There are lots of wives tales and some of them will completely freak you out just because they are totally spooky. I can remember my mom sometimes telling me spooky wives tales around Halloween time. Do you? Ever wondered why some people might jump on you if you open up the umbrella inside? That’s just one of the many wives tales but maybe not as scary as these 10 Freaky Wives Tales That Might Make You Think Twice.

10. Mirrors – hopefully none will shatter in your home or someone might die

People have found mirrors to be very fascinating for thousands of years. It is due to this fascination that there’s a lot of old wives tales that involve mirrors. One of the many wives tales about mirrors is when a mirror suddenly falls down in your home and instantly breaks and shatters without anyone touching it then that means someone in your home will be dying soon. Mirror, Mirror on the wall is someone going to die in my home soon?


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9. Umbrellas – Never Drop One if you don’t want someone murdered

I already told you one wives tale about umbrellas. However, there is another scarier wives tale about them that many might not know and I think its scarier then opening the umbrella inside. Did you know that if you ever dropped an umbrella on your floor that it means someone will be murdered in your home? Maybe it’s a good idea to just put the umbrella near your door and open it up fast outside your home so this way you won’t drop it in your home or open it inside by accident.


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8. Thirteen people at the dinner table – who will die?

There is a lot of superstition around the number thirteen. When you’re having guests over be sure to make sure never to put 13 of them together at the dinner table. The reason why is because if you do then one of them could die. You don’t know which one might die and it could end up even being yourself. If you don’t want to risk anyone dying then it’s best to not put 13 people together at the dinner table. I know that I’ll never do this.


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7. Never spill the pepper or you might argue with your best friend!

Spilling pepper can be a very bad sign and most people don’t even know this one. If you spill the pepper at the table then that means you will have a very serious fight or argument with one of your best friends. In order to prevent that from happening, don’t spill your pepper or you might end up regretting it. If this does happen then it’s up to you try and apologize and get things right with them. I hope that this never happens to me and hopefully since I don’t like pepper it won’t happen.


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6. Rocking chairs and leaving them empty might invite ghosts

If you leave the rocking chair and it’s still rocking when you get up then that means your inviting the evil spirits to come in the home and sit down in your chair. It’s best to make sure that you stop the chair from rocking when you get up so this way you won’t be inviting evil spirits in your home. If the come to your home because of the rocking chair then they might never leave and your house could be haunted forever because of them.


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5. Never tell your wish or it won’t happen

If you make a wish by throwing a coin in the fountain or lake then be sure that you never tell someone your wish because if you end up telling someone what you wished for it won’t happen. This means that you just wasted a good coin and you might even end up causing bad things to happen instead of the wish that you wanted. So, even if they beg and want to really know your wish – don’t tell it to them or you might just end up regretting it!


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4. White Moths inside the Home Means Death

If you see a white moth inside your home then this means death is near. A white moth that is also trying to enter your home also means that death is coming. Hopefully you’ll never see a white moth in your home or trying to enter it. I am thankful that I never have.


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3. Never leave a dead persons eye open cause they might come back to get you

When someone dies make sure that you always close their eyes and never leave them open. Leaving them open might be very bad luck because they will come back and take someone with them. It could be you or someone else that they know so always make sure that their eyes are closed so they won’t come back.


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2. Don’t make the mistake of breathing in when driving right by the cemetery or a spirit might enter

One of the oldest and scariest wives tales is that if you are driving right past the cemetery and breath in then you might end up breathing in a spirit of one of the ones who recently died. There are lots of other wives tales about the cemetery but this one seems to be the scariest so never ever breathe in when you’re driving past one or you might have a spirit enter into you that won’t ever leave.


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1. Never pull out your grey hair or they will be replaced fast

I know it’s tempting to pull out grey hair whenever you see one and especially if you don’t have a head full of grey hair. However if you pull out your grey hair then you’ll end up getting it replaced by at least 10 more pieces of grey hair. Just let your hair grow out naturally and don’t worry about it turning grey. If it really bothers you then you can always get it colored so this way it won’t be replaced so fast.


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These are just a few of my favorite spooky wives tales to share. There are many more out there that I didn’t touch on but I am sure a few of the wives tales that you know might have popped in your mind when reading this. Are wives tales really just superstition? Who knows. What do you think?