TipTopTens.com has interviewed Texas inmate Michelle Sanderson and asked her if she could write a topic of one of the more annoying things that she has to put up with while in prison. In this exclusive interview she chose to talk about the the many lines that you have to deal with daily.



1. The Pantry & Bra Exchange Line

The pantry and bra exchange line is a very long line that we must stand in if we want to receive panties and bras. How it works is that you have one exchange for one new exchange. The scary fact is you can only have two exchanges within a 90 day period. Yep, that’s right. However, this might vary depending on what prison you’re in. Being a woman, this is one line that’s extremely important to get in each week.

2. Hope You Don’t Get Sick

The next line that you have to stand in for a long time is the medical sick call line. When it rings and they call you then you must answer it within 15 minutes or you will be rescheduled. You will not be rescheduled if there are fights, death or riots going on. You will have to do another sick call and then you’ll also be charged $100 co-pay and if you are indigent then it will be a $100 hold on it. Try your best to not get sick in prison.

3. The Mail Line

You can’t get the mail until you hear your bunk being called. Once you hear your bunk called then you go and get your mail. You are told to get in numerical order. You don’t know anyone and have to constantly ask “what is your bunk number”. When you are trying to figure it out sometimes you are told to get out of the line for talking and then you have to wait even longer.

4. The Toilet Paper Line

Every Friday around 12PM we are called out for toilet paper to be issued. You must sign for the toilet paper and feminine hygiene products. There is normally a long wait for the toilet paper because everyone needs some. If you miss it then you might not get any until the next Friday.

5. The Rec Yard Line

The only good news about the Rec yard line is that 20 get lined up at a time. The hall way is very long. You do squats, cough and then you dress for the rec yard. Once you’re dressed and ready then you can go to the Rec yard. Normally there are around 150 people out in the yard at a time. It’s usually fenced, gated and completely concrete. The block is extremely small considering how many people are in the yard.

6. The Chow Hall Line

The Chow Hall line is where you stand in line for around 20 to 30 minutes and sometimes more. There are times when you even get told that there’s nothing left and people get angry because of it. Other times people get angry because they don’t have certain ingredients or not given enough food.

7. The Chapel Line

Believe it or not you have to wait in line for chapel. There are times when you don’t get in or either that sometimes you have to wait in another line. Some people get very disappointed when they are told they cannot attend chapel because there’s not enough room.

8. The Necessities Line

You can get necessities around 3x a week. The necessities include a clean towel, a pair of socks, a top and a bottom. You also get some soap. There’s also another necessities line which you get some other things if needed. It’s called the stuck out necessity line.

9. The Commissary Line

Each building has a commissary line. Sometimes your money might not be posted and if it’s not then you have to wait in the line all day until it is posted. The wait on this can be hard when you don’t know exactly how long you will be there. Just know when you do go to the commissary line you might end up being there all day and prepare yourself for the wait.

10. The Line to Go Home.

Yes, there’s even a line to go home. However, most people don’t mind the wait for this one as they know they are going home soon. This is the line many can’t wait to get in. Other lines might be long and drawn out compared to this one. Once you get into this line then you know soon that you will be free!


Just remember that each prison varies with their lines. The rules also change depending on what city or state you are in. Being in prison is very difficult and stressful. Your freedom is stripped from you. These lines should give you an idea as to how you must obey and be on your best behavior when you’re in prison or you’ll get even more of your freedom taken away. Hopefully you’ll never end up being in prison. Thank you Michelle for doing this interview with us and taking time out to express your thoughts about it.