I don’t know about you but the way some dogs look just scare me. They don’t even have to bark all they have to do is just look at me and I get scared. While some of these dogs look scary they might be nice. However, it is still a smart idea to be cautious when you’re around strange dogs rather they look nice or scary. In the end, you never know how a dog might treat you.

Check out these 10 Dogs That Look Mean But Happen To Be Nice

10. Wolf Hybrids – Half puppy & half wolf

A wolf hybrid dog is a cross breed between the wolf and a domestic dog. Wolf hybrids come across as mean but can be very skittish. They don’t respond very well to objects that inanimate or too loud noises and any type of motion that is fast. Ideally, if you would like to have a wolf hybrid then you should get one that’s under 18 months because they are adolescents and can be trained and they are normally adaptable, playful and very cute. When the wolf hybrid starts to come out of the adolescent years they might start acting more like a wolf instead of a dog. Their hormones reach into full maturity and then they might become mean but it all mainly depends on how you train them when they are young. They can be wonderful dogs to have if they are trained properly and have plenty of space to roam.



9. The Boxer Dog – Has humor and can be sweet

The boxer dog is muscular and their jaws are squared. They can be very large. They are also always alert and at times seem fearless but yet at the same time, can be very friendly. He is very loyal to the family that owns him. The boxer dog is always ready to play. However, he can be very strong and needs to be trained right. Boxer dogs can adapt to living in apartments if the people who live with them spend time with their dog and show their dog that he/she is loved. Boxers will greet their owner ecstatically each time they see you. They act like a puppy for many years and slow to mature. They might look mean but depending on how they are trained, they can be so very sweet and a joy to be around.



8. Cane Corso Dogs – Powerful and majestic

Cane Corso dogs happen to be a dog that’s large boned and this is why they sometimes look scary. They are extremely intelligent dogs. Their name derives from “cohors” which is a Latin name meaning protector and guardian. Cane Corso dogs can be extremely powerful with their presence and they look very majestic and noble. They even bond fast with children and this breed is known for being affectionate with their owners and their family. However, one thing to keep in mind is that while this type of dog might be the perfect dog to get for the family they need to exercise a lot and they are large.



7. The Perro de Presa Canario dog – Affectionate and a wonderful family companion

When you first look at the Perro de Presa Canario dog you can understand as to why some people are afraid of them. Their head is large and square and they look very powerful. Their muzzle is also broad. The chest with this particular dog breed is broad and deep. The Perro de Presa Canario looks scary just because of their large jaws and big heads. However, they can really protect the family and also become wonderful family companions. The one thing to note about this breed is that they do not trust strangers very easily. If you have a lot of guests over this might not be the dog for you. They might trust strangers if the owner shows signs of accepting them but even then they are on alert and ready to protect or even defend their owner if it is necessary.



6. The German Shepherd – Fearless and obedient

The German Shepherd dog breed can be extremely fearless but at the same time they are obedient, cheerful and serious. They can even be tranquil and very clever. Often times these dogs can be used as a work dog due to how brave they are and because they have the ability to learn a lot. They love to be near the ones who love them and can be nervous around strangers. They don’t like to be isolated for a long period of time. Their instinct is to protect right away. When they are not trained properly they can become aggressive. They need to exercise daily both physically and mentally. The dog owners need to be confident, calm and firm but most importantly, consistent.



5. Siberian Huskies – Strong and loving

Siberian Huskies can be extremely strong. Due to their strength they make the perfect sled dog and they are compact. Their head is medium sized. Overall, these dogs can be extremely happy go lucky dogs when trained properly. They can also be very energetic and playful. When you get to know them they can also be loving and gentle. They are great with not only children but even with the strangers. Therefore, they would not make a very good watch dog. They can be mischievous at times and willful and can be difficult with any type of house breaking and you might need a professional trainer to help with house training.



4. Rottweilers – Powerful body but trainable and calm

A lot of people are scared of Rottweilers, including myself but while they look scary they can still be a wonderful dog to own. They are protective and extremely loyal. It’s vital that they are trained properly so they won’t become aggressive. They can be calm most of the time but fierce when needed and even immune to some pain. They are brave and extremely courageous. Some people also have a hard time handing the dog because they can be big. They are a natural guard dog with a temperament that is reliable. They have been helping the police and law enforcement for centuries now.



3. Shar-Pei Dogs – Hunting dogs and loyal

The one thing to know about Shar-Pei dogs is that in China they bred them to fight and herd. However, while they can be aggressive the Shar-Pei dog can be extremely loyal to owners and they are very intelligent. Owners of these types of dogs need to set some boundaries with them right away. They are slow to train. While they are known to be aggressive they can also be very calm. When trained properly, they can be a great watch dog since they are so loyal. The breed can be stubborn and this is why they can be hard to train and they need exercise daily.



2. The American Bulldog – Protective and gentle

The American bulldog is another dog breed that many people seem to be afraid of or either get it confused with the pit bull dog. Despite what some people believe the American bulldog cannot hurt others because of their overbite, which makes it impossible for them to clamp down on people. During warm weather they can overheat easily because of their short nose and so it’s important that they have plenty of shade in hot places. They are very protective and extremely gentle. Bulldogs can be great family pets because they can bond with children.



1. The Great Dane – Simply known as the giant that is gentle

The size of the Great Dane scares some people. They can be very tall. Despite the fact that the Great Dane is so tall and large plus strong they are known to be very friendly, elegant and their personality is energetic. The Great Dane is a very popular family pet. They are very loving but they need to be supervised whenever they are around young kids even though they can bond with them. Personally, I would not mind at all having a Great Dane for a pet. I have always loved them.




If you are planning on buying a dog it’s important to do a lot of research and make sure that it is a dog suited for you and for your family. Call your local animal shelter and ask them any questions that you might have to make sure that you have all of the information needed before you decide to take in any type of dog.