The other day I was at the pet store looking at the kittens up for adoption. One of the kittens was a beautiful pure black cat. A girl picked it up and loved it right away. However, the woman that worked there told the girl she might not want to adopt that one that black cats bring bad luck. The girl looked scared and put the black cat down. It made me upset so I wanted to do this article to show how black cats are harmless and that they need to be loved by humans and raised in a good home just like all of the other cats.

Many people think that black cats happen to be a sign of bad luck. A lot of black cats don’t get adopted for this reason. There are lots of misconceptions about black cats. These misconceptions about black cats date all the way back even to the medieval period where they thought black cats had to be part demon and because of that reason, they were involved in sorcery. A lot of fear was put into people and they started to capture and kill the black cats. This also started the bubonic plague because the rodents started to populate from the lack of cats. Diseases started to spread from the mice and rats. Studies show that there’s no evidence of black cats being demonic. In fact, they are extremely lovable and they need attention just like all of the other cats.

You will be amazed as to how they show love and affection just like any other cat. Maybe they even need it the most because of all the misconceptions about them.

Check out these 10 ways black cats show love:

10. Black Cat Grooming

All cats groom. They spend a lot of time grooming. When they are not grooming themselves they might be grooming each other. However, a cat will only groom with humans when they feel comfortable and love them. A cat will lick either your skin or hair and then even suck or nibble at your clothes to show affection. This means that you are very important to them and part of their family. However, if a cat does not groom you this does not mean they don’t love you. All cats vary in the way that they show affection.


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9. Black Cats Meow When Happy

One thing that is interesting to note is that often times cats don’t meow a lot towards other cats. In general, cats will meow to humans as a way to interact with us. There are lots of different kinds of meows they can use but that is how they communicate. Sometimes a cat might yowl, growl or even hiss but then there are other times when they meow when you’re petting them and it’s their way of saying thank you.


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8. Black Cat Eyes

Did you know that a cat can show love with the way they look at you? When your cat is looking at you and their eyes are large that means they are alert and trusting you. Often times they will head butt your cheek or start to lick you when their eyes are wide. However, if their eyes look slit eyed then that means they are scared or either it could be a sign of aggression. Don’t lock them in the eyes at this time. Wait and be careful but show them love and let them approach you.


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7. Black Cats Claim You

When a black cat is very happy and just like the other cats, they will rub up against you. They will rub up against your leg and even your face. Sometimes they will also head butt you. The reason why they are doing this is because it’s their own way of putting their scent on you. They have claimed you. This is part of the bonding process. If you push them away when they want to rub against you then it could cause problems with the relationship that you have with them.


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6. Black Cats Give Love Bites

Don’t be alarmed when your cat is happy and purring then suddenly decides to nip at your arm, finger or even at your nose. This is a love bite. Cats do this affectionately. It might not be a very pleasant way for you to feel their love but don’t think they are upset when they give you a love bite. Watch and observe when they are happy. Sometimes you can tell in advance that they are about to give you one and can move our arm or finger out of the way so this way it won’t become painful for you.


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5. Black Cats Blinking Eyes

I mentioned some about how black cats show their trust when they have big eyes but did you know if they blinked at you then the cat is also telling you that he loves you? Your cat might just stare at you first with those big eyes. You could even think that the cat is trying to intimidate you but the cat is not. Watching their eyes and observing them is very important. You can learn a lot about your cat when you watch their eyes. Blinking eyes is almost like getting kissed from a cat.


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4. A Black Cat Might Bring You Gifts

If your cat goes in and out then there is a good chance that your cat might bring you back a gift. Don’t get upset or mad if you see a dead mouse or bird on your door. This is just a sign that your cat loves you and that they also feel safe and protected. The good news is the cat won’t be upset when you decide to sweep up the mouse or bird and throw it away.


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3. Black Cats Sleeping In Your Lap

It takes a lot of trust and love from a cat for them to sleep in your lap. They only sleep in laps when they fully trust the location and feel comfortable. Just remember, not all cats sleep in laps. If yours doesn’t sleep in your lap then don’t worry but if yours does then it is another way that they are showing that they love you.


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2. Black Cats Will Play With You

When a cat loves you then they will allow you to play with them. However, as they get older they might tend to sleep more but this does not mean that they don’t love you any less. Cats can change as they get older just like we do. Treasure the play times with them and allow it to become a chance for you to bond with them even more.


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1. Black Cats will Purr

Just like all other cats, black cats will purr when they are happy. One thing that you might not know is that not all black cats purr. If they don’t purr then don’t panic. It just means that they trust you and that they are well adjusted. A cat that’s extremely confident or one that might dominate the house more, might not purr as much as the others.


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Black cats need adoption and love just like all of the other cats. Don’t avoid adopting the cat just because the cat is black. If you decide to adopt or take in a black cat then know that you will still get love and attention back from the black cat and that you won’t be letting the devil in your home just from having a black cat.