Halloween can be a very spooky night. One of the best things about Halloween is you don’t even have to leave the house in order to enjoy it. You can have a night filled with spooky board games and scary movies. There are lots of board games that involve vampires, zombies and even werewolves. Some of these board games might not be suitable for young children but they are mainly for everyone. Be sure to check out the age restriction on each game. After playing some Halloween games you can grab a bowl of spooky candy and watch your favorite horror movie with everyone. This is my idea of a perfect Halloween night.

Check out these top 10 Spooky Halloween Games

10. Betrayal at House on the Hill

If you’re going to watch any scary movie that involves a Haunted House such as the horror film House On Haunted Hill then this spooky board game might just be the perfect one for you to play. This board games requires that you explore the haunted house and try to collect the equipment available and at the same time you must avoid events that could be harmful to you and the others. During the game, someone will end up betraying another one. One downfall is that the rulebook with this particular game isn’t that great but the good news is it’s very easy to understand and the theme is awesome.


Photo Source: wizards.com

9. Vampires of the Night

I just love this game. It’s different from the other games in a lot of ways. Why do I love this game so much? The reason why is the pieces with this game glow. The castle that belongs to the vampires is covered completely with garlic thanks to Knobelzobel, who is a vampire hunter. You must clean the garlic off and make sure it does not fall down. Sounds easy right? There is a catch. The vampire kids are all sleeping and you cannot let it fall down on them when cleaning it off. The game might sound kind of silly at first but trust me, you’ll find yourself loving it and more so since the game glows.


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8. GeistesBlitz / Ghost Blitz

I was very surprised at how fast paced this game was. It’s a mixture of both Spot It and Set. You must try and grab the item that is correct first before anyone else gets it. However, sometimes what you might want on the card is not always there. Most of these games move so fast that within 5 minutes you will be done playing it. There is a German version that’s available for this game and it comes with 5 different languages.


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7. Are You a Werewolf?

There are lots of versions to this game. One of the versions is Mafia. Other newer versions include the game The Resistance. Still, the classic game is sometimes the best. All players get assigned either a villager or werewolf. During the day, werewolves can pose as humans and then at night they can go after the villagers. The villagers try to discover the werewolves before they get them. The game is tense and you’ve got to pay close attention to it or you might end up killed.


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6. Elder Sign

This is a spooky dice game get. You have to learn all of the spells and investigate the clues. There are times when you might roll terrible and the team might be forced to bail you out of trouble. The theme of the game is very similar to Arkham Horror but it doesn’t take as long to finish like that game. It’s more of a press your luck type of game. It’s a fun game that might not be as spooky as some of the others.


Photo Source: boardgamegeek.com

5. Arkham Horror

Following the Elder Sign, I have to include Arkham Horror on the list. It’s just the classic horror game. Arkham is an occult city that was made in the 1920’s. You have to try and locate the gates of hell before others start to break through into the world and slaughter everyone. The game is much longer compared to some of the other ones but it’s a lot of fun and worth playing if you don’t mind a long spooky game. If you do then I recommend Elder Sign.


Photo Source: Arkham_Horror

4. Eaten By Zombies

If you’re looking for a very fast game that’s intense then you might want to check this one out. It’s not only fast but it’s very interesting. This is a very interesting game that is for a deck building game. Try your best to not thin the decks extremely fast. The downfall about this game is that you can lose around 10 to 15 cards easily and then once that happens, you’ll become one of the zombies.


Photo Source: maydaygames.com

3. Last Night on Earth

Here is another game that you won’t finish fast. In fact, it can take up to 90 minutes to finish so if you’re looking for a fast pace game then you might want to find another one but if you don’t mind that it’s not fast paced then you will love this game. Let me rephrase that statement. The game itself can take up to 90 minutes but still, it is rather fast moving. It’s almost like a horror movie. You even have town heroes involved.


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2. Gloom

The spooky card game Gloom takes around 2 to 4 players. In this card game you are controlling a family and you have to make them miserable. Eventually they end up dying a death that is horrific. The opponents on your friend’s family can also receive good news which will frustrate the others. Storytelling can even be incorporated into the game which makes it loads of fun.


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1. Fury of Dracula

This is one of those classic board games to where just one person plays Dracula and everyone else has a chance of becoming a hero. If you’re going to play Fury of Dracula then I recommend watching the classic Dracula movie with it because it just guarantees a night of spooky fun. The game was published back in 1987 by Games Workshop. It’s just one of those that will always stay popular. Maybe the reason why is just because it’s Dracula.


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It doesn’t matter if it’s a board game or a card game, you can turn whatever you are playing into a spooky game just with adding in stories and dimming down the lights. Another great way to make it even spookier with whatever game you play is by playing Halloween music in the background.