It’s important that men take the right kind of supplements for a variety of reasons. When men take the right supplements then it can help their heart, re-energize them and just make them feel good all together. Before taking herbal supplements it’s recommended that you check with your doctor and make sure that it doesn’t interfere with any medication that you might be on.

Another thing to note is that some herbal supplements require that you drink water with them or possibly to even have some food. If you have a sensitive stomach then having some with food might be a good idea until you see how it affects you.

Check out these 10 Popular Herbal Supplements for Men

10. Saw Palmetto – Helps to decrease BPH symptoms

Recent studies show that by the age of 50 a lot of men struggle with BPH symptoms but one thing that might help to decrease them is with using the herbal supplement Saw Palmetto. It can also help men to maintain a lifestyle that’s active and promote a healthy lifestyle. All that’s normally needed is just 1 capsule taken 3 times daily. Saw Palmetto can also help to clear up acne and it has many other benefits.


9. SAMe – Relieves depression

SAMe is a good herbal supplement for any men that might be struggling with depression. Men who struggle with seasonal depression might also find that it helps to reduce it. This is not the only benefit to taking SAMe. It also helps with reducing joint plain plus inflammation and can greatly benefit men over 50 years of age. Studies show that it even helps with repairing your cartilage. There are several other natural home remedies as well that can help to relieve depression such as making sure that there’s enough light in the home.


8. Resveratrol – Helps to reduce your risk of cancer

I don’t know about you but cancer is a fear that many have including myself. If you have this fear and worried and even possibly at risk with getting cancer then resveratrol can help with reducing the risk of cancer. How can it help with reducing cancer? Studies show that it repairs and promotes a healthy DNA and enhances the blood flow to your brain. It also puts a halt to the growth of any prostate cancer or colon cancer.


7. Red Yeast Rice – Lowers your cholesterol

A lot of men struggle with high cholesterol. Some of the reasons as to why men might struggle with this could be due to bad diet or possibly from stress. Red yeast rice can help to lower your cholesterol and if you’re on an exercise program and watching your diet you’ll be amazed as to how it really helps you with your LDL levels. If you’re on an exercise program then its recommended 600mg per day for the dose and up to 3 times per day.


6. Lycopene – Lowers your risk to prostate cancer

Lycopene can be found in tomatoes. It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps with reducing your chance of getting prostate cancer. The reason why this one works is because it helps to alter the hormone metabolism. Once altered it can cause the cancer cell to literally self destruct. Just having a tomato each day might not be enough. The recommended dose is around 20mg per day.


5. Glucosamine – Reduces joint pain

Joint pain can hold you back in many ways. If you are one of those that struggle with joint pain then you might want to look into glucosamine. You’ll be amazed as to how it helps relieve your joint pain and reduces inflammation that’s in your joints. Some studies show that this herbal supplement might even help more than any type of acetaminophen that is found over the counter such as Tylenol and can even relieve osteoarthritis in the knees.

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4. Vitamin C – Helps with healing wounds

Vitamin C is good for a lot of things but one of the things that you might not know about is that it can help to heal wounds. It’s important that as men age that you get enough of vitamin C. It also protects the cells from receiving damaged tissues. Depending on exactly what you need you’ll find that vitamin C is often times part of multi vitamin pills or either mixed with another supplement. However, you can find vitamin C just by itself.


3. Magnesium – Reduces migraines

Men might have headaches or migraines for a lot of reasons. A migraine normally comes as a direct result from stress. There are times when over the counter headache medication might not work and something more is needed. This is where magnesium can help. It helps to also regulate your blood pressure and might prevent strokes and even diabetes.


2. Psyllium Husk – Reduces the risk of diabetes

Psyllium Husk is a fiber that helps to cleanse the colon but it also does much more. Psyllium Husk reduces blood sugar levels plus insulin levels. Diabetes often times struggle with these two things and this is how it can help reduce the risk of diabetes. Whenever it’s paired with some sort of protein then it can help to suppress your ghrelin, which is a hormone that can make you want to eat and hungry. This fiber is also one of the few fibers approved by the FDA.


1. Fish Oil – Reduces heart disease

Fish oil herbal supplements for men help in many ways but one of the most known ways is the fact that it helps to reduce heart disease. Fish oil is one of the essentials that has omega 3 fatty acids plus DHA. It can reduce your triglycerides, lower your blood pressure, improve cognitive performances, lower risks of possible prostrate and colon cancer plus it can help with even boosting the HDL cholesterol level.



There are several other Popular Herbal Supplements for men. Some of the other ones include Vitamin D, Coenzyme Q-10, Red Panax Ginseng and Acetyl L-Carnitine. If you have a health or a heart problem, again talk to your doctor first before taking one of these.