Rhinoceros that I will help them therapeutically.


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1. Red Kangaroo

A red kangaroo is one of the largest mammals that lives in Australia. It can be found in the east part of Australia, south and even in some of the rainforests around the north. It can get up to around 6 ft. Red kangaroos tend to live together and often times seen with two up to around 4 kangaroo members. However, sometimes even bigger kangaroo groups can be found.


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Whenever you see any type of animal, tall or small, it’s never a good idea to try and play with it. You don’t know how they will react and could end up getting yourself injured or worst yet, even possibly killed. When attacked by any strange animal, go to the doctor at once and seek medical attention even if you don’t think that nothing is wrong, they could be sick and you not know it, which is another reason why you shouldn’t play with them.