The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is the main one that has appalled researchers from all over the world. It is for sure that this mystery has never been solved. In fact, the matter is only growing stranger with every year that passes by. There are a number of scientific and religious accounts that have been offered in this regard. A large number of Muslims believe that there is a Holy Figure that is residing in the region. The figure is only going to emerge when the time is right. Till then, no can reveal this secret due to which there is no single human being who has returned alive. This post is going to share the Top 10 Most Amazing Facts about Bermuda Triangle.

                  10. Flight 19

It all started in 1945 when Flight 19 never returned to base. The flight had 14 men who were at the time flying to a region for conducting a practice mission. A few hours later, a signal was received from the flight in which the men told that there instruments had stopped working. The pilot was advised to change the course to North in order to return safely. However, nothing was heard from them ever again despite of many rescue efforts that were made.

Flight 19

  1. The Navy Bombers

Yet again in 1945, something similar had happened to 6 navy bombers. Even the rescuers who had been sent to ensure their safety vanished without a trace. Of all the 27 men that were lost, only one was recorded saying, “Everything is looking strange”. It was also reported that the men had also sent a signal back that even the ocean in this region looks weird.

The Navy Bombers

  1. Christopher Columbus

It is believed that Christopher Columbus had also floated close to the region. He had documented unusual compass activity in addition to seeing a fireball in the sky. There are a number of sources that have confirmed this story.

Christopher Columbus

  1. Loses

It has been reported that till now more than 1000 lives have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Despite the fact that the area has been sealed, a number of people go missing in the area on a yearly basis. On average, the triangle absorbs about 4 planes and many fisherman on a yearly basis which is something really weird and unexplainable.


  1. Bruce Gernon

This pilot has held the claim that he had lost more than 28 minutes in some time warping tunnel inside the Bermuda Triangle. The radar station also reported that he was out of signal for most of the time in the region. However, the plane was finally spotted at the Miami Beach. Some critics are of the view that the plane had been laded long before and that the story of the pilot is a farce. However, none of the critics had been able to back their claims with evidence. The same goes for the account offered by the pilot.

Bruce Gernon

  1. Irving River’s Plane

Here is yet another famous case of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. The lights of the plane had been spotted from 2 miles away, but the plane never landed. It has been reported that the plane had vanished right in front of the spotters who were distracted by something for a few seconds or so.

Irving River’s Plane

  1. Methane

One story about the Bermuda triangle is that there is a lot of methane gas under the seabed of the region which causes the vessels to sink. The same thing happens with the planes that try to fly in the region. Yet again, this story has not been supported fully.

methane gas

  1. Dragons Triangle

This is yet another region which is considered to have the same characteristics as the Bermuda Triangle. In the 1950s, the area was declared a war zone in which more than 700 sailors had vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Dragon Triangle

  1. The Lost City of Atlantis

It is believed that the Lost City of Atlantis is inside the Bermuda Triangle. The energy crystals and other forces from the city are the ones that cause interference with the radar and signalling systems. Moreover, it is said that the lost pilots and sailors are still alive in some part of the triangle.

The Lost City of Atlantis

  1. Area 51

Area 51 has been made famous in movies. It is said that this area has been the centre for a number of UFO sightings. What’s more interesting is to note that this area lies very close to the Bermuda Triangle. So it can be said that the region is under the control of aliens or has been of a lot of interest from aliens. There are also some stories asserting that the triangle is occupied by aliens who cannot afford to be sighted by humans. The same is the reason for which their devices disrupt the tech devices of the planes and capture or kill all humans who enter the area.

Area 51